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Nintendo DS Lite
DS Lite Logo.pngDSLite white trans.png
Type Handheld console
Release date North America June 11, 2006
Japan March 2, 2006
Europe June 23, 2006
Australia June 1, 2006
Media Nintendo DS cards,
Game Boy Advance cartridges
Predecessor Nintendo DS
Successor Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DS Lite (ニンテンドーDSライト, Nintendō Dīesu Raito) is a redesign of Nintendo's popular handheld gaming console. It improves on the original Nintendo DS in almost every way, and replaced the original upon its release. Nintendo originally announced it on January 26, 2006 before releasing it in Japan over a month later.

Phantom Hourglass Limited Edition Bundle

Triforce ds.png

A special limited edition Phantom Hourglass bundle was released both in North America and Europe, each one including a copy of the game and a Zelda-themed console. The North American version included a golden console with the Triforce, and the European version a silver console with the game logo and artwork of Link and Ciela. The European edition was limited to 1,000 copies.