Moblin's Keep

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Moblin's Keep
Oracle of Seasons - Moblin Keep.png
Game(s) Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Related place(s) Holodrum

The Great Moblin's Keep, or simply Moblin's Keep, is a mini-dungeon appearing in both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. It is inhabited by the Great Moblin and his Moblin underlings. Once destroyed, the keep will become known as the Ruined Keep.



Oracle of Ages

Moblin's Keep in Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, the Great Moblin builds his keep on Rolling Ridge in the present.[1] The area becomes overrun with Moblins, harassing the Gorons of Rolling Ridge.[2] Because of the keep, the Gorons are unable to grow their special Bomb Flowers,[3] which the Great Moblin is stealing for his own use in the meanwhile. Link must infiltrate the keep and defeat the Great Moblin in order to destroy the keep. Once finished, the Gorons will thank Link for his help and reward him with a Bomb Flower of his own.[4] The Bomb Flower is used to free the Goron Elder from under a boulder in the past.[5] The Elder will then give Link the key to open Crown Dungeon, the fifth dungeon of the game. As such, it is required that Link destroys the keep in order to progress further in the game. After the keep is destroyed, a passageway to the entrance of the dungeon will be revealed.

In Oracle of Ages, Moblin's Keep is also referred to as "Great Moblin's Palace".

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Moblin's Keep is built on a rise surrounded by cannons, west of Sunken City. When Link enters the vicinity of the keep, the Great Moblin will appear on the rise, and will start firing Bombs at Link. The keep itself can be accessed from the bottom left corner of the area, reached by passing through Natzu. Once he has infiltrated the keep, Link will engage in battle with the Great Moblin. Once the Great Moblin is defeated, the keep will be destroyed; the Great Moblin and his minions will retreat to an abandoned house in Sunken City. Amidst the rubble of the now ruined keep, Link will find a Treasure Chest containing a Piece of Heart. In a Linked Game, a friendly Moblin also appears carrying the Tokay Secret. Link can blow up the house that the Great Moblin and his minions move into by using a bomb or Ember Seeds on the pile of bombs in the room. The house will be rebuilt after a certain amount of time passes.

Moblin's Keep is one of the few areas of Holodrum which has no season stumps and remains in the same season at all times. Unlike in Oracle of Ages, destroying the keep is not required to complete the game.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
English United Kingdom Moblin's Keep Triforce piece.png
Great Moblin's Keep Triforce piece.png
Great Moblin's Palace Triforce piece.png, Ruined Keep Triforce piece.png
Japanese Japan ボスブリンようさい
Bossblin's Fort
Bossblin's Fort Ruins
Spanish Spain Torre de Moblin
Torre del Gran Moblin
Palacio del Gran Moblin
Torre en Ruinas
French France Fort Moblin
Fort du Grand Moblin
Palais du Grand Moblin
Fort en Ruine
German Germany Moblins Burgverlies
Palast des Großen Moblins
Italian Italy Rocca di Moblin
Rocca del Grande Moblin
Palazzo Grande Moblin
Resti Rocca
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