Premium Milk

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Premium Milk
Premium Milk.png
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Cost(s) Free
Use(s) Healing the Bouldering Guy
Comparable Item(s) Chateau Romani

Premium Milk is an item in A Link Between Worlds.

Location and Uses

ALBW Premium Milk Icon.png

Premium Milk is a special drink in the Kakariko Village Milk Bar that is not normally served to its patrons.[1] Link receives Premium Milk by speaking to the Milk Bar Owner after receiving the Letter in a Bottle from Lake Hylia. The Milk Bar Owner explains that the letter is from a regular customer of his, the Bouldering Guy, and requests that the young hero brings him a Bottle of Premium Milk to heal the boulderer.[2] If Link tries to drink this Bottle, he will be stopped and reminded that he must deliver it instead.[3] When Link brings the Premium Milk to the Bouldering Guy, he eagerly takes it from the young hero,[4] drinking it all.[5]


  1. "Welcome! Care for an icy-cold glass of--! Whuh? You heard about premium milk? How'd you find out about the good stuff?" — Milk Bar Owner (A Link Between Worlds)
  2. "I see... A message in a bottle. And from someone stranded up on the mountain? Could only be one guy. He's a tricky customer. Sorry to ask, but could you take this premium milk to him? I bet it would help him heal up in no time." — Milk Bar Owner (A Link Between Worlds)
  3. "Don't drink this last bottle of precious premium milk. Deliver it!" — N/A (A Link Between Worlds)
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  5. "Ahhh! That really hit the spot--best milk in the kingdom, right? Uh, wait. Oops. Did I drink the whole thing? Sorry, friend. And after you came all this way. Well, how about doing me another favor? Here, take this garbage away." — Bouldering Guy (A Link Between Worlds)
Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan プレミアムミルク
Spanish Spain Leche extra
Latin America Leche superior
French French-speaking countries Lait grand cru
German Germany Vollmilch
Italian Italy Super latte