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Quote1.png R-regrettable... Although my rival, you were spectacular. I shall take my bow by opening my heart and revealing my wisdom... Quote2.png
— Garo Robe
MM Garo.png
Game(s)Majora's Mask
Habitat(s)Ikana Region
Effective WeaponsSword, Shield, Bow

The Garo, also called Garo Robes or Garo Ninjas,[1][2] are a race of ninja sentries that originate from a country outside of Termina proper in Majora's Mask.[3][4]



The Garo Master's suicide ritual.

In life, the Garo were enemies of Ikana Kingdom. Their nation sent several spies to investigate Ikana Canyon to gather intelligence, and even after they've died they continue to haunt Ikana, ready to report to their superior.[5] Their primary target in the Ikana region was the impassible Ancient Castle of Ikana.[6]

While information regarding their culture is scarce, it can be inferred that they had an elaborate code of honor.[7] Any spies captured or defeated on enemy ground were required by law to commit ritual suicide and die "without leaving a corpse."[8]

Present Day

The Garo Master

The Garo Ninjas that haunt Ikana are swift assailants, using long, sharp swords in battle. These swords can be easily blocked with the shield, and active blocking will render them weaponless, as their hard sword strikes will ricochet off of the shield and out of the their grasp. During Link's visit to Ikana Canyon, he can summon a single Garo Ninja at a time by wearing the Garo's Mask and wandering into an area where "a thirst for blood" looms.[9][6] When the Garo realizes it has mistaken Link for its Master, it summons a ring of fire and attacks.[10] If defeated, Garo will "surrender their wisdom" and subsequently dissolve in green fire.[7]

The leader of the Garo Robe is the Garo Master,[10] who Link battles in the Stone Tower Temple. Unlike his underlings, the Garo Master uses a bomb to literally explode at his defeat. The Garo's Mask, which Link acquires in a race against the Gorman Brothers, originally belonged to him.[6]


The following is a list of the wisdoms the Garo will reveal upon their defeat.

Garo Ninjas

Quote1.png The soul of the composer named Flat rests in Ikana Graveyard. I have heard his brother, Sharp is here in Ikana. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png To cross the valley of Ikana, aim at the river beasts with the arrowhead that freezes. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png Atop the hill here in Ikana, no human presence is felt, except that of the parent and child living in the house with the waterwheel. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png Every two minutes on every day, the girl who lives in the music box house goes to the dried well to check on something. But as long as the spirits are wandering outside her house, she dares not leave her home. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png To revive the dried-up river on Ikana hill, you must go to the spring water cave. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png If one tries to enter the spring water cave without knowing the song buried in a grave, that poor visitor shall meet with disaster. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png To save the cursed human, his soul must be healed. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png The well atop the hill and the well at Ikana Castle's inner garden are one. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png As the Gibdos in Ikana's well have regrets and long to savor items from this world, they continue to wander about. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png Most of that which the Gibdos regret can be found inside the well itself. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png That which was acquired in Ikana Castle shall open the way to Stone Tower. That is all I know. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png The ReDeads in Ikana were once members of the castle's dancing troupe... Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png A hole can be opened in the ceiling of a particular room in Ikana Castle. But it cannot be broken without an explosive with incredible might. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png In entering Ikana Castle, there is another secret route apart from the well entrance. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja
Quote1.png To counter the rage of the King of Ikana Castle, burn away that which disrupts the light and shine the sacred rays on the King. Quote2.png
— Garo Ninja

Garo Master

Quote1.png If you shoot that which releases the sacred golden light into the blood-stained, red emblem outside the temple... it shall rearrange things, in which the earth is born in the heavens and the moon is born on the earth. Quote2.png
— Garo Master


Theory Warning hide

While the origins of the Garo are uncertain, some believe them to be related to, if not the same as, Subrosians due to a strong resemblance between the two races. They may also have some relation to the Salona seen in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, who are likewise theorized to be or be related to the Subrosians.


  • Although they appear to be humans with cloaks, Pamela's Father in the Music Box House claims Garos are empty shells, animated by willpower. This is confirmed when the Garo leave Ikana Canyon with the rest of the ghosts.[5]
  • The Garo can see Link even if he is wearing the Stone Mask.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ガロ

Garo Robe
French France Garo
German Germany Garo-Robe