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Title(s) Housewife
Race Human
Gender Female
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Era The Era of Twilight
Family Jaggle (husband)
Talo and Malo (sons)

Pergie is a simple Ordonian appearing in Twilight Princess.



While she readily admits that her children are a handful, she still thinks they're a "pair of angels."[1][2]


Pergie lives with her husband, the lazy Jaggle, their two children, Talo and Malo,[3] and their dog. She is often found in her house cleaning dishes while Jaggle is supposedly working elsewhere.[4] She does not have a significant role in Twilight Princess.


The dolls lying on the second floor of her house bear resemblance to Beedle, a recurring character from the Zelda series.


  1. "But I suppose I should be apologizing to you for the trouble Talo and Malo caused you yesterday... They're a mischievous pair...but they'll always be a pair of angels to their father and me." — Pergie (Twilight Princess)
  2. "Tell me, how are my sons doing over there in Kakariko Village? I worry about the older one's mischievous side...and his little brother is still so young." — Pergie (Twilight Princess)
  3. "My boys Malo and Talo aren't giving you headaches, are they? If they are, you feel free to scold them anytime you like." — Pergie (Twilight Princess)
  4. "If you're looking for my hubby, he took a break from working and went outside. I wouldn't be surprised if he's taking a nap somewhere..." — Pergie (Twilight Princess)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan キューリー (Kyūrī)
French French-speaking countries Pia
German Germany Bakka
Italian Italy Kelly