Forest Temple (Spirit Tracks)

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Forest Temple
The Forest Temple in Spirit Tracks
The outside of the Forest Temple
Location(s) Forest Realm
Game(s) Spirit Tracks
Main Item Whirlwind
Song of Healing
Mini-boss(es) Mothula
Boss(es) Armored Colossus: Stagnox
Quest Reward(s)Force Gem restored
Theme Music File:Forest, Snow and Ocean Temple ST.ogg

The Forest Temple is a dungeon featured in Spirit Tracks. It is the first temple within the game that Link must explore in order to restore its energy to the fragmented Tower of Spirits. The main item obtained is the Whirlwind, and the temple's boss is Stagnox.


Entrance to the Dungeon

The temple is located northwest of the Forest area of Hyrule, and is accessible after Link and Gage perform a Lokomo Duet in the Forest Sanctuary, which in turn is found after the young hero crosses a maze in the forest during a train travel. Left of the temple's inner entrance is a statue that teaches Link the Song of Healing.

Themes and Navigation

Link using the Whirlwind to reach a key

It has the appearance of an Aztec-like pyramid with a giant tree growing atop it. Many elements from Phantom Hourglass are present within the dungeon including the statues that reveal chests within the temple for a small fee. Items such as the Demon Fossil and Wooden Heart are found here, as well as the Whirlwind, the main treasure of the temple that is also critical to defeat the boss of the temple. Mothula serves as the dungeon's mini-boss, while the boss is a large stag beetle-like creature called Stagnox, who has stolen the temple's Force Gem from its beacon atop the temple and thus is responsible for the deactivation of the temple's energy beacon.

Link defeats the creature atop the temple by using the Whirlwind to turn its weaknesses and attacks on itself, therefore exposing it to his own attacks. Following Stagnox's defeat, the temple's Force Gem is restored to its energy beacon, restoring the temple's energy flow to the Tower of Spirits and causing a segment of the tower to reconnect to the base, completing the hero's first task to restore the tower to its original state.

Minor Enemies and Traps

Sprite Name
Blastworm Large.png Blastworm
Bubble Large.png Bubble
KeyMaster Large.png Key Master
Red ChuChu PH.png Red ChuChu
Spinut.png Spinut
Vengas.png Vengas
Purple Fog.png Purple fog


  • In the PAL version of Spirit Tracks, this temple is named Wooded Temple instead of Forest Temple, possibly to avoid confusion with the other Forest Temples of the series.
  • The dungeon's boss, Stagnox, is presumably the mother of all Blastworms seen in the dungeon. Supporting this theory is a small segment during the fight with the boss itself, as it hatches and flings it's young (blastworms) at the player.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
English United Kingdom Wooded Temple
Japanese Japan 森の神殿 Forest Temple
Spanish Spain Templo del Bosque Forest Temple
Latin America Templo de los Bosques Temple of the Forests
French France Temple sylvestre Forest Temple
Canada Temple de la forêt Forest Temple
German Germany Waldtempel Forest Temple
Italian Italy Tempio delle Fronde

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