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Race Hylian
Gender Female
Game(s) Skyward Sword
Era The Sky Era
Family Jakamar (father)
Wryna (mother)

Kukiel is a character from Skyward Sword. She lives in Skyloft and is the daughter of Wryna and Jakamar. Kukiel is Batreaux's only friend and the only person who isn't frightened by him.


Kukiel is a young girl who lives in Skyloft with her parents. Link first meets Kukiel in front of her house while looking for his Crimson Loftwing, where she tells him that she plans to go play with her "Special Friend" that day.[1] Once Link receives the Goddess Sword, Kukiel is no where to be found. It is only after receiving the Ruby Tablet and placing it in the Statue of the Goddess that Link learns that Kukiel is missing. Link can find Wryna near the Goddess Statue calling for Kukiel. She suspects that her daughter was kidnapped and asks Link to help search for her daughter.[2] After agreeing, Link asks the townsfolk where she might be, and Orielle says there are rumors of a monster that lives in Skyloft, and that an Old Man named Rusta at the Lumpy Pumpkin supposedly saw the monster.[3][4] When Link finds him, he tells him how to open up the storage shed leading to the monster's dwelling.[5]

Link follows Rusta's directions and opens the storage shed, revealing a ladder down to a secret house. As he nears the house, Link hears a scream that sounds like Kukiel. He runs into the house and sees Kukiel and the monster, but just as Link pulls out his sword the monster cowers and begs Link not to hurt him, explaining that they were just playing the "scream-as-loud-as-you-can game."[6] He introduces himself as Batreaux and says that he wants to become friends with the people of Skyloft, but all of them except Kukiel are terrified of him.[7] He asks Link to find and show him Gratitude Crystals, so that he can turn into a human.[8]

Kukiel, who affectionately calls Batreaux "Uncle Bats,"[9] says Batreaux is a nice man, and that he lets her scream as loud as she can in his house.[10] She promises to be back by morning and asks Link to tell her parents that she is safe.[11] In the morning, Link will find her in her own home, and Wryna will be so overjoyed that five Gratitude Crystals form out of thin air.

When Batreaux finally achieves his dream of becoming human, Kukiel will express disappointment that he no longer has "flappy bat wings."[12]



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan クーコ (Kūko)
Spanish Latin America Picalia
French France Nacia
Canada Picalia
Italian Italy Chicca