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Artwork of the Links from
Four Swords Adventures
Race Hylian
Gender Male
Game(s) Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Minish Cap
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
Tri Force Heroes
Non-canon Appearances Four Swords manga

The Links refers to a group of characters who are Link after he is split into more than one of himself. In Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap, Link is split into four copies. In Tri Force Heroes, there are only three Links. In Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, the Links are instead featured in the games' Battle Modes.

The series has used the Links for games that include multiplayer, with the exception of The Minish Cap, which is a single player adventure much like the rest of The Legend of Zelda series.



Four Swords

FS Link.png
Links in Four Swords

The Links made their first appearance in Four Swords. In this game, Link is split into four after he pulls out the Four Sword. The Links must work together to get to where Princess Zelda is being held and rescue her from Vaati's Palace of Winds. Each player takes control of a Link. When one Link obtains an item, he is the only one in the group to have it. In Four Swords Anniversary Edition's single-player, the player can switch between any of the Links to accomplish tasks.

Four Swords Adventures

FSA - Links.png
Links in Four Swords Adventures

In the Hyrulean Adventures mode in Four Swords Adventures, Link is again split into four Links by the Four Sword. All four Links travel together to solve numerous puzzles and fight enemies across many stages. In a single-player game, the Links can group together in preset Battle Formations (Cross, Wide, Long, Box), to aid in solving puzzles, pushing blocks and fighting enemies. Although the Link donning the green tunic is the default leader, the option exists to use any Link to lead the others.

In a Shadow Battle, the Links instead fight each other in a competitive match.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap during his adventure, Link empowers and reforges the Picori Blade into the White Sword, with the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Elements. Upon the addition of each new Element in the Elemental Sanctuary, Link gained the ability to split into a new copy of himself at certain multi-colored tiles. The other three Links would disappear upon taking damage or touching walls. Each of the resulting clones were apparitions wearing the exact green tunic. The tiles set the formations in which the clones would aid Link in fight bosses such as Gyorg Pair and Vaati.

Tri Force Heroes

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In Tri Force Heroes, there are only three Links: green, blue, and red. They are used in multiplayer. In single-player, there is only one Link and instead two dolls that can be switched between. They can stack on top of each other in a formation called "totem", which is used to solve puzzles and fight bosses.

Battle Modes

The Battle Mode versions of the four Links serve only as Nintendo's manner of delivering a multiplayer, by using Link as the fighter for each player.

ST Links.png
Links in Spirit Tracks

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, the Links appear only in the game's Battle Mode. This two-player mode uses only the red and blue tunic colors and players are assigned randomly. While playing as Link, certain cloning items can be picked up to generate another exact copy which will run in the opposite direction, potentially luring the Phantoms away.[1]

Spirit Tracks

The Links also make an appearance in Spirit Tracks' Battle Mode, and are used to differentiate up to four different players.[2]

Four Swords manga

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In the Four Swords manga, each Link has his own personality: Green is focused and motivated, Blue is hotheaded and aggressive, Red is innocent and optimistic, and Violet is calm, cool, and collected.


  • Each of the four Links' tunics match with one of the colors of the Elements used to forge the Four Sword.
  • Although Link's clones in The Minish Cap retain the green tunic when he splits, drinking an Oracle Charm has the effect of changing the original Link's tunic to either red, blue or violet, depending on the type. These colors are reminiscent of the Links' tunic colors in Four Swords.