Clock Town Bank

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Clock Town Bank
Clock Town Bank.png
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Inhabitant(s) Banker
Item(s) Adult's Wallet
Piece of Heart
Related place(s) West Clock Town

In Majora's Mask, the Clock Town Bank is located in West Clock Town and is open 24 hours a day. It is operated by an enthusiastic character who possesses the ability to recognize Link and his associated balance through a system of "invisible stamping" which operates, it would seem, in a paradoxical (yet convenient) manner. Link uses the services of this bank to his advantage, depositing the Rupees he collects through his adventures in Termina to preserve them for the next cycle (the Rupees left in his wallet are gone forever when he plays the Song of Time to travel back to the First Day). However, the young hero is only able to deposit a maximum of 5,499 Rupees with the Giant Wallet, as once a balance of at least 5,000 Rupees is reached, the Bank will accept no further deposits.[1]

Since playing the Song of Time forces Link to lose all of the Rupees he has thus far accumulated in that three-day cycle, the utility of collecting Rupees after reaching the aforementioned limit is restricted to spending them in shops.

During the night, there is a 4 Rupee service charge on withdrawals.[2] Interest is awarded whenever Link's saving account reaches 1000 Rupees.[3] When 200 Rupees have been deposited, Link is rewarded with a Large Wallet.[4] Once the maximum deposit of 5,000 to 5,499 is achieved, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[1] Thereafter, he receives 5 Rupees every additional time the limit is reached.


  • Behind the Banker and to his left is an inaccessible door. Where it leads is unknown, though it does resemble a vault.


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