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ALBW Bomb.png
Bomb artwork from A Link Between Worlds
Game(s) All except The Adventure of Link
Other media The Legend of Zelda Game Watch
Link: The Faces of Evil
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
Hyrule Warriors
Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
Soulcalibur II
Hyrule Warriors
Cost(s) Varies
Use(s) Weapon
Access new areas
Comparable Item(s) Bombchu
Powder Keg

Bombs are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series, debuting in The Legend of Zelda and appearing in every game since, excluding The Adventure of Link. People like Cannon and Barnes consider Bomb-making an art and sell the explosives at their Bomb Shops. Bombs are usually obtained early in each game, and they are commonly carried in Bomb Bags. Since their first appearance, they have kept a consistent design until Twilight Princess, in which they were given a more realistic appearance.



MM3D Bomb Icon.png

Bombs are often available in the quest if Link happens upon them. Like most items in the series that come in quantities, they can often be found in pots, bushes, Bomb Shops, and on defeated enemies. In Link's Awakening, Link can only buy Bombs from the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village after having bought the Shovel. To receive Bombs in Oracle of Ages, Link must first give Queen Ambi Mystery Seeds, for which she will award him with Bombs.[1] In 3D Zelda games and The Minish Cap, Link is required to own a Bomb Bag before he can even use Bombs.


Main Functions

SS Link Bomb.png

Bombs are used to create explosions. Only seconds after they are set, they will flash red and then explode in a puff of smoke and fire. Bombs can be used in a variety of ways, such as for blowing up rocks or walls, defeating Dodongos and other enemies, and solving puzzles. In some games, Link can find out which walls can be bombed by hitting or tapping them with his sword. Since A Link to the Past, Link can pick up, carry, and throw Bombs. In Skyward Sword, Link can also throw bombs like bowling balls via an underarm swing of the Wii Remote, with even being capable of giving the bomb a spin. The Beetle can also pick up and fly with a Bomb to a new location, adding depth to the Bomb's usage. The number of Bombs Link can set varies from title to title. Though very useful, they have a double-edged sword quality, as they can harm Link if he is caught in the explosion,[2] except in The Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening. Given these functions, the Bomb is one of the most essential items in the series.

When Link wears certain Magic Rings in the Oracle series, they affect the function of Bombs.

  • Blast Ring – Bombs cause 25% more damage
  • Bomber's Ring – Allows Link to set two Bombs consecutively
  • Bombproof Ring – Link becomes invulnerable to his Bombs' blasts
  • Peace Ring – Bombs will not explode as Link holds them


The quantity of Link's Bombs is limited, except in Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and A Link Between Worlds. Link can increase these limits depending on his actions. In The Legend of Zelda, an Old Man in the Lizard and Demon Labyrinths (in the Snake and Lion Labyrinths in the Second Quest), will increase the number of Bombs Link can carry at the cost of 100 Rupees.[3] If Link tosses 100 Rupees into the Pond of Happiness in A Link to the Past, Venus will increase the carrying capacity of his Bombs if he so chooses. He may continue giving Rupees to reach a maximum of 50 Bombs. Mad Batter in Link's Awakening will give Link more Bombs if he sprinkles Magic Powder on an underground alter and awakens the creature. There are always ways to increase a Bomb Bag's capacity by finding larger Bomb Bags through mini-games or Great Fairies.


Super Bomb

Super Bomb Sprite LttP.gif

The Super Bomb is a red, larger version of the Bomb. Its only appearance is in A Link to the Past. It can only be obtained from the Dark World's Bomb Shop, but it doesn't become available until after clearing both the Ice Palace and Misery Mire. It is priced at 100 Rupees.[4] The Super Bomb cannot be placed in Link's inventory, he has to drag it behind him until he needs to use it. It cannot be taken over cliff edges, and Link cannot run with it, but its explosion cannot harm Link. After Link sets the Bomb, a three-second countdown will appear, after which the Bomb will create a large explosion. The Super Bomb is required to break through the cracked wall on the second level of the Pyramid of Power, where the Fat Fairy resides.

Bomb Flower

Main article: Bomb Flower
BombFlower OoTMM.png

Bomb flowers, which debuted in Ocarina of Time, are a special exploding fruit that are set to explode when plucked and will soon after regrow. They are necessary when Link does not have his own Bombs.[5] A Bomb Flower can be lighted without being plucked if hit with an Arrow, touched with a burning Deku Stick, or if hit by a nearby explosion. In Ocarina of Time, they are too heavy for Young Link to lift without aid of the Goron Bracelets.[6]


Main article: Bombchu

Bombchu are special Bombs that resemble Real Bombchu. Link requires a Bomb Bag to carry them, but in Phantom Hourglass, he must have a separate Bombchu Bag. In their appearances in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, these Bombs, when set, will go forward on their own, even crawling up walls and ceilings if they encounter one. The Bombchu will continue to run until it collides with an object that cannot be climbed or an enemy or until its fuse runs out and it explodes on its own.[7] In the Oracle Series, Bombchu home in on nearby enemies and blow up. In Phantom Hourglass, a Bombchu can be controlled manually by creating a set path for them.[8]

Blast Mask

Main article: Blast Mask

The Blast Mask allows Link to instantly cause an explosion when he wears it, although he cannot use his Sword while wearing it. He must wait a few seconds after a blast to use it again. Its explosion can harm Link unless the uses his Shield at the same time the explosion occurs.[9]

Powder Keg

Main article: Powder Keg
MM PowderKeg2.png

Powder Kegs, appearing only in Majora's Mask, have a bigger and more powerful blast than regular Bombs.[10] They can only be used by Goron Link. Link can only buy Powder Kegs when he is certified to use them.[11] Powder Kegs main uses are to clear the path to the Goron Racetrack and Romani Ranch, and to destroy the cracked ceiling of the Ancient Castle of Ikana.[12] Powder Kegs can be purchased in two places in Termina, namely in the Goron Powder Keg Shop in Goron Village and in the Bomb Shop in Clock Town. After Link deploys a Powder Keg, its fuse will slowly burn down until it explodes. However, the process can be speeded up by shooting an Arrow at it, making the keg explode immediately.


Main article: Cannon
Practical Cannon.png

As soon Link receives Bombs in The Wind Waker, he can use the Cannon on the King of Red Lions by simply using the Bomb item while on the boat.[13] The Cannon in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have an unlimited supply of shots, although they have to be obtained.

In the Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess, there are many cannons that require the insertion of a cannonball and then a Bomb for them to activate. These cannons can blast through thick ice and any enemy in their way.

In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, the Stalfos Pirates' cannon is used to destroy the boulder on Mount Desma.

Tingle Bomb

WW Link Tuner.png

A Tingle Bomb is an item provided by the Tingle Tuner at a cost of ten Rupees per use. It can be set wherever the Tingle icon goes onscreen. It is almost like a normal Bomb, but it is invisible, cannot be thrown, and can reveal certain hidden pots and Treasure Chests containing Tingle Statues.[14][15][16] Tingle Bombs can be detonated immediately if the cursor is not on Link, or rooted into place with a three second countdown, which will cause Tingle to warn Link to run. Tingle Bombs are only half as strong as normal Bombs are. A successful hit on an enemy will drop a yellow Rupee, covering the cost of using the Bomb. More successful hits on enemies within the same room will increase the value of the dropped Rupees, from a red Rupee to a purple Rupee. Tingle Bombs can also blow away piles of leaves.

Level 2 Bomb

The Level 2 Bomb, which is exclusive to Four Swords Adventures, is an item upgrade Link can obtain by tossing the Bomb item into a Great Fairy Fountain. These Bombs are larger and have a larger blast radius.[17]

Big Bomb

Big Bomb.png

The Big Bomb, often referred to as a Giant Bomb, makes its first and only appearance in Four Swords Adventures. It is not a helpful item, except in Shadow Battle, as its blast can kill a Link instantly if he is in range. Big Bombs are usually dropped by Shadow Link, but they will also appear in chests.[18] It has a 10-second fuse and its explosion affects the entire area. Link can avoid its blast by escaping into a hole,[19] walking into a cave, diving underwater,[20] or leaving the area altogether.[21]

Remote Bomb


Only appearing in The Minish Cap, Link can get Remote Bombs from Belari in exchange for his regular Bombs. This can be done after getting the regular Bombs and fusing Kinstones with Gentari, the Minish elder. After being set, these Bombs will explode only when the button to which they are assigned is pressed again. Because of this, it is impossible to set two Remote Bombs at a time. Belari can trade the Remote Bombs back for regular Bombs whenever Link talks to him again.[22] When Link has the Remote Bombs, he will obtain these items the same way as the normal Bombs. Even though Remote Bombs are the first to be referred as such, Bombs in Four Swords can be activated in a similar manner.[23]

Bomb Arrows

Main article: Bomb Arrow

Bomb Arrows are a combination of both Bombs and Arrows. First appearing in Link's Awakening, Link can shoot them by dropping a Bomb and then shooting it with an Arrow. In Twilight Princess, they can simply be attached to Arrows. They can be fired to create distant blasts in high and low places.[24]

Water Bomb

Water Bomb.png

Water Bombs are special Bombs found only in Twilight Princess that are able to explode underwater, while other Bombs become duds once they make contact with water. They appear to be Bombfish, but Barnes claims his are handmade.[25] Link can catch Bombfish with the Fishing Rod and add them to his Water Bomb inventory. Water Bombs are essential items needed for gaining access to and completing the Lakebed Temple. To use them while underwater, Link has to be wearing Iron Boots. When thrown on land, they act as regular Bombs. However, they are more expensive and Link can only carry half as many regular Bombs.


Main article: Bombling

Bomblings are explosive creatures found in Twilight Princess. While they are just useful enemies at first, they can be added to Link's Bomb inventory later on. As items, they are similar to the Bombchu, except they will not crawl up walls but rather will explode whenever they crash into something.[26] Wild Bomblings, necessary to complete the Forest Temple, spawn from small holes in the ground and will attack Link after taking a brief stance, but will not explode until Link attacks them back. They can be carried around and thrown afar by using the Gale Boomerang.

Nice Bombs

Nice Bombs.png

Nice Bombs are an upgrade of the regular Bombs in A Link Between Worlds. The upgrade can be obtained after collecting at least 10 lost Maiamais and then returning them to Mother Maiamai. The Bombs must be bought from Ravio first in order to upgrade them. Nice Bombs have a larger blast radius and cause more damage than regular Bombs.

Bombs and Enemies

The Garo Master holding a Bomb in order to commit ritualistic suicide as part of its honor code
Enemies Weak Against Bombs Enemies that Use/Act as Bombs

Other Appearances

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Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, two types of Bombs appear. The first type, Tingle Bombs, can be concocted by using two Bomb Fruits, two Gelatine, and two Explosive Claws. They are stored in empty jars. Cauldrons of the concoction exist in Desma's Labyrinth. The second type, Nitro Bombs, are also stored in empty jars, and are a more powerful version of Tingle Bombs. The recipe for Nitro Bombs (Bomb Fruits, three Gelatine, three Explosive Claws, and three Multi-Bomb Fruits) is obtained from the Stalfos Pirates' Engineer when their pirate ship is being attacked by insects. They can shatter large boulders.

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Hyrule Warriors

HW Water Bomb Sprite.svg

In Hyrule Warriors, normal and Water Bombs appear as items in Adventure Mode. Normal Bombs open cave entrances in mountain walls and destroys boulders on land, unlocking a secret reward or revealing enemies in that square. Water Bombs destroy boulders in bodies of water, unlocking a secret reward.


  • Unusually among Zelda games, it is possible to complete the main quest in Spirit Tracks without ever acquiring Bombs. This is due to all bombable obstacles that are necessary to traverse to finish the game can be destroyed with Bomb Flowers or Wrecker Phantoms in the surrounding area. Bombs are still necessary to access many optional treasures and hidden areas, though, and they provide easier solutions to many puzzles in the main quest.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan バクダン (Bakudan) Bomb
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Bomba Bomb
Spanish Latin America Bombas alquiladasTriforce piece.png
Bombas mejoradasTriforce piece.png
Rented Bombs
Improved Bombs
French French-speaking countries Bombe Bomb
French France Great bombeTriforce piece.png Great Bomb
Canada Bombes louéesTriforce piece.png
Bombes de luxeTriforce piece.png
Rented Bombs
Luxury Bombs
German Germany Bombe Bomb
Italian Italy Bomba Bomb
Korean South Korea 폭탄 (Poktan) Bomb
Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (Traditional Chinese) 炸彈 (Zhàdàn) Bomb
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