Crimson Loftwing

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Crimson Loftwing
SS Flight Artwork.png
Link flying with his Crimson Loftwing
Species Loftwing
Gender Male
Game(s) Skyward Sword
Non-canon Appearances Skyward Sword Manga
Sonic Lost World
Family Link (owner)

Crimson Loftwing is Link's Loftwing.[1] This bird is a rare special breed of Loftwing.[2]



Link and his guardian bird share a special connection that is noted by several Skyloftians. When Link first met his Loftwing, they formed an immediate bond and the young boy was able to fly on the bird without even needing instructions.[3] Because the Crimson Loftwing is so rare, it makes Link stand out among the rest of the citizens.[1]

Before the Wing Ceremony begins, Groose and his friends kidnap the Crimson Loftwing to impede Link from competing in the race.[4] With the help of Pipit, Link finds out from Fledge that they locked the Loftwing near the Waterfall Cave.[5] The young hero ventures and goes past the waterfall cage to free his Loftwing, allowing him to participate and eventually win the Wing Ceremony. From then on, Link is able to travel to numerous islands or to The Surface with the help of his Loftwing.

When Link has to meet Levias, the instructor Owlan teaches Link's Loftwing a new flying technique which he must master in order to confront the sky spirit infested with parasites. Although it is an advanced move that only senior Knight Academy students may learn, he teaches it to the Crimson Loftwing due to the circumstances.[6]

Controlling the Loftwing

The player can control the Loftwing by twisting the Wii Remote in the direction in which he or she wishes it to turn. Similar to Epona in past games, the Loftwing possesses a limited number of three boosts, usable by pressing the "A" button, that can be used to damage enemies as well as to cross the area quickly. The Loftwing will only fly a certain height into the Sky, and will not fly below the cloud layer. Link can speed up while riding his Loftwing by using one of the aforementioned boosts, by flying high and then diving, or by flying through one of the circular rocks across the Sky. The player can make Link dive off of the Loftwing at any time by pressing down, usually used to land on an island.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 紅いロフトバード (Akai Rofutobādo)
紅族 (Kurenai-Zoku)
Crimson Loftbird
Crimson Race
Spanish Latin America Neburí rojo
French Canada Célestrier vermeil