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The Sky Spirit infested by Bilocyte
TitleGreat Spirit of the Sky
Game(s)Skyward Sword
Non-canon AppearancesHyrule Warriors

Levias is a wise, whale-like Sky Spirit in Skyward Sword.[1] He has served as the protector of the skies for ages and lives in the Thunderhead.[2][3] Levias has a particular fondness for Pumm's pumpkin soup, which Pumm always offered on a sky isle that had a perpetual rainbow above it, before the Thunderhead engulfed it.[4]



Before the goddess Hylia transferred her soul into the body of a mortal, she appointed Levias as the guardian of the skies.[5] She also left the Sky Spirit a hint as to the location of the Triforce, which was one of the four parts of the "Song of the Hero", a melody that would unlock the final trial for the chosen hero.[6] However, at one point, Levias was corrupted by evil forces and became plagued with parasitic eye-like appendages, possessing him and causing him to attack anyone who comes near.[7]

After learning of Levias from the Headmaster Gaepora, Link speaks to Owlan and learns that although Levias can be found in the Thunderhead, he has become possessed by Bilocyte and will not listen to reason. He tells the young hero to talk to Pumm, who makes annual Pumpkin Soup offerings to Levias.[4] Link uses this knowledge to his advantage and places a basin of Pumpkin Soup in an island of the Thunderhead to lure the beast out of the cloud sea and, with the aid of his Loftwing and the newly-learned technique Spiral Charge, removes the parasites. Upon the removal of the last visible parasite, a Bilocyte occupying Levias' blowhole emerges. Link removes this parasite as well, and upon hearing that Link was searching for the Triforce, Levias informs him of the four parts of the "Song of the Hero" is needed to find the Triforce. Levias then instructs Link to track down the three surface dragons, Faron, Lanayru, and Eldin, to learn their parts of the melody.[6] Once he has done this, Levias imparts the final part of the "Song of the Hero" to Link.[8]


Levias' name is derived from לויתן Leviathan, a mythological monster from Biblical text (Job 41). Fittingly, the modern Hebrew form of the word means "whale."


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Levias is the second flying whale creature to appear in the series, the first being the Wind Fish in Link's Awakening. Because of this, it has been theorized by some fans that Levias and the Wind Fish may be related, if not the same being.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 空の大精霊ナリシャ (Sora no Dai-Seirei Narisha) Great Spirit of the Sky: Narisha
Spanish Latin America Gran Espíritu de los Cielos: Narisha Great Spirit of the Skies: Narisha
French France Narisha
Canada Grand espirit de cieux: Narisha
German Germany Narisha
Italian Italy Grande spirito celeste, Narisha

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