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Artwork of the Carpenters in Oracle of Ages
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
The Minish Cap
Location(s)Hyrule: Hyrule Town, Kakariko Village, Gerudo Valley
Termina: Clock Town
Labrynna: Nuun Highlands
Objective(s)Build infrastructure, esp. buildings and bridges
MembersOcarina of Time:
Ichiro Jiro Sabooro Shiro
The Minish Cap:
Bremor, Brent, Doyle, Mack

The Carpenters are a group of recurring characters that premiered in Ocarina of Time. Their leader is Mutoh, the stubborn and short-tempered head carpenter.



Ocarina of Time

During Link's childhood in Ocarina of Time, the carpenters are working on building up Kakariko Village on the orders of Impa, who hopes the village will someday be a "true city".[1] Link learns that one of the carpenters envisions a job with little work and lots of pay, but the only example that he can think of is thievery (foreshadowing future events).[2]

Seven years later, during Ganondorf's reign of Hyrule, the carpenters are nowhere to be found in Kakariko Village (which has been completed). They have now set up a tent in Gerudo Valley in order to restore the bridge that the Gerudo thieves have destroyed to ward off intruders.[3] However, the carpenters' leader is the only one remaining as his employees have all abandoned him to join the Gerudo thieves.[4] The female bandits reject the lazy carpenters instead holding them prisoner in separate cells throughout their fortress. Link frees them all, and after a scolding from their leader, the carpenters rebuild the bridge in Gerudo Valley.[5]

The Boss' young and lazy employees are Shiro, Jiro, Ichiro, and Sabooro.[6]

Majora's Mask

The carpenters arguing with the guards in the mayor's residence.

In Majora's Mask, the carpenters, known to be the Carnival Committee, are in charge of constructing the fireworks-viewing tower for the Carnival of Time in Clock Town. The carpenter with the green shorts is Brac[7] (unnamed in the European English version) and the carpenter with the lumber is Bremor.[8] The other carpenters are not named the same as in Ocarina of Time too.[citation needed]

During the first days, Mutoh is in the mayor's office while the other carpenters run to and fro in the town working on supplies and construction. At night of the final day, Mutoh is the only carpenter to have not left the town, and he can be found in southern Clock Town mocking the Moon above him.[9] He indicates that he has some sons who have already fled the town.[10]

Oracle of Ages

Carpenter OOA.png

They are once again slacking off in Oracle of Ages' prelude to Level 4, Skull Dungeon. Link finds the Foreman and explains that his workers haven't shown up to help build the bridge to Symmetry Village. After he puts them all back, the carpenters extend the bridge.

The Minish Cap


In The Minish Cap, Mutoh's carpenters are first seen in North Hyrule Field, repairing damage done by Vaati. They prevent Link from entering Hyrule Town. Later they are found in the Eastern Hills, blocking the path to Lon Lon Ranch. After completing Mt. Crenel, they are working in a building with a waterwheel in Hyrule Town, and Link can fuse Kinstones with them. Fusing with Bremor after finding a house for either Din, Nayru, or Farore will cause them to build a house for another sister.

The four carpenters' names are Bremor, Brent, Doyle, and Mack. Bremor has a two spikes hairstyle and wears green trousers, Brent has devilock and wears white trousers, Doyle has flattop and wears pink trousers, and Mack has an afro cut and wears blue trousers.

The Carpenters (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
The Carpenters Figurine.gif
These carpenters may be rough around the edges, but they do good work. They may seem tough, but they're in touch with their feminine side.


  • In Ocarina of Time, the carpenters are given names in the order which they are rescued, regardless of the order in which Link rescues them. The first carpenter who is rescued is always named Ichiro, the second Jiro, the third Sabooro and the fourth Shiro.
  • Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro and Shiro are common names to give to sons in Japan, the "-rō" part being a male ending that means "son" and "ichi", "ji", etc. being the numbers "one", "two", etc. This indicates that the carpenters may be brothers.[11]
  • One of the carpenters rescued from Gerudo's Fortress in Ocarina of Time shares his name with Shiro, the invisible and injured soldier in Ikana Valley in Majora's Mask.
  • In the German version of Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cap, the Carpenters are called John, Paul, George, and Ringo as a reference to The Beatles.[12] However, in Ocarina of Time 3D, the names were changed.
  • The names of the carpenters in The Minish Cap are very similar to the Cobble Knights, being Bremeur, Brant, Doylan and Max, which might explain King Mutoh's name.
  • In the Japanese version of Ocarina of Time, all of the carpenters use female first person pronouns like あたし and あたい.[13][14] They also have a tendency to end their sentences with the particle , which is usually only used by women to express emphasis or emotion.[15] Jiro also calls Link a "cute boy" when he is rescued from the Gerudos.[16]



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Carpenter Carnival Committee (MM) Ichiro
Brac (MM)
Bremor (TMC)
Bremor (MM)
Doyle (TMC)
Brent (TMC)
Mack (TMC)
Japanese Japan 大工 (Daiku) カーニバル実行委員会 (Kānibaru jikkō iinkai) イチロー (Ichirō)
テツヤ (Tetsuya) (MM)
ジロー (Jirō)
トメちゃん (Tome-chan) (MM)
サブロー (Saburō) シロー (Shirō)
Spanish Spain Carpintero Comité del Carnaval Mita (TMC) Bremor (MM)
Jee (TMC)
Gari (TMC) Kyu (TMC)
Latin America Carpintero (OoT3D) - Ichiro (OoT3D) Jiro (OoT3D) Sabooro (OoT3D) Shiro (OoT3D)
French France Ouvrier (OoT)
Charpentier (TMC)
Comité du Carnaval Hiro
Tome (TMC)
Bremor (MM)
Helte (TMC)
Gary (TMC)
Cute (TMC)
German Germany Zimmermann
Handwerker (TMC)
Komitee John (OoT) (TMC)
Bodo (OoT3D)
Paul (OoT) (TMC)
Ben (OoT3D)
George (OoT) (TMC)
Bosco (OoT3D)
Ringo (OoT) (TMC)
Baldo (OoT3D)
Italian Italy Carpentiere - Fiffo (TMC) Nannà (TMC) Gary (TMC) Ninnì (TMC)