Phantom Zant

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Phantom Zant
Phantom Zant.png
Game(s)Twilight Princess
Dungeon(s)Palace of Twilight
Weakness(es)Master Sword
Vulnerable while summoning
Theme MusicFile:Death Sword and Phantom Zant.ogg

Phantom Zant is a mini-boss featured in Twilight Princess, and serves as the mini-boss of the Palace of Twilight.


Phantom Zant is encountered twice, and is also seen early in the dungeon. It will start by throwing a ball of dark matter. The ball will then spawn large numbers of various Twilight Monsters including Shadow Keese, Shadow Deku Babas, and Shadow Beasts. After Link has killed all the spawned monsters, or the monsters have remained for a long time, Phantom Zant will continue to warp around the room (as he had been while Link was distracted by the monsters). At some point he will temporarily stop, then prepare to spawn more monsters. It is at this time Link can attack Phantom Zant the most efficiently. He will not have much time to do so, as Phantom Zant does not take long to create more monsters. Each time after defeating Phantom Zant, Link will be able to obtain a Sol, which he must return to the entrance.


  • Phantom Zant is similar to Phantom Ganon in both name and in the sense that both are ghostly apparitions of their creators.
  • Phantom Zant's attack strategy is almost exactly the same as a Wizzrobe's, particularly the mini-boss of the Wind Temple in The Wind Waker.
  • Unlike Phantom Ganon who appears ghost-like, Phantom Zant appears to be some sort of hologram. This is supported by the fact that the internal game files refer to Phantom Zant as "Zant Hologram."
  • Phantom Zant is the only mini-boss in Twilight Princess to be encountered twice (excluding regular enemies who also appear as mini-bosses, such as Darknuts and Aeralfos).


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ファントムザント (Fantomu Zanto) Phantom Zant
Spanish Spain Fantasma de Zant
Ilusión de Zant Triforce piece.png
Ghost of Zant
Illusion of Zant
French France Xanto Spectral
Image de Xanto Triforce piece.png
Spectral Zant
Image of Zant
German Germany Phantom-Zanto
Phantom Triforce piece.png
Phantom Zant
Italian Italy Zant Spettro
Chimera di Zant Triforce piece.png
Specter Zant
Chimera of Zant

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