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[Zelda Universe] NCSX Games and Toys now offering the Real Action Heroes figure of Skyward Sword Link

The Skyward Sword Link figure announced last year is now available to order at NCSX Games and Toys. The figure includes both Link’s Master Sword and Hylian Shield, two facial expressions (fierce and sedate), and eye inserts that are included with the figure in addition to Link’s classic Bow and Arrow and the Tough Beetle item from Skyward Sword.


The figure measures at 30cm or 11.81″ tall and thanks to Link’s flexible limbs, the figure can be put into a number of different poses. The figure costs a steep $229.90 US dollars and is manufactured by Medicom. While the price is steep, the figure itself is nothing short of spectacular and is well worth it if you can afford the cost.

[Zelda Universe] Cosmo Wright breaks his own speedrunning world record

Speedrunner Cosmo Wright has done it again! Last month, we reported that Cosmo broke the world record for the fastest Ocarina of Time speedrun, clocking in at 18 minutes, 56 seconds. Less than a week later, he went on to beat his own record, completing the game in 18 minutes, 51 seconds.

His next goal was to complete the game in 18 minutes, 45 seconds. This past weekend, he not only met his target time, but finished five seconds early, setting a new world record time of 18 minutes, 40 seconds.

There are many types of speedruns. Some are tool-assisted, or TAS, utilizing emulators rather than glitches. Cosmo’s run takes advantage of the game’s glitches but does not involve cheats, hacks or tools. In the video below, you’ll notice that he is playing the Chinese version of game, as the text loads significantly faster than the others.

So what’s next for Cosmo Wright? Striving to get his Ocarina of Time speedrun down to less than 18 minutes, 30 seconds.

[Hidden Triforce] Nintendo Underdogs Project Needs Funding

Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated (or NUREO for short) is a community and fan-driven project that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. This project is taking 20 of the best Nintendo songs, many of which do not get their due credit, and re-imagining them into amazing orchestral scores.

Many of Nintendo’s most famous songs have already been re-orchestrated through other fan projects such as Zelda ReOrchestrated. This compilation, led by Colin McIsaac, is looking to raise 6000 dollars to fully fund their project. To contribute head on over to their Kickstarter page.

[Hidden Triforce] Zelda Monopoly and Puzzle Revealed

A while back we posted an article confirming the release of a Zelda themed Monopoly board by USAopoly later this year. We now have a leaked image of what the game’s box may look like when released. An Ocarina of Time puzzle was also revealed.

Prototypes for both of these boxes can be seen below. Zelda Monopoly is set to be released on August 21, 2014, and the 550-piece puzzle on August 15, 2014.

ocarina of time puzzlezelda monopoly

[Zelda Eternity] Nintendo Direct Reveals New Smash 4 Info

Today’s Nintendo Direct focusing on the new Super Smash Bros games for Wii U and 3DS has been highly anticipated since its announcement, but no one could have predicted the glut of information that teased fans and made the release seem so far off. Out of that information, Zelda has most certainly gotten its fair share, so let’s get started. Keep in mind that these images have been print-screened by this intrepid reporter straight from the stream archive, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

See the specifics after the jump.

Early in the conference, we got a look at the new ways that music will be implemented in the new game. The example that was shown just happened to be of the Skyloft stage and revealed some Zelda songs that will be appearing on that stage. These include but are most likely not limited to:

  • Ballad of the Goddess in an original and brand new arrangement
  • Main Theme
  • Ocarina of Time Medley
  • Saria’s Song

That’s pretty cool, but Zelda fans are getting a lot more than music in this game. The already revealed Skyloft and Spirit Train stages, exclusive to Wii U and 3DS respectively, were shown in greater detail.

The Skyloft stage had its role as a Delfino-style scenery shifting stage reaffirmed, and the Spirit Train appears to share the rails with various other hazards.

SkyloftSpirit Train

We also got a peek at a few new Zelda-series items. The first that was shown was Skyward Sword’s Beetle, which appears to operate as some sort of throwable projectile. The second was the Bombchu, looking just like it did in its original Ocarina of Time iteration, and retaining its wall and ceiling crawling abilities.


We also got to check out an awesome new assist trophy containing Midna from Twilight Princess. While this does dash many fan’s hopes of her appearing as a fighter, it was still pretty cool to see her massive orange arm seizing and throwing players.

Midna Assist Trophy

It was revealed during the Nintendo Direct that characters who transformed mid-match in previous Smash games will no longer have that ability, thus freeing up one of Zelda’s move slots. This slot will be filled by the Spirit Tracks-themed Phantom Slash. This new move is an off-beat projectile, producing a suit of attack-blocking Phantom armor, although the user should be wary that, like all other projectiles, it can be reflected.

Phantom Slash

But wait, what about Sheik? If Zelda can no longer transform into her (or him), then will *ahem* that character be appearing in Smash 4 at all? The answer is a resounding yes! Sheik will be appearing as a stand-alone fighter, now completely independent from Zelda. Sheik also gains two brand new moves, an explosive called the Burst Grenade and an acrobatic kick called the Bouncing Fish. Sheik’s announcement was accompanied by a brand new arrangement of the fan-favorite Gerudo Valley theme, which will no doubt be appearing in the game.

Sheik Joins the Fight
Burst GrenadeBouncing Fish

Throughout the presentation, “guess the trophy” contests were held in which a trophy would appear on screen and the viewer had a limited time to guess what it was before they were told. One of them happened to be Fi of Skyward Sword fame.

The last Zelda-related feature revealed in the Nintendo Direct had to do with the new Smash Run mode. This game mode, exclusive to the 3DS version, is essentially a rush to collect powerups from Subspace Army-style enemies before a battle between all participating players. It was shown that one of the enemies appearing in this mode will be a Stalfos taken straight from Ocarina of Time.

Fi TrophySmash Run Stalfos

One last thing, the launch windows of the games have been confirmed. For the time being, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS will be launching sometime in summer, and Super Smash Bros for Wii U will be launching sometime in winter. With all the new information revealed driving up expectations, those dates can’t come soon enough.

Check out the full stream archived here.

[Hidden Triforce] Zelda and Sheik Split in Upcoming Smash for 3DS and Wii U

Since Zelda’s first appearance in Super Smash Bros Melee, she has always come coupled together with her Ocarina of Time alter-ego, Sheik. However that will no longer be the case in Smash’s latest releases to the series.

As revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct, all split-persona characters are gone, including Zelda and Sheik. However, that does not mean an end to their characters, as both are still choosable, albeit standing alone.

Replacing Zelda’s transformation move, her “down-B”, is a new ability which summons a Phantom, working as both an offensive and defensive move. Sheik also has 2 new moves, including a bouncing grenade and a new kick, the “Bouncing Fish.”

In other Zelda themed Smash news, 2 new items were revealed, the Beetle from Skyward Sword and Bombchus. Several Zelda themed assist  trophies were also shown, such as Midna and the Skull Kid.

What do you think about Zelda and Sheik being separated? Will this force you to change your go-to character selection? Let us know in the comments.

[Hidden Triforce] Top Five Minor Ocarina of Time Characters

Throughout the entire Zelda series there are characters that are essential to the game’s story and others that aren’t quite as important. Some characters are memorable because they deliver comic relief to an otherwise dramatic story. Other characters are molded into our memory forever due to extreme annoyances. These are the characters to make my top five minor character list.

5 — Navi

navi ocarina of time

To me, Navi, while important to the story’s progression, makes this list because of her constant “Hey! Listen!” You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. Every time you get to something for the first time, you have to listen to what she has to say. When you walk up to a door with vertical bars, she proceeds to tell you that the door cannot be opened normally and you must find a way to open it. If you discover a door with a lock and chain on it, she tells you the door is locked and you have to get a key in order to open it. C’mon, Navi. It’s obvious that you need a key to unlock the door. She stops you ever so often to hint at what you should be doing or where you should go next.

4 – Castle Guards

ocarina of time castle guard

I don’t know about you, but I love the Hyrule Castle guards. They look all tough in their armor with those silver helmets and jousting sticks. One of my favorite parts of this game is sneaking past all the guards. Not because it’s difficult, but because it’s fun. It makes me feel mischievous and there’s just something super cool about running around similar to a spy, having to avoid being caught and thrown out of the castle just to start the process all over again that’s so intriguing.

3 – Mido

mido ocarina of time

Mido? Who does he think he is, the leader of the Kokiri Forest? He’s so smug. He’s only jealous because the Great Deku Tree has called upon Link. I will give him this, he has spunk. No matter what happened or how popular Link was to become, Mido never changed. He was true to himself. Personally, I think it’d have been cool to see Mido playing a much bigger role than just trying to stop you from seeing The Great Deku Tree and going into The Lost Woods later in the game.

2 – Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora Gaebora

Say what you will about Kaepora Gaebora’s ability to trick you into listening to his advice multiple times, but he is important. You first run into Kaepora Gaebora as you’re leaving Kokiri Forest and he gives you some advice. He basically emphasizes your need to meet Princess Zelda right away. He pops up in a few random places here and there. You see him at the top of Death Mountain and he compliments you on your progress thus far and offers you a quick lift all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Some say that he is a distraction that only makes it take a bit longer to complete the game due to having to hear his advice every time you bump into him. Kind of similar to Navi, although she is much more annoying than him.

1 – Malon

malon ocarina of time

Number one on this list, and my personal favorite minor character is Malon. First off, she’s so adorable with her red hair and her little outfit. She’s such a sweet, innocent little girl who teaches you the song to call upon your noble steed, Epona. Once you learn this song, no matter where you are in Hyrule Field, you can play Epona’s song and she’ll come running to your side. Another reason I picked Malon is because without Epona, you’re left walking, rolling and jumping across Hyrule’s incredibly vast kingdom which often times takes much longer than riding Epona. To me, having an innocent child only teach you one thing that is immensely helpful throughout around eighty percent of the game, shows how much one person—be it a small child or an adult—can have such an effect on an entire adventure. Not to mention Malon made it much easier to progress through the quest to rid the Hylian kingdom of Ganondorf. Thank you, Malon, for making transportation faster.

The Legend of Zelda has always had a multitude of characters to know and love. Of course, some characters are chosen for major roles while others are cast as very minor roles. For example, Link’s companion in each game is a vital part of the storyline and is a major player. Others such as Malon, who teaches you a song to call a character that essentially has nothing to do with plot development, aren’t quite as important to the main quest. Ocarina of Time isn’t the only great game in the series, but it is one of the most important to me as it was the very first Zelda title I ever played. So that’s my top five minor character list from OoT. Which characters made your list?

By: Brandon Brock


[Hidden Triforce] Featured Zelda Fan Art

We have a new piece of fabulous art to showcase this week. In this stunning image created by  iliasPatlis  on Deviant Art, Link is seen wandering through the Lost Woods with his trusted partner Navi.

You can see the full and striking image here.

[Zelda Eternity] A New, Nonsensical Twist on the Hero of Time

The Esquirebob Animations Youtube channel just recently posted an animation of the classic Legend of Zelda storyline, but with a unique and unusual twist: Link is fat.

It may sound simplistic and silly, but with high quality animation and a fitting original score, it actually has a sense of humor and charm that can be easily appreciated. Be sure to give it a watch if you like offbeat comedy.

If you liked this, you can check out the Esquirebob Animations Youtube channel here where you can find a number of similar gaming animations.

Source: Memebase

[Zelda Eternity] SethBling Makes Minecraft a Little More Like Zelda

Ever since Minecraft became a thing that people did, Zelda fans have been thinking of creative ways to take elements from the Zelda series and transplant them into Mojang’s indie phenomenon. Well just last week, a very well known Youtube personality, SethBling, figured out a way to make Zelda-style bombs in completely unmodified Minecraft.

Give it a watch to see how it works.

If you like stuff like this in Minecraft, be sure to check out SethBling’s channel here as this is pretty much what he does.

Source: Youtube

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