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Welcome to Zelda Wiki!
Welcome to Zelda Wiki
a Legend of Zelda encyclopedia that anyone can edit,
with 4,108 articles (including 222 Community Articles).

Latest Announcements

  • April 8, 2015: Now hiring!
Zelda Wiki is now hiring! Are you passionate about The Legend of Zelda and want to share your knowledge of the series? Then consider helping out the internet's largest resource for information about all things Zelda. Anyone can edit, but we need experts to ensure that our articles are correct and meet certain quality standards. We are currently looking to expand our base of skilled editors and are especially looking for people with multiple talents, such as writing and fact checking.
If you feel you would serve well on our team, don’t be afraid to send in an application!
  • March 8, 2015: Zelda Wiki has been moved to new servers.
The move has fixed the issue preventing users from logging in and submitting edits this past week. We expect the new servers to be faster and more reliable once we've worked out the kinks. The Zelda Wiki staff apologizes for the editing downtime.
The wiki needs YOUR help!! You can help the Zelda Wiki be the most comprehensive resource on everything Majora's Mask 3D-related, from expanding short articles, to uploading images, or even by marking articles needing to be improved! Even if writing isn't your forte, there's tons of ways you can help out. There is much work to be done, so pick an item, location, enemy, or boss and go to town!

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Helping Out

Zelda Wiki is an ongoing project. There is much work to be done and there are many ways you can help out by signing up to edit. We have guidelines and an enthusiastic staff to guide you along the way.

Current Wiki Exclusive

Trinity of Truth - wiki editor Brent McBride (Cipriano 119) expresses his take on what he calls the "Trinity of Truth" (the Lens of Truth, Stone of Agony, and Mask of Truth). An informative and well-written piece, this article is an original twist on some of the more mysterious items from one of the greatest games of all time.

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Did You Know...

NIWA - The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance