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[Zelda Universe] Koei Tecmo wonders if “Linkle” should have been written into Hyrule Warriors

The Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors included an art book, which was filled with concept art of characters, costumes and weapons. What seemed to cause the biggest stir in the fan community, was the artwork of a cancelled character called “Linkle”.

Link and Linkle look very alike with the same hair color and eye shape, as well as similar clothing. It’s not surprising that fans started coming up with theories of her being a female version of Link.

After seeing the huge fan reaction, Koei Tecmo tweeted, “Linkle (tentative name) was a rejected story character featured in the art book, but it looks like she got a quite lot of attention… maybe we should have included her in the main story…”


Tecmo Koei recently announced that a large, future update is in the works for Hyrule Warriors (not to be confused with the recent 1.2.0 update released today), and asked fans hypothetically which character they’d like to see included. Although it seems unlikely, fans are hopeful that Linkle will make an appearance.

This isn’t the first time there has been female Link-based controversy. When Zelda Wii U was announced, Eiji Aonuma claimed that the character in the trailer may not be Link. Fans went wild, coming up with theories of who the character was, the most common being that the hero was a girl. Since then, it has been confirmed that it is in fact Link in the trailer, and that Aonuma was only joking in his previous statement.

Credit for the header image goes to Tumblr user layiko.

[Zelda Universe] Aonuma: Wii U’s flagship Zelda title will differ from other open world games

During E3 2014, Nintendo gave us a sneak peek of an up-and-coming Legend of Zelda title to be released sometime next year. While the details are still mostly shrouded in mystery (minus a blue tunic-clad hero/heroine), Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma recently sat down with Edge Magazine to discuss tidbits of what we can expect from the game’s environment.

In the interview, Aonuma states, “In the original Legend of Zelda, there was no clear way to lead the character to his goal. The player was trusted to find it by themselves. As game worlds became more complex, we had to point players in the right direction. Consequently progress becomes more linear. To recreate an experience similar to the original, the world needs to have a simple structure that players can understand intuitively.”

He then went on to point out that if they were to create an open world for players, it would be different from the norm. “Since we’re talking about open worlds, let’s state upfront that we don’t plan to have an open world in the same way other companies have been doing in recent years.”

“We don’t plan to have an open world in the same way other companies have been doing in recent years.”

No further explanation was provided, but it seems even if the game provides players with more freedom, it may not be as expansive as popular open world titles such as Skyrim or GTA V. Nintendo has stuck to its mantra of appealing to gamers of all levels of skill for quite some time. It is interesting to point out however that recently, Shigeru Miyamoto also sat down with Edge and proclaimed that the company would start straying away from the more passive player and focus on creating content for the more devoted gamers.

The newest Legend of Zelda may act as a key factor in this transitionary period, starting to give fans more freedom while still maintaining a bit of control and lending a helping hand. 

[Link's Hideaway] Photos from the Hyrule Warriors Event at PAX Prime

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo recently had a Hyrule Warriors Event at PAX Prime where the public got a chance to play the upcoming release. Nintendo released several photos from the event that mainly show off cosplay. Be sure to check them out after the break...

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[Link's Hideaway] Retailer Specific Hyrule Warriors Costumes to be Available for Purchase at a Later Date, Day 1 DLC Confirmed

Hyrule Warriors Costumes

You may know that several costumes for Hyrule Warriors are retailer specific preorder bonuses; however, with a recent press release - Nintendo of America has confirmed that these costumes will become available for purchase in the near future. No details on timing or pricing was announced. Hyrule Warriors will also be getting Day 1 DLC that will be free to download. Check out the full press release after the break...

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[Hidden Triforce] Nintendo Announces Free DLC for Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo has announced that Hyrule Warriors will be launching in the West with free downloadable content. The DLC will be available on day one, and will add a new game mode, new weapons, and the ability to choose your own background music in each stage.

Hyrule Warriors has been described as being supported for “the long run” and more DLC is already in the works. As of now there is no information about the pricing of future DLC.

Hyrule Warriors comes out September 26, 2014 in the States.

[Hidden Triforce] New 3DS Models Announced

Nintendo has  shown off a new redesigned look for the 3DS and 3DS XL. The new models includes additional buttons, a directional and trigger, and new NFC support.

The new models will also include better screen support, enabling 3D effects to be displayed from more angles.

The new 3DS models will not be released before 2015, but it is expected to come to Japan first. Nintendo is also releasing a new set of face plates with the handhelds. Now you can decorate your 3DS to be Mario or Animal Crossing themed.

A new 3DS firmware update was also announced. This update will enable users to change your handheld’s OS theme. A classic Mario and a Zelda A Link Between Worlds theme was shown.

Will you be trading in your old 3DS for a new one? Let us know in the comments.

[Link's Hideaway] A Link Between Worlds Themed Caps Available for Preorder

Ravio and Link Cap

As seen above - the A Link Between Worlds themed Ravio and Link caps are available for preorder over at NCSX. They are $20.90 each and are imported. They are scheduled to be shipped in late December 2014. These are perfect for any Zelda fan to wear around and especially if they are avid sightseers at gaming conventions. Go by and preorder yours now if this is something of interest. I was even thinking of getting one myself!

[Link's Hideaway] Aonuma to Take into Consideration Fan Reaction When Making Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U Screenshot

Back around E3, everyone was reporting that Link in the trailer could have been a girl, which was confirmed false. Well, after that reaction - Aonuma got to thinking. In a recent interview with EDGE, Aonuma said that he would be taking into consideration the fan reaction. Check out the full quotes after the break...

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[Link's Hideaway] [UPDATED] Hyrule Warriors Version 1.2.0 Probably Will NOT Include a New Character

UPDATED: After a better translation - it is now known that the Tweet did not include information about a new character. This does not rule out the possibility but it is unlikely.

Hyrule Warriors 8-bit Sword

It was recently Tweeted by the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account that the version 1.2.0 patch that is launching in Japan on September 1st might include a new playable character; however, no details have been given beyond that statement. Hyrule Warriors launches in North America on September 26th and in Europe on September 19th. We will keep you updated whenever new information becomes available.

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[Zelda Eternity] New Mario Kart 8 DLC to Feature Link


The possibility of a Legend of Zelda character appearing in a Mario Kart game has been raised before, but never as little more than a far-reaching hypothetical. That made it all the more exciting when a new Mario Kart 8 DLC was revealed inadvertently by Nintendo UK.

There will be 2 DLC packs in total, the first launching in November and the second holding off until May. Fortunately, it’s the first one that will be welcoming the unmistakable Hero of Time to the kart racer’s wild race courses. The packs originally appeared for pre-order on the Nintendo UK store here, but are now listed as “sold out.”

Link will be bearing his Skyward Sword appearance and have the Hylian Crest as his racer insignia. Other than that, nothing is known about how Link will be incorporated into the game.

In addition to Link’s appearance, there will also be 5 other new characters between the 2 packs, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Dry Bowser, Villager, and Isabelle. Each pack will also include 2 new cups with 4 courses each, coming to a grand total of 16 new courses! This is definitely something for Mario Kart fans to look forward to.

For more information, check out the article from Polygon here.

What do you think of a Zelda character crossing over into Mario territory? Will you be racing as Link or sticking to the more traditional fare? Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments or on Zelda Eternity’s forums.

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