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Owner(s)Jason Rappaport
Webmaster(s)See Staff
Launch DateApril 24, 2005[1]

Zelda Wiki (ZW) is a collaborative project between numerous Zelda sites with the mission to become the definitive wiki-based Zelda source, by bringing together an abundance of Zelda websites, instead of having many smaller wikis scattered across the internet.

Originally started by users of Zelda Universe, Zelda Wiki aims to act as a hub for information on The Legend of Zelda series — created by users for users, using the anyone-can-edit wiki software. Eventually, it grew out of its Zelda Universe roots and attracted the attention and collaboration of many websites throughout the internet, all with the same goal: To provide free, open, in-depth information about The Legend of Zelda series.



The original Zelda Universe Wiki (ZUW) was created as an "act of boredom" in April 2005. Yami and Jason suggested the idea in the ZU chat room, where it was created and assembled. The ZUW was quickly filled with information, not only about the Zelda series, but also about Zelda Universe and its community. It was also to be used to host Zelda Universe's Zelda Encyclopedia. On an older version of ZU, the encyclopedia existed as a list of words from the Zelda series with short definitions; with the help of the ZUW, the Zelda Encyclopedia expanded and became much more detailed as well. The Zelda Universe Wiki served Zelda Universe for over a year, before it crashed during a server move.

In September 2006 the Wiki was moved to another new server, with a new philosophy and under a new name. The name initially chosen was The Zelda Effect (TZE),[2] however this was quickly changed to Zelda Wiki.org (ZW.org).[3] The site was run at the time by the wiki's admin team, as well as the masterminds, a group of webmasters from each accepted fansite.

Quality standards at Zelda Wiki are maintained through the Admin team, who ensure that every edit is checked (or "patrolled"). Patrolling began July 8, 2007 when revision 42608 was marked as patrolled.[4] The practice of patrolling has continued ever since then.

On January 17, 2011, members of the wiki voted on a name change where it was decided that Zelda Wiki.org (ZW.org) would simply become Zelda Wiki (ZW).


Zelda Wiki's mission is to serve as the ultimate source of Zelda information available online, aiding not only Zelda Universe, but all Zelda fan sites across the internet, connecting the Zelda community as a whole through one amazing encyclopedia. As the Wiki gathers affiliations and users, and makes its mark across the internet, it hopes to achieve the type of standards set forth by larger Wiki-based sites such as Wikipedia.

Zelda Wiki is a project that requires an open mind to connect to: Whose site it truly currently belongs to is ambiguous, because everyone who wishes to use this Wiki as "their" Zelda encyclopedia has the right to. So in a sense, it is everyone's wiki: a truly collaborative project that is made up of the communities of every collaborating Zelda fan site.


  • Currently Zelda Wiki contains 4,088 articles and has received page views. To date, 17,230 users have registered. (See also: Special:Statistics)
Quote1.png Want to know anything about the Zelda franchise, anything at all? Just look it up on zeldawiki.org - an online Zelda encyclopedia. Quote2.png
— pg. xiii
  • On August 14 2009, Zelda Wiki received LegendOfZelda.com's Pinnacle award, given to the overall best site for the last year.[5]
Quote1.png ... it is impossible to deny the quality of writing and maintenance that Zelda Wiki maintains ... Not all articles are perfect, but that is the nature of all wikis – the imperfect is perfected, the scrawny are bolstered, and the quest is never ending ... It is a testament to the robustness of this community, this Zelda Online Community, that a project like the Zelda Wiki, which started as Zelda Universe’s own wiki, has evolved into a website that is truly worthy of this award. Quote2.png
— Xizor of LegendOfZelda.com
  • In issue 53 of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK and issue 16 of the Official Nintendo Magazine Australia and New Zealand, Zelda Wiki and two of its mastermind sites—Zelda Universe and ZeldaInformer—were referred to readers.
Quote1.png If we've piqued your interest in further Zelda timeline discussion, there are loads of fansites out there expanding on some of the theories we've discussed here. Here are a few good starting points:
www.zeldauniverse.net, www.zeldawiki.org, www.zeldainformer.com
— Official Nintendo Magazine UK (page 099)


  • Zelda Wiki currently has a collaborative link with Zeldapendium, a German-language Legend of Zelda wiki. The partnership allows Zelda Wiki to provide relevant interwiki language links in the sidebar, using the {{de}} template.
  • Zelda Wiki has a long-standing affiliation with StrategyWiki.org, a site offering strategy guide information in a wiki format. All of our game articles carry a link to the relevant guides at StrategyWiki.org, and individual strategy links within articles are facilitated using the StrategyWiki template.


The following bureaucrats, admins and patrollers make up the staff team of Zelda Wiki and are here listed alphabetically:

Real Name Alias Status Signature
Arden Vaati The Wind Demon Active
Caleb Hylian King Active — Hylian King [*]
Chuck Chuck Active
Daniela Dany36 Active
Jenn Pixel Active Pixel
Reggie The Goron Moron Active The Goron Moron (talk)
Sam EpicFaceLOL991 Active
Tony Pakkun Active - PakkunT S C
William WilliamLC Active — WilliamLC * 2263 edits
Wyatt Captain Desdinova Active
PPLToast Active PPLToast (talk)
SnorlaxMonster Active --SnorlaxMonster

Real Name Alias Status Specialty Signature
Cody Cody Inactive COO (Zelda Universe/Zelda Wiki)
Jason Jason Inactive Owner (Zelda Universe/Zelda Wiki) -- Jason
Joshua Joshua Inactive Designer/Zelda Universe guides team leader
Justin Justin Active IT team leader Justin(Talk)
Shona Shona Inactive CMO (Zelda Universe)

Contributor Banners

As a way to increase activity, some of the Mastermind sites offer 'Zelda Wiki Contributor' banners to members dedicated to both the forum and Zelda Wiki. The banner is not permanent, as users can be stripped of it if they are suspected of having edited Zelda Wiki articles for the sole purpose of obtaining a banner.

ZU's Zelda Wiki Contributor banner.
Main article: Community:Zelda Universe Community#Zelda Wiki Contributors

Zelda Universe began offering its banner on November 11, 2008. It has since been awarded to 11 people.


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