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Blast Mask
Game(s) Present Majora's Mask
Non-canon Appearances
MM Properties Wearer can explode

The Blast Mask is given to Link by the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop in Majora's Mask.



Obtaining the Blast Mask

The Blast Mask is one of many items that can be received from completing entries in the Bombers' Notebook. Link will receive it after he completes the entry for the Old Lady.[1] Fortunately, her entry is the shortest in the entire notebook and can be completed immediately after receiving the Deku Mask.

On the first day at midnight, the Old Lady will enter town through the north gate. At exactly 12:00am, the thief, Sakon, will steal her bag full of Big Bomb Bags.[2] Link must attack him with his sword (and nothing else, otherwise the bag will explode and kill Sakon), causing Sakon to drop the luggage and preventing him from stealing the bomb bags. He will then prance around before leaving town.

After Sakon has left the scene, the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop will reward Link with the Blast Mask.[3]


While wearing the mask, the sword icon on the B button will be replaced with the word "Explode". If B is pressed, an explosion will occur from the mask, much in the same way that a Bomb explodes. It can be especially useful if a bomb is needed quickly, but there are none in Link's inventory, considering the fact that Link loses his items while restarting the cycle.

The downside to using the mask is that it does damage to Link every time he uses it. However, if Link uses his shield while using the mask, he won't take any damage. The mask is transparent after explosion for a set amount of seconds. In which time, the mask cannot be used, and neither can the sword until the mask is taken off.

According to a Gossip Stone, the mask is filled with gunpowder, enabling its exploding abilities.[4]


  • If Link runs up to Kafei at the start of the three-day cycle in South Clock Town and uses the Blast Mask near him, Kafei will take damage and briefly glow red.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan バクレツのお面 Mask of the explosion
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Careta Explosiva Explosive Mask
French French-speaking countries Masque d'Explosion Explosion Mask
German Germany Ka-Bumm-Maske Ka-Boom Mask
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