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Zelda News Dashboard

[Link's Hideaway] Aonuma to Take into Consideration Fan Reaction When Making Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U Screenshot

Back around E3, everyone was reporting that Link in the trailer could have been a girl, which was confirmed false. Well, after that reaction - Aonuma got to thinking. In a recent interview with EDGE, Aonuma said that he would be taking into consideration the fan reaction. Check out the full quotes after the break...

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[Link's Hideaway] [UPDATED] Hyrule Warriors Version 1.2.0 Probably Will NOT Include a New Character

UPDATED: After a better translation - it is now known that the Tweet did not include information about a new character. This does not rule out the possibility but it is unlikely.

Hyrule Warriors 8-bit Sword

It was recently Tweeted by the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account that the version 1.2.0 patch that is launching in Japan on September 1st might include a new playable character; however, no details have been given beyond that statement. Hyrule Warriors launches in North America on September 26th and in Europe on September 19th. We will keep you updated whenever new information becomes available.

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[Zelda Universe] Hyrule Warriors update introduces bug fixes, “Challenge Mode” and Link’s 8-bit sword

Following last week’s news that Hyrule Warriors developer Tecmo Koei will be issuing a patch to fix reported errors in the game, they have now announced that it will be available on September 1 in Japan. Resolved issues include audio problems, crashing and a health glitch. The update includes far more than simple bug fixes, however.

The 1.2.0 update features a new Challenge mode, wherein the player faces a series of challenges within a time limit. New settings for the background music are also included, allowing the player to choose which track to play in each stage.

Best of all, Tecmo threw in a new weapon for Link, and it’s definitely one for the fans. Our hero can now wield his original, 8-bit sword and shield sprites, based on those in the original Legend of Zelda. You can catch Link swinging it around in retro style in the screenshots.

Hyrule Warriors - 8-bit sword and shield 2

Lastly, Tecmo teased a larger future update via the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter, asking what the fans would like to see. The developer asked — stressing that this was nothing more than “an example” — who we would like to see added as a playable character. Now’s your chance: go respond to Tecmo and tell them who you want to play as!

[Link's Hideaway] <div>Aonuma Further Explains Zelda Wii U's Vast World, Game Only Possible Due to Wii U Hardware</div>

Zelda Wii U Screenshot

We recently reported about Aonuma speaking of Zelda Wii U's open world being different than how other companies do it. Well, EDGE also contained more details concerning what Eiji Aonuma was speaking about and how Zelda Wii U would not be possible without the Wii U hardware. Check out the full quotes after the break...

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[Link's Hideaway] Hyrule Warriors Version 1.2.0 Launches September 1st in Japan, Adds Challenge Mode and More

Hyrule Warriors 8-bit Sword

Hyrule Warriors is getting updated to Version 1.2.0 in Japan on September 1st. The update brings with it the 8-bit Sword and Shield as seen above, a new Challenge Mode, and a BGM Settings function. Be sure to check a quick breakdown of the additions after the break...

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[Zelda Universe] Link trades in Epona for a set of wheels in Mario Kart 8 DLC (Updated)

The Nintendo UK Store has announced the addition of two add-on content packs for Mario Kart 8, and they’re bringing in characters, karts and tracks from across the Nintendoverse.

According to the site, each pack includes three new characters, four karts, and eight courses. The newly added tracks will be comprised of raceways from The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing, as well as old favorites such as Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii.

The first of the two AOC packs comes out this November, and includes Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach as new racers. The pack also comes with the Blue Falcon kart from F-Zero, along with three others. In May 2015, the second pack will arrive, and players will get to race with Isabelle and the Villager from Animal Crossing, and Dry Bowser.

By purchasing both packs, players will be treated to eight more Yoshis and eight Shy Guys in a variety of colors. Each pack is priced at £7.00.

Update: Both packs will be available in North America for $7.99, or you can purchase them both as a bundle for $11.99. Each download will require at least 1GB of free space on your Wii U.

[Thanks to Merylas for the heads-up!]

mk dlc






[Zelda Eternity] New Mario Kart 8 DLC to Feature Link


The possibility of a Legend of Zelda character appearing in a Mario Kart game has been raised before, but never as little more than a far-reaching hypothetical. That made it all the more exciting when a new Mario Kart 8 DLC was revealed inadvertently by Nintendo UK.

There will be 2 DLC packs in total, the first launching in November and the second holding off until May. Fortunately, it’s the first one that will be welcoming the unmistakable Hero of Time to the kart racer’s wild race courses. The packs originally appeared for pre-order on the Nintendo UK store here, but are now listed as “sold out.”

Link will be bearing his Skyward Sword appearance and have the Hylian Crest as his racer insignia. Other than that, nothing is known about how Link will be incorporated into the game.

In addition to Link’s appearance, there will also be 5 other new characters between the 2 packs, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Dry Bowser, Villager, and Isabelle. Each pack will also include 2 new cups with 4 courses each, coming to a grand total of 16 new courses! This is definitely something for Mario Kart fans to look forward to.

For more information, check out the article from Polygon here.

What do you think of a Zelda character crossing over into Mario territory? Will you be racing as Link or sticking to the more traditional fare? Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments or on Zelda Eternity’s forums.

[Link's Hideaway] Link to Make an Appearance in Mario Kart 8 Through Add On Content

Update 8/26/2014 9:46PM ET: The article has been updated with recently released information from Nintendo of America. Prices have been confirmed as well. The press release after the break is from Nintendo of America.

Mario Kart 8 Add On Content - Link

Nintendo UK has released a page on their site detailing 2 Add On Content packs for Mario Kart 8 with the first one featuring Link, Cat Peach, and Tanooki Mario alongside 4 new vehicles and 8 courses. The first pack is set to release in November 2014. Be sure to check out more screenshots and details after the break...

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[Hidden Triforce] Link Coming to Mario Kart Via DLC

Mario Kart has always been a franchise known for sticking to its popular formula. Mario universe characters get together and race in Mario themed course. But that is all getting ready to change with the upcoming releases of 2 new DLC packs.

For the first time in Mario Kart history, icons from other Nintendo franchises will be joining the race! Characters from the Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing will be released in 2 different DLC packs.

Coming in November, the first DLC contains 3 new characters; Peach, Tanooki Mario, and Link. Four new vehicles and 8 new tracks will also be coming out at this time.

The second DLC pack will launch in May of 2015 and will include Isabelle and the Village from Animal Crossing. Dry Bowser, 4 new vehicles, and 8 new tracks will also be released at this time.

We will update this page with more information as it becomes available.


[Zelda Eternity] Hidden Triforce Holds Canines for Kids Charity Event


Starting today and running all the way through Saturday, our friends over at Hidden Triforce will be holding a charity raffle collecting donations for Canines for Disabled Kids, which is a charity that trains and assigns service dogs to help children with a variety of disabilities.

Anyone who donates to the cause will be entered into a raffle for a bunch of awesome prizes, including a Hyrule Warriors preorder, a Nintendo 2DS system, and even some original Etsy creations.

On top of that, meeting certain donation goals will be rewarded with site owner Noah Glaser taking on outrageous challenges, ranging from a rendition of the Golden Girls theme song, all the way to actually getting a tattoo of the triforce on the back of his hand!

Be sure to check out Hidden Triforce to donate and join in the fun.

Not convinced? Hit the jump to see the rest of the donation goals and raffle prizes!


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  • ... that the River Devil has a much more mammalian appearance in the Japanese version, being bipedal and having brown skin?
  • ... that Oracle of Seasons was originally planned to be a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda, and as such, the overworld map of Holodrum is geographically similar to that game's map of Hyrule?
  • ... that Telma and her cat's names strongly resemble the title of the movie Thelma & Louise?

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