Characters in A Link to the Past

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A list of main and supporting characters from A Link to the Past.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Kakariko Village

15-Second Game Owners

15-SecondGameWoman.png15-SecondGameMan.png A man and a woman who hold a race mini-game next to the Quarreling Brothers' house.

Chance Game Owner


A Hylian man who runs the Treasure Chest Game shop on the south end of Kakariko Village. Two more Treasure Chest shop are featured in the game: one run by a Forest Thief on the north end of the Lost Woods, and another one run by a Dark World Shopkeeper in the Village of Outcasts.

Drinking Man


A bearded man found in the tavern who tells Link about the Great Fairy at the Waterfall of Wishing.

Chicken Woman


The Cucco inside the house of one of the Informant Women becomes human when Link sprinkles Magic Powder onto her. In this form, she scolds Link for teasing the other cucco.

Quarreling Brothers


Two brothers who live in the south part of the Kakariko Village. They are always arguing. The elder one is angry about his younger brother and sealed the door to his room. If Link breaks down the door, he is able to access the 15-Second Game, and the elder brother admits he should probably make up with his younger sibling.

Other Characters



A seemingly homeless man who sleeps underneath the bridge to the southwest of the Eastern Palace. He knows Link and gives him a Magic Bottle to help him on his quest.

Digging Game Gatekeeper


A man who runs a Digging Game south of the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World.

Chris Houlihan

Main article: Chris Houlihan Room

The owner of a secret room, with 45 Blue Rupees. His room is reached by utilising a glitch in the game that causes it to load an incorrect room when falling through a hole. He does not appear directly and only speaks to Link via a Telepathy Tile.



A storytelling hermit shaped like a small tree that lives in a building near the Palace of Darkness.

Shooting Gallery Proprietor


The ghostly owner of a Shooting Gallery found south of the Village of Outcasts. Despite his appearance, he is friendly and amiable. He will bang his drum when Link scores a hit in his game, and speaks using Southern American phrases such as "howdy".