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Race Human
Pronouns Unknown
Game(s) Phantom Hourglass
Era Era of the Great Voyage
Theme Music File:Freedle's song.ogg

Freedle is a character in Phantom Hourglass


Freedle is a Mandolin player found on a small isle that is located off of Mercay Island. He has three magic boxes which allow Link to trade Treasures and Ship Parts with other Links via Tag Mode. In addition to Tag mode, items placed in Freedle's boxes will be traded any opponent in Battle Mode. To use the boxes, Link must approach one and choose to place an item inside. The wiggling boxes denote a new item from successful trades. Items left in wiggling boxes will not be traded until removed and placed back.

Reaching Freedle requires Link to solve a few puzzles. He must first open the crack on the wall east to the Temple of the Ocean King, which will reveal a small cavern where he must shoot an eye switch using the Bow. Afterward, a bridge will appear, which leads back outside again. A Tribal Head Statue rests up ahead, revealing a beam of light after it is hit. The beam of light must be pointed parallel to Mercay Tavern, which will indicate the spot that Link must blast with a Bomb. This reveals another cave where, after exiting it, will end up on a small isle where Freedle is located.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Spanish Latin America Freedle
French France Barry Lenon
Canada Freedle
German Germany Taresan
Italian Italy Francestrello