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[Zelda Universe] Prima are releasing hardcover guides for Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2

Prima Games, renowned for their excellent in-depth strategy walkthroughs, will be releasing a hardcover guide for Hyrule Warriors. It will be released on the same day as the US launch of the game itself, September 26. It is now available to pre-order on Amazon US for $28.06 and Amazon UK for £17.12.

The book cover in the image above isn’t the final design, but the Amazon listing does hint at what content you can expect to find within the pages. The guide will provide “Complete breakdowns on how to unlock each character” and “Details on how to prepare for each battle”.

As well as the guide, the book will also include a “bonus section” which provides a behind-the-scenes look at Hyrule Warriors‘ art, and you will receive a free digital version of the guide to use on “any PC or mobile device”.

A behind-the-scenes look at Hyrule Warriors art, and [...] a free digital version of the guide

As you may have gathered from the headline, that isn’t the only strategy guide that Prima will be publishing later this year; there will also be a hardcover guide for Bayonetta 2.

So why should you care? Well, aside from it being a promising sequel to an excellent game, you might recall that the original Bayonetta will be packaged with the game; wherein Zelda costumes and sound effects were revealed as unlockable. It’s unclear whether or not the guide will provide a walkthrough for the original Bayonetta as well as its sequel, but if so, then this guide might be a consideration for you hardcore Zelda collectors.

A release date hasn’t been revealed for the Bayonetta 2 guide, though we’d assume that it will coincide with the game’s eventual release. It is available to pre-order on Amazon US for $29.78 and Amazon UK for £16.99.

[Zelda Universe] Hyrule Warriors footage: Darunia in action, Link’s new Fairy, new boss fight and more

IGN recently had the opportunity to have a hands-on play session with Hyrule Warriors at the San Diego Comic Con, and shared their impressions in a new YouTube video. More interestingly, they shared some off-screen footage with the recently revealed Darunia.

In the video, we mainly see Darunia using a giant hammer (possibly a Megaton Hammer?) to fight, though IGN editor Marty Sliva notes that he also “pounds his fists, he’s able to throw rocks, [and] he’s able to shoot lava”. You can catch him throwing a big barrage of Bombs at enemies around the 44-second mark, too.

There is also a part where Darunia is met with a seemingly unbreakable column, as well as a giant river of lava. The player has to go back to find a Giant Bombchu, lead it to the column and use it to break the column to create a bridge across.

Please note: The video contains some story spoilers. We have also kept our explanation of these details after the video, so stop here if you want to avoid this.

In the footage, you can see some dialogue from Impa, Sheik and a brand new Fairy companion for Link named Proxi. Sliva also says he had some dialogue from “Hyrulian captains”, though this wasn’t shown in the footage.

Sliva also shared something very interesting regarding the story. He mentions that Princess Zelda is thought (at least by the characters in the game) to have died at some point. Sheik appears in this section of the demo, whom we all know as Zelda’s alter ego — so it may be that Zelda disguises herself after her “demise” at some point in the story.

We see Sheik advise (presumably to Darunia) that “We have to defeat the monster. It’s our only chance of surviving!” Going by the footage, the “monster” Sheik references appears to be called the “Spirit of the Caves”, as stated by an on-screen mission objective. It appears to be a white Poe which commands the surrounding enemies.

[Hidden Triforce] Tons of New Hyrule Warriors Information

Nintendo Everything has unleashed a ton of new information about Hyrule Warriors by translating a few pages from the latest Famitsu magazine. Below is a bunch of info about some of the game’s items, areas, characters, and more.

The Boomerang

  • Obtained from a treasure chest and used like the Bombs are, as shown at E3.
  • The Boomerang will stun enemies it hits
  • The Boomerang can be upgraded into the Gale Boomerang which creates a tornado launching enemies into the air.
  • Monsters take more damage if hit while mid-air.

Gold Skulltulas 

  • 100 Gold Skulltulas hide throughout the world.
  • They will appear if certain conditions are met throughout the game.
  • Killing a Gold Skulltulas  rewards you with an illustration piece
  • Skulltulas information is presented in the in the stage select screen
  •  Spider web shaped markers will appear on the map to indicate a Gold Skulltula’s location.
  • You have a limited amount of time to find the Gold Skulltula, so you better move quickly.

Weapon bags 

  • Can be acquired from enemies you defeat. You can pick weapon bags from slayed enemies
  • The weapons in these bags are random and revealed at the end of the stage.
  • -”Sealed Weapons” can be found inside of treasure chests. These weapons enables your characters to use more kinds of weapons.

Weapon information screen 

  • There is a new weapon information screen with information such as weapon name, rarity, attributes, attack power, skills, sealed skills, and empty slots.
  • Weapons can use elemental powers such as fire and lightning.
  • There are many skills, including one that increase the amount of Rupees found.

Upgrading Weapons

  • There is a Junk Shop in which you can compose newer and stronger weapons.
  • You can switch skills from one weapon to a next. The weapon in which the skill was extracted is turned into scrap pieces and is lost. 


  • Sheik’s primary attacks comes from her Harp, playing magical songs to deal elemental damage.
  • She will also carry a variety of knives.
  • She has a “power of the flame” attack which drops burning rocks onto enemies.
  • Her “unleash of magical power” uses lightning to sweep through enemies.
  • Sheik speaks in a secretive way, often hinting at hidden things to come.
  • Sheik is addressed as being a warrior from the Sheikah tribe, as of now there is no confirmation that she is Zelda in disguise.

Princess Ruto 

  • Princess Ruto can use magic to summon water moves and abilities.
  • She can gain power from attacks to shoot a stronger shot of water.

Lake Hylia 

  • Cia uses her magic to surround Lake Hylia in ice.
  • Sheik and Impa run into a hostile Zelda inside of the Water Temple.
  • Sheik uses the Lens of Truth and see that it is actually not Zelda, but is actually…..(thought is not continued in the magazine.)


  •  He is very strong and uses a heavy hammer as a weapon.
  •   He can roll around to attack.
  •  He can use fire attacks by slamming the ground.

Death Mountain 

  • As Sheik and Impa head towards Death Mountain a fairy stops them and delivers some information. As they are walking away the fair yells, “Hey!”
  • Is this Navi?


  • Her primary weapon is a fire-based halberd.
  •  She can use giant bladed weapons.
  •  She can create walls of fire and a “dragon of flames” to cut through her foes.


  •  Seems to use earthly elements in her attacks, such as leaves, roots, and seeds.
  • She uses a large branch and is aided through the Deku Tree’s power.
  •  She can plant her seeds which will grow into a full crop capable of attacking enemies.
  • Lana uses the Deku Leaf to blow enemies from afar.

Faron Woods 

  • The Faron Woods is the first stage of Hyrule Warriors.
  •  The Great Deku Tree sits in the center of the forest and is its guardian force.
  •  Killing enemies releases force shards which goes towards a “knockout” meter.
  •  When the meter is filled you can unleash a powerful attack which kills a ton of enemies in the area.

Source: Nintendo Everything

[Link's Hideaway] Darunia, Sheik, and Princess Ruto Confirmed Playable in Hyrule Warriors

Darunia Playable in Hyrule Warriors

It has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu that Darunia, Princess Ruto, and Sheik will all be playable in Hyrule Warriors. All of these characters are from Ocarina of Time 3D and should prove interesting to find out what kinds of attacks they wield. It has also been revealed that Lana and Impa will have at least 2 additional weapons that have yet to be announced. Gold Skulltulas will also make an appearance in the game in some form. The full issue of Famitsu is set to release in Japan later this week.

[Zelda Eternity] Rumor: Target Makes Labels for Majora’s Mask 3D


When you work in a place like this, you eventually get used to seeing multiple Majora’s Mask 3D rumors per month, but even I must admit that this one, posted on on the 14th of July, bears a certain credibility.

This time around we have a photograph of a store shelf in a Canadian Target store labeled with “3DS ZELDA MSK,” an obvious reference to the long rumored Majora’s Mask 3D.

This should all be taken with a grain of salt, as it could be a hoax. This NeoGAF thread, however, seems to answer a lot of questions and lend credibility to the rumor.

Check out the picture after the jump.

MM 3D Target


[Hidden Triforce] Ocarina of Time Cast Join Hyrule Warriors Sheik, Darunia and Zora Princess Ruto Playable

In a move that we have long been expecting, a series of Ocarina of Time characters have been revealed as part of the Hyrule Warriors roster. Three new characters, each from the N64 classic, have been revealed in the latest release of the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

The first of which is Zelda’s alter-ego, Sheik. This choice, while a definite popular one, is still odd seeing as Zelda is already playable in the game.  The final two characters are the Goron and Zora sages, Darunia and Princess Ruto.

sheik hyrule warriors


Are you excited about the new characters? Who else would you like to see in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Famitsu

[Link's Hideaway] Latest Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Off Link and the Ball and Chain

Hyrule Warriors Link Ball & Chain

The latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors shows off the Ball & Chain weapon for Link. He can use it to devastate several foes at once. We also see footage of the Imprisoned in this trailer with Link using the tactics from Skyward Sword to defeat it. Check out the trailer after the break...

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[] Pols Voice 3: Electronic Entertainment Eater (E3 2012)


a.k.a. The Gamer Girl Episode

Pols Voice returns with more outdated content! Tonight, it’s the E3 episode you’ve all been waiting for! (From 2012.) Hear us remark about really old stuff! Were our predictions about the future of Zelda correct?


Episode Hosts:

  • Nabe
  • Pheo
  • Muff
  • Ganny
  • That1guy (Tig)
  • Cascade
  • Special guest host: David Hayter!


Discuss this episode in the forums!



[Zelda Eternity] Zelda for Eternity V: Full Trailer and Details

Are you excited? Well, you should be!

In just 8 days, Zelda for Eternity will return for perhaps its greatest year yet! Tune in July 29th to watch your friendly neighborhood staff members stream nonstop Zelda for days and days! That’s right, over 100 hours of pure entertainment, all for the benefit of Child’s Play Charity (and the fans too!).

Along with a variety of hosts (props to Elias and Shank for meeting up this year), ZFE will feature a variety of games. The full list is after the jump, but most notably A Link Between Worlds and non-canon games such as BS Zelda, Zelda Game & Watch, and Link’s Crossbow Training will be appearing.

But wait, there’s more!

Among the features this year will be a a very popular fan game. Exclusive to ZE, a preview of the beta demo of Zelda Universe’s “Timeless Haven” will be showcased as a blind run by Elias and Shank. ZU’s team is working hard on furthering development, so we’d like to promote their current progress!

So there you have it folks. Block your calendars out starting July 29th at 6 PM EST and join us at Zelda for Eternity V!

Oh and don’t forget to check out the list of games below!

1 – Twilight Princess (pt.1) – Elias
2 – A Link to the Past – Garrett/Danny
3 – Link’s Crossbow Training – Garrett/Danny
4 – Zelda Game and Watch – Garrett/Danny
5 – BS The Legend of Zelda – Garrett/Danny
6 – Twilight Princess (pt. 2) – Elias
7 – Wind Waker HD – Shank/Elias
8 – Phantom Hourglass – Elias
9 – Skyward Sword – Shank
10 – Majora’s Mask 3 Heart Challenge – Mike
11 – Ocarina of Time – Shank
12 – ZU Fangame Demo Feature: Timeless Haven– Elias/Shank
13 – A Link Between Worlds– Emhave

[Zelda Eternity] Opinion Piece: Zelda Games that aren’t Zelda Games

What’s in a Zelda game? Well, you’re on a Zelda fansite, so surely you know enough to realize that puzzles and adventuring are prevalent in the Zelda series. The hero, Link, wields sword and shield, collects tools that help him on his quest, and navigates labyrinths, defeats monsters, eventually thwarts the main threat of the story, and saves the world.

We can go on and on about Zelda games that break The Zelda Formula™ – Majora’s Mask, for example – but those are still Zelda games at heart. They have all the necessary motifs.

What I’m talking about are games that go way off base to make a game with the name Zelda (or Link, Hyrule, etc.) appended to it, without actually being a Zelda game.

Let’s start with the CD-i games.

Just kidding. Those weren’t even made by Nintendo. Those were the product of another developer having the license to make Zelda games, so they took advantage of that and made something that, to many of us, didn’t actually happen. Seriously, block those ones from your mind.

Block what from your mind?


If this screenshot from one of the CD-i games looks like a black square, you’re doing it right.

With that out of the way, let’s get serious with Link’s Crossbow Training. This is the Twilight Princess spin-off that comes with a fancy mount for your Wii Remote and Nunchuck so you can hold them together like a crossbow. You then get to play as Link and shoot targets on the screen.

While I’m not against the concept as a whole, I don’t see why it had to be a standalone game. It could have easily been included in Twilight Princess as a minigame, much like Rollgoal, that little rolly ball game at the fishing place. Would you have bought that as a separate game?

Now available for $14.99! Includes a box you can mount your Wii Remote to so it feels like you’re actually playing a game!

For that matter, why is it a Zelda game? Why couldn’t it have just been Wii Crossbow? Replace Link with Miis, and it’s the same game. With a Mii as your avatar, you would be the one up there shooting targets instead of some hero guy taking a break from saving the world. That’s much more personal, and Link needs to get back to fighting Ganondorf anyway. Even better, add a few different game modes you can play with your friends, and you have a full game. Come to think of it, Wii Paintball would probably be pretty dang fun.

We already have Mario as a Jack of all Trades. He plays baseball, he races go-karts, and he’s even gone to the Olympics with Sonic the Hedgehog. But at least these spin-offs – for the most part – are fully-developed games. Link’s Crossbow Training is just target practice. And this is completely ignoring the Zelda purist in me that wants to scream that Link uses a bow, not a crossbow.

Okay, we’ve gone over one spin-off game. Please stay your torches and pitchforks for a moment. I’m about to tell you that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is not a Zelda game.

Well, I mean, at least it has Zelda in it. I’m looking at you, Link’s Awakening!

Let me start off by giving this game the credit it’s due. It was pretty revolutionary at the time of its creation. It was a departure from the style of the original game, but that wasn’t really a problem because it was one of only two Zelda titles; there was nothing to call shenanigans on – especially with the way Super Mario Bros. 2 went (in any place other than Japan, at least). Zelda II is still rife with places to explore, upgrades to collect, and secrets to find.

But, in view of the massive scope of the Zelda series now, it’s an oddity, and a jarring change from the norm to new players. It’s a side-scrolling platformer, first off, whereas every other Zelda game before and since has been a top-down or third-person adventure. The combat is based on reaction time rather than careful strategy. There’s a level-up system, which takes away from the feeling of getting stronger by finding secrets, and turns it into grinding – which is just the video game equivalent of exercising.

I won’t say that I fully discount Zelda II as a Zelda game like the CD-i games (sorry to remind you of those again) but if you’re just getting into the Zelda series and you want something more like A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, or whatever other game you may have started on, you can probably skip Zelda II. It’s just nothing like any of the other games except for the inclusion of Link, Zelda, Ganon, and the introduction of Dark Link.

Let’s be honest, the Zelda series would not be the same without Dark Link.

But there isn’t even a boomerang or a bow – one or both of which are featured in every Zelda game before or since, making them staple items. And instead of tools, Link gains spells and abilities. Really, there’s just not much for Zelda fans in Zelda II. I’m not saying you should steer clear of it, though; like with the previous game, I should note that it’s not a bad game, and in fact it’s a challenging, rewarding game. However, you should at least know that you’re not going to find anything here that you’d expect to find in a game that calls itself Zelda.

Let’s talk about the future, now. Hyrule Warriors. Of course, I can’t say right now whether or not it’s a good game, because it’s not out yet, and I haven’t played it. However, I have played a little bit of Dynasty Warriors, and that’s kind of all that’s really needed to know what you’re getting into with this one.

The object of the game is to hack and slash through hordes of baddies and maintain control of all areas of the map. So far, from the trailers, there seem to be few puzzles and I will be surprised if there’s any exploration and adventuring to do. And though it seems like certain items may be helpful on the various bosses throughout the game I don’t think you’ll need to collect any specific tools to progress through the game.

Remember that horde battle near the end of Skyward Sword? This would have been a useful ability.

However, as countless people have pointed out before, the game is fan-service. There are going to be characters from all across the series, many of which should never actually meet. Seriously, Midna and Fi together at once? To channel the latter character, the probability of this making sense is approximately zero percent. On the one hand, yeah, it’s fun to see our favorite characters all together on the same game and all be playable.

But on the other hand, why make it a Zelda game at all? Does Nintendo just really like Koei Tecmo and want to help them sell more units by adding Zelda characters and settings to their game? In much the same way that replacing Link with Miis in Crossbow Training would result in the same game, taking Zelda out of Hyrule Warriors would just result in another Dynasty Warriors game.

But these are all based on my own opinion. I don’t think any of these three games are bad games, but they are not truly Zelda games to me. Zelda II gets a pass because of its timing and because it was meant in earnest, but Link’s Crossbow Training and Hyrule Warriors just seem like shameless cash-ins on one of Nintendo’s major cash cows.

For the record, I will be playing Hyrule Warriors when it comes out, because I’m still a sucker for all things Zelda. Until then, I’ll just play Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland to hold myself over.

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