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Race Hylian
Gender Male
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Era Era of Twilight
Theme Music File:Falbi's and Fyer's theme.ogg

Fyer is a character in Twilight Princess.


Fyer offers cannon rides for 10 Rupees at Lake Hylia, which can take Link to Falbi's Flight by Fowl. After showing Auru's Memo to Fyer, he also offers the Oasis Flight, which launches Link from Lake Hylia into the Gerudo Desert.

After Link warps the damaged Sky Cannon to Lake Hylia, Fyer offers repairing it for 300 Rupees so Link to reach the City in the Sky.

During the ending credits, Fyer is found alongside Falbi flying over the lake with Cuccos.


  • Fyer has an image of a Bullet Bill on his sleeve.
  • According to Hyrule Historia, Falbi was originally intended to be female. He was to be either Fyer's wife or lover.[1]


Fyer's name is likely a pun on "fire," referencing his profession in cannon-work.

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan トビー (Tobī) Toby
Spanish Spain Tobías
French French-speaking countries Tobi
German Germany Toby
Italian Italy Furbizio



  1. "In the concept art shown here, Fyer is male, as he is in his final design. Falbi, however, is female. It is unclear if they were meant to be lovers or husand and wife." (Hyrule Historia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 186)