Ingredients in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

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In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, there are many items that serve as ingredients. These ingredients can be used to make various Recipes, some of which allow Tingle to progress through the game.

Ingredient Image Location How to obtain Recipes
Aroma Toadstool FPTRR- aroma toadstool.png Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Mushroom Men or Mountain Mushroom Means One Love, Lon Lon Ketchup, Endless Love
Baby Shark Baby Shark.png Steamy Marsh Defeat various creatures, or fall in the water Tasty Stew, Steamy Oil, Super Stew
Bamboozle Grass FPTRR- Bamboozle grass.png Cape Treasure Bamboozle Grass can be found on trees in Cape Treasure. Creating a Hand Potion
Bitter Newt FPTRR- bitter newt.png Gooey Swamp Defeat enemies, especially purple 'gators. Tasty Stew, Gooey Tartare, Super Stew
Bomb Fruit FPTRR- bomb fruit.png Steamy Marsh Dropped by Bomb Hugging Squirrels Tingle Bomb
Bone TRR Bone.png Hometown Prairie Defeat almost any enemy Tingle Fireworks, Sunshine Paste
Bum Peach BumPeach.png Mount Desma Shaken from trees Desma Syrup
Crisp Tomato FPTRR- Crisp tomato.png Cape Treasure Shaken off trees, not exclusive to Cape Treasure. There's a field of them in Lon Lon Meadows. Simple Juice, Sweet Juice, Lon Lon Ketchup, Queen Juice, Emperor Juice
Devil Shell Devil Shell TRR.png Gooey Swamp Found in the water under the bridge. It costs 150 Rupees each time Tingle falls into the water in an attempt to obtain this item. Icy Bouillon
Electric Eel ElectricEel.png Auros Ruins Defeating water-dwelling creatures. Auros Nampla
Explosive Claws FPTRR- explosive claws.png Deku Forest Defeat Turkeys Deku Dip, Tingle Bomb, Nitro Bomb
Frizzy Carrot FPTRR- Frizzy Carrot.png Sunshine Seashore Defeat rabbits Hand Potion, Treasure Puree
Gelatine FPTRR- gelatine.png Deku Forest, Steamy Marsh, Gooey Swamp, Icy Plain, Mount Desma Defeat Zolgels Deku Dip, Tingle Bomb, Nitro Bomb
Ground Shell FPTRR- Ground shell.png Hometown Prairie Defeat Blue Running Crabs and scorpions Tingly, Tinglene, Mega-Tingly
Heart Meat FPTRR- Heart meat.png Lon Lon Meadow Defeat Cows One Love, Endless Love
High-Class Rice HighClassRice.png Fairy Garden Dig in the northern area Fairy Vinegar
Large Shell FPTRR- Large shell.png Cape Treasure Defeat the Shell Carriers near the Crisp Tomato Tree Hand Potion, Treasure Puree
Love Carp FPTRR- Love Carp.png Lon Lon Meadow From mapping elements. More prevalent in Steamy Marsh One Love, Steamy Oil, Endless Love
Marbled Meat Marbled Meat TRR.png Mount Desma Defeat flaming oinkers Mega-Tingly
Minced Meat FPTRR- Minced Meat.png Hometown Prairie Available from many enemies, especially Pigs. Not exclusive to Hometown Prairie. Tingly, Sunshine Paste, Tinglene, Mega-Tingly
Mini Apple FPTRR- mini apple.png Shaken off trees. Not exclusive to Cape Treasure. Meat Soup, Super Soup
Mini Orange FPTRR- mini orange.png Cape Treasure Shaken off trees. Not exclusive to Cape Treasure. Simple Juice, Sweet Juice, Treasure Puree, Queen Juice, Emperor Juice
Misty Toadstool FPTRR- misty mushroom.png Deku Forest Defeat Mushroom Means. Sleep Spray, Ultra Sleep Spray
Moss FPTRR- Algae.png Hometown Prairie Found outside Tingle's house Sunshine Paste
Multi-Bomb Fruit Multi-Bomb Fruit TRR.png Mount Desma Shaken off trees. Nitro Bomb
Nidorian Nidorian.png Mount Desma Shaken off trees. Emperor Juice
Paralysis Claw FPTRR- paralysis claw.png Icy Plain Defeat Polar Bears Ultra Sleep Spray, Icy Bouillon
Paralysis Lily FPTRR- paralysis lily.png Deku Forest Found on trees. Not exclusive to Deku Forest. Sleep Spray, Ultra Sleep Spray, Icy Bouillon
Pong Flower FPTRR- pong flower.png Icy Plain Shake pedestals Endless Love
Power Garlic FPTRR- power garlic.png Lon Lon Meadow Exclusively from defeating Diving Moles. Seafood Soup, Ocean Soup
Pretty Flower PrettyFlower.png Fairy Garden Found on pedestals similar to moss. Fairy Vinegar
Rib Steak Rib Steak.png Steamy Marsh Defeat monkeys Meat Soup, Steamy Oil, Super Soup
Salty Octopus FPTRR- salty octopus.png Gooey Swamp Ocean Soup
Skull FPTRR- skull.png Gooey Swamp Defeat gaters Tinglene, Mega-Tingly
Soft Egg Soft Egg TRR.png Gooey Swamp Dig in or around the dice shaped area Gooey Tartare
Sour Grapes FPTRR- sour grapes.png Gooey Swamp Shaken off trees in a manner similar to Mini oranges/apples, crisp tomatoes, and bamboozle grass. Queen Juice, Emperor Juice
Sour Watermelon FPTRR- sour watermelon.png Deku Forest Found on pedestals similar to moss. Sweet Juice, Queen Juice, Emperor Juice
Spicy Prawn SpicyPrawn.png Mount Desma and Auros Ruins Collected by falling in the water or defeating giant prawns Super Stew, Auros Nampla
Stripy Banana Stripey Banana TRR.png Fairy Garden Defeat enemies stacked atop each other Fairy Vinegar
Super Sweetcorn SuperSweetCorn.png Mount Desma Shake from a tree after paying the Yamatami farmer Desma Syrup
Sweet Potato FPTRR- sweet potato.png Lon Lon Meadow Dig with a shovel Seafood Soup, Lon Lon Ketchup, Ocean Soup
Tasty Squid FPTRR- Tasty squid.png Lon Lon Meadow Defeat subaquatic mole-things Seafood Soup, Ocean Soup
Thick Meat FPTRR- thick meat.png Icy Plain Defeat penguins in Icy Plain or ducks in Steamy Marsh Tasty Stew, Steamy Oil, Super Stew
Tough Meat FPTRR- tough meat.png Icy Plain Defeat Penguins Super Soup
Twisted Tusk FPTRR- twisted tusk.png Deku Forest Defeat Hairy Fluffys Sleep Spray, Deku Dip, Ultra Sleep Spray
Wakame Seaweed FPTRR- Wakame Seaweed.png Sunshine Seashore, Deku Forest Examine the Shell Mound upon entering the Sunshine Seashore the first time. After that, it can only be obtained by falling in the water in the First Continent. The best place to do this is near the fisherman in the Sunshine Seashore. Sunshine Paste

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