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Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Nayru's Love

In Ocarina of Time, Link could receive powerful Spells from the Great Fairy of Magic on three different occasions. Each spell is named after the Goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore.

These could be considered revised version of the Magic Medallions seen in A Link to the Past; in both instances, they are three powerful spells which are mostly optional to complete the game.


In Ocarina of Time

Din's Fire

Din's Fire in use
Din's Fire

Din's Fire is given to Link by the Great Fairy of Magic near Hyrule Castle. It summons a dome of fire around Link's body that can kill, damage, or stun any surrounding creatures and also set light to any nearby torches. It drains 6 MP with each use and is the only spell necessary to beat the game, as it is needed to light a large number of torches simultaneously in the entrance to the Shadow Temple.

This spell makes it easy to defeat certain enemies that would otherwise be more challenging, such as Dark Link. Its incinerating area-of-effect force is noticeably similar to the Bombos spell of A Link to the Past. The effect of Din's Fire is similar to the original effect that the Fire Medallion would have had in the beta of Ocarina of Time.[citation needed]

Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind in use
Farore's Wind
Farore's Wind can be given to Link by the Great Fairy of Magic in Zora's Fountain. Link can cast the spell at a desired location of a dungeon to set a Warp point. At this point, a second casting of the spell would give him two options: either to magically return to that point (which would erase the previously-created warp point), or just to remove the warp point from where it was and re-place it where he currently is if Link chooses to do so. This means that only one point can exist at a time, and a new batch of magic power must be consumed every time a warp point is to be used. It drains 6 MP of magic with each use.

A little known fact about Farore's Wind is that it can interlink dungeons, enabling Link to warp from the Forest Temple to the Spirit Temple, for example. This can be done in any dungeon, providing the current Link (Adult or Young) has access to it. This cannot be used to have Young Link reach places he otherwise could not, nor can it be used to have Adult Link warp into somewhere like Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly where only Young Link has access.

Farore's Wind has become a largely exploitable spell for speedrunning. For example, if the spell is performed before hitting a large body of water, then the spell animation will override the water's buoyancy. This tactic is often used in speedruns of the Water Temple.

Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love in use
Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love is given to Link by the Great Fairy of Magic near the Desert Colossus. The spell surrounds Link's body with a slightly transparent blue diamond for a substantial amount of time which prevents all damage, but doesn't stop flinching from enemy strikes. It can be activated instantly on command but only deactivates when it wears off (signaled by the diamond-like shield flickering while the noise that accompanies the spell falters). It drains 12 MP when used, until it wears off. Link cannot use any other items that drain magic power and must wait for the spell to run its course to do so. Because of this, the spell is useful in battles with enemies that can take substantial amounts out of Link's health but may hinder him in battles that require the use of other magical items.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

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See SmashWiki's articles on Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love for more information.

Princess Zelda uses spells of the same name in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though their differences in functionality from those seen in Ocarina of Time could lead one to believe they are completely separate spells.

Din's Fire

Din's Fire in Melee
Din's Fire in Brawl

Din's Fire is Zelda's side special move. Using this attack, she will shoot out a fireball from her hands, which can travel long distances in a straight or curved line. It can be controlled with the control stick or d-pad while holding the special button. When the player releases the Special Attack button, the fireball explodes. The more distance Din's Fire travels, the stronger the explosion.

In Brawl, the fireball travels much faster than in Melee, detonates much quicker (rather than the slight delay in Melee) and does more damage the further the fireball travels. It cannot be reflected, but still can be absorbed by PSI Magnet and Oil Panic. When Zelda is hit before the fireball is activated, it will fly to its maximum range, then detonate. This is opposed to Melee, where the attack simply vanishes.

Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind in Melee
Farore's Wind in Brawl

Farore's Wind serves as Zelda's up special move. When the princess uses this attack, yellow rings will surround Zelda, making her disappear. Afterwards, she will reappear in the direction held on the Control Stick, or up into the air if the Control Stick is not moved. This move is also capable of going through solid ground, allowing Zelda to use it anywhere.

The initial rings that appear are capable of slightly damaging opponents that touch it. In Brawl, unlike Melee, when Zelda reappears, Farore's Wind creates a small explosion, dealing some damage to any nearby foes.

Princess Zelda can be seen using this move in the Subspace Emissary when Primids attack the Midair Stadium.

Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love in Melee
Nayru's Love in Brawl

Nayru's Love is Zelda's neutral special move. A blue diamond engulfs Zelda, which then shatters into tiny blue crystals as Zelda spins around. The shards deal slight damage to any nearby opponents. The spell does not prevent damage as in Ocarina of Time, but it can now reflect projectile attacks when timed correctly.

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Din's Fire Farore's Wind Nayru's Love
Japanese Japan ディンの炎 フロルの風 ネールの愛
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Fuego de Din Viento de Farore Amor de Nayru
French French-speaking countries Feu de Din Vent de Farore Amour de Nayru
German Germany Dins Feuerinferno Farores Donnersturm Nayrus Umarmung
Italian Italy Fuoco di Din Vento di Farore Amore di Nayru