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Gonzo The Wind Waker HD.png
Official artwork of Gonzo from The Wind Waker HD
Title(s) Pirate
Race Hylian
Gender Male
Game(s) The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures Triforce piece.png
Phantom Hourglass
Era Era of the Great Sea
Era of the Great Voyage
Family Alfonzo (descendant)[1]

Gonzo is a member of Tetra's pirate crew who makes an appearance in both The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. In The Wind Waker, he is often seen at the helm of the pirate ship, shouting orders to the crew as well as steering the ship. He holds a special place in his heart for the pirates' leader, Tetra, and has a tendency to end most of his sentences with "yeah?"[2][3]


The Wind Waker

In his first appearance, Gonzo is a head pirate under Tetra's command and seems to play the biggest role in the game out of all the pirates. Despite his strong and intimidating appearance, Gonzo is actually kinder than he looks, showing great care for his dear "Miss Tetra". As such, he is the one that goes after Tetra after the Helmaroc King drops her off in the Fairy Woods of Outset Island.[4]

Gonzo also seems to be ingenious and quick-witted. This is demonstrated when he tricks Quill into telling him about Jabun's whereabouts by pretending to be worried about Link. Mako is impressed at Gonzo's skill to get such information from the Rito Postman, and mentions that if him and Tetra were to get married and have a kid, that kid would be the "greatest pirate to sail the seas."[5] This causes Gonzo to instantly blush, calling Mako stupid as he asks Tetra if she was listening to the so-called silly suggestion.[6]

Once Tetra catches up with Link during his second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, Gonzo is ordered by Tetra to take Aryll to their ship in order to return her to her home in Outset Island.[7] Later on when Tetra has to stay inside the Hyrule Castle basement, Aryll mentions to Link in a letter that ever since Tetra left, Gonzo has become depressed and even cries for the young pirate leader, once again illustrating Gonzo's soft side.[8]

Gonzo makes a final appearance in The Wind Waker during the game's ending. After Link and Tetra resurface from the sunken Hyrule Castle, Gonzo, along with the rest of the pirate crew and a few other character, greet the pair aboard their pirate ship. Gonzo is then seen steering the ship as Link, Tetra, and the gang of pirates set sail from Outset Island in search of new lands.

Like the rest of the pirates, Gonzo bears a striking resemble to a man portrayed in a wall painting hanging in the sunken Hyrule Castle, which heavily hints that the man could be Gonzo's ancestor serving under the orders of a past Princess Zelda.

Gonzo (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
Gonzo Figurine.png
Personality: Short-tempered.
Favorite Thing: Miss Tetra.
Leader of Tetra's family of pirates, Gonzo seems to be quite strong...but he cries at the drop of a hat.

Phantom Hourglass

Gonzo appears again during both the introduction and the ending of Phantom Hourglass, but plays a minor role in contrast to the previous game. In the game, he's still in charge of steering the ship, and is last seen when Tetra and Link reunite with the rest of the pirate crew.


  • Gonzo does not appear in Spirit Tracks; however, the character Alfonzo is nearly identical to him, and Alfonzo claims that his family has served the royal family for generations.[9] Hyrule Historia confirms that Alfonzo is a descendant of Gonzo.[1]



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan ゴンゾ (Gonzo)
Spanish Spain Gonzo
French French-speaking countries Gonzo
German Germany Gonzo
Italian Italy Gonzo