Forest Sanctuary

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Forest Sanctuary
ST Forest Sanctuary inside.png
Link and Gage performing a Lokomo Song inside the Forest Sanctuary
Game(s) Spirit Tracks
Inhabitant(s) Gage
Item(s) "Song of Discovery"
Related place(s) Lost Woods
Forest Realm

The Forest Sanctuary is a location in Spirit Tracks. It is situated in the Forest Realm past the Lost Woods, and it serves as the home of the Lokomo sage named Gage.


Since the way to west portion of the sanctuary is blocked by rocks, Link must use the Bomb Flowers that are situated throughout the Sanctuary to open the path as well as to activate a bridge that leads to the other area. Once Link opens up a path, the young hero will stumble upon a peculiar Sound Stone that will teach him the Song of Awakening upon taking out his Spirit Flute.

Once Link reaches the western area of the Forest Sanctuary by bridge, he will find several head statues positioned in a circle. In order to open the door that leads to Gage's chamber, he must connect the two stone statues that are facing each other.[1] Doing so reveals the way to meet Gage, where he and Link play a special duet called a Lokomo Song which regenerates the Rail Map and reveals the Spirit Tracks that lead to the Forest Temple.[2]

Other than learning the Lokomo Song, the Forest Sanctuary doesn't serve much of a purpose for the rest of the game, other than it containing one of the many Stamp Stations situated throughout the four realms.



  1. "Connect the two stone statues that face each other." — Sign (Spirit Tracks)
  2. "To restore the tracks that disappeared, you need to know a special song. This Lokomo Song is a duet that requires two sacred instruments. My cello and your Spirit Flute should do the trick! With both instruments playing the song... We can restore the rail map's energy!" — Gage (Spirit Tracks)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
English United Kingdom Woodland Sanctuary
Japanese Japan 森の叢祠 (Mori no Hokora) Forest Shrine
Spanish Latin America Altar de los Bosques Altar of the Forests
French Canada Sanctuaire de la forêt Forest Sanctuary
German Germany Waldschrein
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