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MM3D Link Masks Artwork.png
Artwork of Link with the Deku Mask and the
Zora Mask from Majora's Mask 3D
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
The Minish Cap
Twilight Princess
A Link Between Worlds
Other media A Link to the Past comic
Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
Hyrule Warriors

Masks are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.



Masks are equipment items that Link can wear over his face. In some games, the Masks give Link a variety of abilities when worn. Some of these abilities are required for Link to progress, while others are used for optional sidequests. Some Masks, such as those in Ocarina of Time, are merely items intended for fun that give no additional abilities when worn, but can gauge different reactions from characters while speaking to them.

Majora's Mask uses the Masks as one of the primary gameplay features. Four masks allow Link to transform his form entirely. While in another form, Link has access to abilities that are unavailable to him otherwise.


Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Masks are part of Mask Trading Sequence, in which the Happy Mask Salesman of the Happy Mask Shop lends Link a Mask and has him look for a character to sell it to. Link is then tasked to return to the shop to bring back the Rupees used to purchase the mask, sometimes even having to pay out of his own wallet when the costumer refuses to pay the appropriate amount. Link is continuously given another Mask to sell until the Happy Mask Salesman has no more left to sell, and allows Link to borrow any of the Masks, plus a few additional ones, to wear around Hyrule.

The Masks are only obtainable and usable while Link is a child. Most of the Masks possess no abilities when worn, however some like the Skull Mask and the Bunny Hood do grant small abilities.

Image Name of Mask Method of Obtainment Uses
MM3D Keaton Mask Icon.png Keaton Mask Available after showing Zelda's Letter to the Soldier guarding the gate to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village. To be sold for 15 Rupees to the Soldier guarding the entrance to Death Mountain.
OoT3D Skull Mask Icon.png Skull Mask Available after selling the Keaton Mask. To be sold for 20 Rupees to the Skull Kid in Lost Woods.
Link will not be attacked by Keese.
Used to obtain a Deku Stick upgrade at the Forest Stage.
OoT3D Spooky Mask Icon.png Spooky Mask Available after selling the Skull Mask. To be sold for 30 Rupees to the Graveyard Boy in the Kakariko Village Graveyard.
MM3D Bunny Hood Icon.png Bunny Hood Available after selling the Spooky Mask. To be sold for 50 Rupees to the Running Man in Hyrule Field.
Prevents Stalchildren from attacking Link.
MM3D Mask of Truth Icon.png Mask of Truth Available after selling the Bunny Hood. Enables Link to listen to Gossip Stones
Used to obtain a Deku Nut upgrade at the Forest Stage.
OoT3D Goron Mask Icon.png Goron Mask Available after selling the Bunny Hood. (None)
MM3D Zora Mask Icon.png Zora Mask Available after selling the Bunny Hood. (None)
OoT3D Gerudo Mask Icon.png Gerudo Mask Available after selling the Bunny Hood. (None)

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, numerous Masks appear. Some give certain abilities when worn, while others will completely transform Link's form.

The masks are ordered this way: Transformation Masks, Happy Masks (listed alphabetically), and Boss Masks.

Image Name of Mask Method of Obtainment Uses In-game Description
MM3D Deku Mask Icon.png Deku Mask Earned right after learning the "Song of Healing". Transforms Link into a Deku. Wear it with (C) to assume Deku form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Goron Mask Icon.png Goron Mask Earned after healing Darmani in the Goron Graveyard. Transforms Link into a Goron. Wear it with (C) to assume Goron form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Zora Mask Icon.png Zora Mask Earned after healing Mikau in the Great Bay Coast. Transforms Link into a Zora. Wear it with (C) to assume Zora form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Fierce Deity's Mask Icon.png Fierce Deity's Mask Earned after playing Hide and Seek with the Moon Children and giving all twenty Happy Masks (see below) to them. Transforms Link into Fierce Deity. Wear it with (C). Its dark power can be used only in boss rooms.
MM3D All-Night Mask Icon.png All-Night Mask For sale in the Curiosity Shop on the Final Day, for only 500 Rupees. Keeps Link from falling asleep. When you wear it with (C), you don't get sleepy.
MM3D Blast Mask Icon.png Blast Mask Earned after stopping Sakon from stealing the Old Lady's Bomb Bag. Detonates like a Bomb. Wear it with (C), then detonate it with (B)...

Losing hearts from the explosion is a side effect.

MM3D Bremen Mask Icon.png Bremen Mask Earned after hearing Guru-Guru's confessions at night at the Laundry Pool Plays music and prompts small animals to march. Wear it with (C) so young animals will mistake you for their leader.
MM3D Bunny Hood Icon.png Bunny Hood Earned after making all of Grog's Cuccos from Cucco Shack grow. Increases running speed, jumping distance, and agility. Wear it with (C) to be filled with the speed and hearing of the wild.
MM3D Captain's Hat Icon.png Captain's Hat Earned after awakening and beating Captain Keeta. Prevents Stalchildren and ReDead attacks. Wear it with (C) to pose as Captain Keeta.
MM3D Couple's Mask Icon.png Couple's Mask Earned through the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. Symbolizes ultimate love, stops long disputes among people. When you wear it with (C), you can soften people's hearts.
MM3D Don Gero's Mask Icon.png Don Gero's Mask Earned after feeding a starving Goron in Mountain Village Allows communication with Frogs. When you wear it, you can call the Frog Choir members together.
MM3D Garo's Mask Icon.png Garo's Mask Earned after winning the Gorman Track race. Allows entry into Ikana Canyon
Attracts Garo Ninjas
Prevents ReDead attacks.
This mask can summon the hidden Garo ninjas. Wear it with (C).
MM3D Great Fairy Mask Icon.png Great Fairy Mask Earned after retrieving the lost Stray Fairy from Clock Town for the second time. Alerts to presence of (and attracts) Stray Fairies. The mask's hair will shimmer when you're close to a Stray Fairy.
MM3D Giant's Mask Icon.png Giant's Mask Earned near the end of Stone Tower Temple. Transforms Link into a Giant during the battle against Twinmold. If you wear it in a certain room, you'll grow into a giant.
MM3D Gibdo Mask Icon.png Gibdo Mask Earned after healing Pamela's Father. Prevents Gibdo and ReDead attacks. Use it with (C). Even a real Gibdo will mistake you for its own kind.
MM3D Kafei's Mask Icon.png Kafei's Mask Earned through the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. Characters will talk about Kafei. Wear it with (C) to inquire about Kafei's whereabouts.
MM3D Kamaro's Mask Icon.png Kamaro's Mask Earned after healing Kamaro in Termina Field. Allows wearer to dance. Wear this with (C) to perform a mysterious dance.
MM3D Keaton Mask Icon.png Keaton Mask Earned through the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. Summons Keatons. The mask of the ghost fox, Keaton. Wear it with (C).
MM3D Mask of Scents Icon.png Mask of Scents Earned after completing the race in Deku Shrine. Enables Link to find Mushrooms by smelling them. Wear it with (C) to heighten your sense of smell.
MM3D Mask of Truth Icon.png Mask of Truth Earned after killing all the Gold Skulltulas in the Swamp Spider House. Allows wearer to listen to Gossip Stones and the thoughts of animals. Wear it to read the thoughts of Gossip Stones and animals.
MM3D Moon's Mask.png Moon's Mask Not obtainable (it is part of the creation of the Couple's Mask). Ceremonial wedding mask. N/A
MM3D Postman's Hat Icon.png Postman's Hat Earned through the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. Enables Link to open Mail Boxes. You can look in mailboxes when you wear this with (C).
MM3D Romani's Mask Icon.png Romani's Mask Earned through the Helping Romani and Cremia sidequest. Grants access to the Milk Bar at night. Wear it with (C) to show you're a member of the Milk Bar, Latte.
MM3D Stone Mask Icon.png Stone Mask Earned after helping Shiro recover his energy. Makes Link invisible to most enemies and characters. Become as plain as stone so you can blend into your surroundings.
MM3D Sun's Mask.png Sun's Mask Not obtainable (it is part of the creation of the Couple's Mask). Ceremonial wedding mask. N/A
MM3D Troupe Leader's Mask Icon.png Troupe Leader's Mask Earned playing the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" in the Milk Bar. Calms angry people, prevents attack from Milk Road pursuers. People related to Gorman will react to this.
MM3D Odolwa's Remains Icon.pngMM3D Goht's Remains Icon.pngMM3D Gyorg's Remains Icon.pngMM3D Twinmold's Remains Icon.png Boss Remains Each Remain is earned after defeating its corresponding boss. Not wearable, but allows Link to skip over each Temple to re-battle each boss. The remains of the boss in [Temple].
MM3D Majora's Mask Model.png Majora's Mask Unobtainable. Unusable by Link. Grants destructive, corrupting powers to the one who wears it. N/A

Oracle of Ages


In Oracle of Ages, the Doggie Mask is part of the Trading Sequence. It is given by the Happy Mask Salesman in exchange for the Tasty Meat. The Mask is then given to Mamamu Yan in Lynna City for her dog. She gives Link the Dumbbell in return.

The Wind Waker

Hero's Charm Artwork.png
Main article: Hero's Charm

In The Wind Waker, the Hero's Charm is a Mask Link can wear to view enemies' and bosses' health bars when targeting. It is received after Link gives 40 Joy Pendants to Mrs. Marie in Windfall Island. In The Wind Waker HD, the Hero's Charm is instead relocated to a Treasure Chest at the end of the Savage Labyrinth.

Jalhalla, the boss of the Earth Temple, is a mask that boasts control over Poes. Link must defeat the fifteen Poes that make up its body in order to defeat it.

Twilight Princess

Main articles: Fused Shadow, Hawkeye and Zant Mask
The Hawkeye

In Twilight Princess, several Masks appear.

The Fused Shadow is a type of Mask that possesses immense power. The Mask holds the magical power of the Dark Interlopers, and was used in the Interloper War. By order of the Goddesses, it was sealed away by the Light Spirits. It was broken and divided into four parts, which Midna tasks Link with finding during the first half of the game. The helmet Midna wears is one part of the Fused Shadow.

The Hawkeye is a Mask Link can obtain, which when worn, allows him to view long distances. It is also compatible with the Hero's Bow, which produces a cross-hair for firing. The Mask can be bought from Malo in Kakariko Village's Malo Mart for 100 Rupees after completing Talo and Malo's Bow mini-game.

The Zant Mask is an enemy that resembles a giant version of Zant's mask helmet. It only appears in the Palace of Twilight.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, numerous characters in Lorule wear Masks. A Masked Elder leads a group of Masked Followers, who have come to wear Masks resembling monsters in the hopes that it will bring them salvation from Lorule's crumbling world. Majora's Mask also appears inside Link's House.

Other Appearances

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Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Tingle receives a Mask for defeating Baron, not unlike the Boss Remains in Majora's Mask. The origin of this Mask is debated, with a different story told by each Bodyguard, and is immediately sold to that Bodyguard. It has no purpose beyond this financial reward.

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Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Young Link is a playable Warrior in the Majora's Mask DLC Pack who uses Masks as part of his moveset. He can use the Fierce Deity Mask to transform into the Fierce Deity during battle.

The Fierce Deity Mask and Hawkeye also appear as Badges in the Badge Market of the Bazaar.



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