City in the Sky

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City in the Sky
City in the Sky.jpg
The dungeon as viewed from a distance
Location(s) Above Hyrule
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Other media Link's Crossbow Training
Main Item Double Clawshot
Mini-boss(es) Aeralfos
Boss(es) Twilit Dragon: Argorok
Quest Reward(s)Mirror Shard
Heart Container
Theme Music File:City in the Sky.ogg

City in the Sky is the seventh dungeon in Twilight Princess.


Entrance to the City

It can be accessed only after paying Fyer 300 Rupees to repair the broken down Sky Cannon.[1] This city is where the Oocca tribe lives and is the final dungeon where Ooccoo appears as an item.[2]

Themes and Navigation

Unlike the previous six dungeons in the game, City in the Sky is not set in Hyrule, but in the heavens,[3] where another civilization can be found.[4] When exploring the high altitudes and braving the gusting winds of the City, it is best to use caution near ledges, grapples, thin walkways, and towers (by using a slow and steady pace); where wind blows, Link can use the Iron Boots to avoid being sent to the world below. After Link obtains the second Clawshot, exploration is made easier, as the young hero can now climb between walls, hold on to Peahats, and moving walls to advance. The city runs on many ancient and complex machines that are far more advanced than anything found in Hyrule. These machines use the power of the wind to its full extent. Wind is the fuel of the city; it powers every major machine that Link comes across.

The Double Clawshot is found inside it after defeating the mini-boss, an Aeralfos. The Iron Boots are also used often in this windy dungeon. The dungeon's boss is the Twilit Dragon, Argorok.

Minor Enemies and Traps

Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

The City in the Sky appears in two stages of Link's Crossbow Training. It first appears as a Target Shooting Mode scenario in Stage 5. Oocca fly across the screen carrying targets. Link moves to a new view after each 20 second phase of the level, but there is no remarkable difference among them.

The City also appears as a Defender Mode scenario of Stage 7. It takes place in the same area as the Argorok battle in Twilight Princess, with many Aeralfos instead of an Argorok. Link stays in a fixed position, but must search all 360 degrees, high and low to hunt down the Aeralfos. The Aeralfos can be grounded by shooting their wings off, but their shield is capable of blocking most oncoming shots. Alternatively Bomb Arrows can destroy them in a single hit.


  • The City in the Sky is the only dungeon that contains a shop.[5]
  • The City in the Sky is similar to both the Palace of Winds and Skyloft. Each of these draw inspiration from the fictional country of Laputa which appears in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.
  • The ambiance of the City in the Sky is somewhat reminiscent of the strings portion in the Forest Temple theme in Ocarina of Time.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 天空都市 (Tenkū Toshi) City in the Sky
Spanish Spain Celestia
French France Célestia
German Germany Kumula
Italian Italy Città Eterea

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