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Ore are special stones prized in the volcanic land of Subrosia. There are six different types of ore in Oracle of Seasons: Red and Blue, Hard Ore, Star-Shaped Ore, Fool's Ore, and Ore Chunk, the latter of which is Subrosian currency. An additional type of ore, the Master Ore, appears in A Link Between Worlds and is used to forge the Master Sword, comparably to the Pure Metals in Phantom Hourglass.

Ore Chunks

The Ore Chunk is the standard currency of Subrosia, replacing the common Hyrulean Rupee, due to its abundance and symbolic worth in Subrosian culture. Link can carry up to 999 Ore Chunks while in Subrosia. The currency exchange rate between Holodrum and Subrosia is 1 Rupee to 1 Ore Chunk; the type of currency is the only monetary change between the two regions. When equipped with the Green Joy Ring or Gold Joy Ring, Link will receive double the value of Ore Chunks gathered.

Ore Blue 1-OoS.png
Blue Chunks set the currency standard, as there is no smaller denomination of money in Subrosia. One Blue Chunk represents one Ore Chunk.
Ore Red 10-OoS.png

Red Chunks are worth ten Ore Chunks (ten Blue Chunks).

Gold Ore.png

Gold Chunks are worth fifty Ore Chunks (five Red Chunks, or fifty Blue Chunks).

Other Ores

Star Ore.png
Star-Shaped Ore can be found among the sands of Subrosia Seaside. Link can trade it at Subrosia Market for a Ribbon, which Link's need to gift to Rosa in order for her to go on a date with him.
Red Ore.png Blue Ore.png Red and Blue Ore is taken to the Great Furnace in Subrosia, where Link can have them melted together to produce the Hard Ore.
Hard Ore.png
Hard Ore is made when the Red Ore and Blue Ore are combined at the Great Furnace. Link can then take the Hard Ore and Wooden Shield to the Subrosian Smithy where the two can be forged together to make the Iron Shield.
Ore Fools-OoS.png
Fool's Ore is left in place of Link's Roc's Feather after the Strange Brothers steal it. It can be swung like a sword, dealing much more damage than the Master Sword or Biggoron's Sword. When Link reclaims his Roc's Feather, he will drop the Fool's Ore.

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Ore Chunk Star-Shaped Ore Red Ore Blue Ore Hard Ore Fool's Ore
Spanish Spain Trozos de Mineral Mineral-Estrella Mineral Rojo Mineral Azul Mineral Duro Mineral de Pega
French France Minerai Minerai Etoile Minerai Rouge Minerai Bleu Minerai Solide Mauvais Minerai
German Germany Erzbrocken Sternenförmiges Erz Rotes Erz Blaues Erz Festes Erz Falsches Erz
Italian Italy Pezzo di Pepita Pepita a Stella Pepita Rossa Pepita Blu Pepita Dura Pepita Scambio