Bamboo Island

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Bamboo Island
Game(s) Skyward Sword
Inhabitant(s) Peater
Related place(s) The Sky

Bamboo Island is a location in Skyward Sword. It is a small island in The Sky where Link can play the Clean Cut challenge. The minigame is run by Peatrice's father, Peater, who goes to the island to train.

Features and Overview

Bamboo Island is a small island, featuring a large, roofless structure that greatly resembles bamboo. There are a couple of bamboo plants decorating the entrance to the minigame and a small stone walkway. It encompasses a small forest of bamboo inside, which can clearly be seen sprouting out of the top of the structure. Link can open one Goddess Cube Chest here after activating the Goddess Cube near the entrance to the Earth Temple.

Clean Cut Challenge

Main article: Clean Cut

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Latin America Isla Bambú Bambo Island
French Canada Île aux bambous Bamboo Island
German Germany Bambusinsel Bamboo Island
Italian Italy Isola bambù Bamboo Island