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Hero's Spirit
Hero's Shade.png
Title(s) Hero of Time
Race Hylian Spirit
Gender Male
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Family Link's Father
Link's Mother
Link Triforce piece.png (descendant)[1]

The Hero's Spirit,[2][3] also known as the Hero's Shade,[4][5] Ancient Hero,[3] Golden Wolf,[6] or White Wolf,[7] is an undead specter who appears in Twilight Princess and teaches swordsmanship to Link. He is the Hero of Time from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, filled with regrets from being unable to pass on the "lessons of his life to those who came after him" after he was sent back in time to his childhood. He also lamented that fact that he was not remembered as a hero. In order to ease his regrets and finally pass on his knowledge, he teaches the seven Hidden Skills to his descendant, the Link of Twilight Princess.[1][8]

The Golden Wolf

Golden Wolfimage.png
The Golden Wolf

In Link's world, the Hero's Spirit takes the form of the Golden Wolf. The Golden Wolf is a ghostly-looking wolf, glowing a golden yellow color. Like the humanoid form of the Hero's Spirit, the Golden Wolf's left eye glows red while the right eye is missing. The wolf is summoned by finding a Howling Stone, with the exception of the first time, in which he confronts Link directly. Once a Howling Stone is found, the song has to be howled in tune with the Spirit. He then tells Link to take "sword in hand" and find him, implying that Link had to return to human form before searching for the Wolf and the Golden Wolf will appear as a symbol on Link's map. When Link confronts the Wolf, the Wolf will leap into Link, transporting him into an ancient arena near Hyrule Castle. The arena is described as being a different world and has an ethereal appearance.[9] The wolf then finally transforms into ghostly humanoid form, the Hero's Spirit, who then teaches the young hero one of the seven Hidden Skills.


In the other world, the Hero's Spirit's form has bluish skin and a pallid, decaying appearance, with a skeletal face and his left eye glows red while his right eye is missing. He carries a rusting sword and shield and wears ancient armor, which is covered with leaves in sections, and has details reminiscent of the Owl Statues. His sword's scabbard is belted to his waist. From the back, his armor appears to be filled with a ghostly mist, rather than flesh, and his torso is not connected to his legs. The humanoid form of the Hero's Spirit resembles the spirits in Hyrule Castle's graveyard.

The Skills

Main article: Hidden Skill


  • The first song that Link howls in order to begin the quest of easing the Hero's Spirit's regrets is the "Song of Healing."
    • Link plays the "Song of Healing," then takes over the Spirit's powers and eases his troubles, causing him to pass on.[10] This is similar to how the Hero of Time used the "Song of Healing" in Majora's Mask.
  • As the Hero's Spirit is an incarnation of Link, this marks the first time in a game where Link has major dialogue that is not a result of the player's choice. This also marks the first interaction between two different Links.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 骸骨の戦士 (Gaikotsu no Senshi)
金色の狼 (Kiniro no Oukami)
勇者の亡霊 (Yūsha no Bōrei)
Skeleton Warrior
Golden Wolf
Hero's Spirit
Spanish Spain El Espíritu del Héroe
Lobo Dorado
The Spirit of the Hero
Golden Wolf
German Germany Goldener Wolf
Italian Italy Lupo dorato Golden wolf