Retrieval of Ilia's Memory

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Ilia's memory being restored after receiving the Wooden Statue

The Retrieval of Ilia's Memory is a particular plot diversion in Twilight Princess that operates due to the aftermath of the Ordon child abductions by King Bulblin and his troupe. After the children quickly quarantine themselves from their pursuers inside Renado's house in Kakariko Village, Ilia, the eldest, is reported to have taken shelter in Telma's Bar, a pub within the confines of Hyrule Castle Town. When Link finally finds her after visiting with the other children in Kakariko Village, he realizes she now suffers from severe memory loss as a product of her abduction.







Event Procedure

In order to restore her memory and complete the quest, Link must have found the Mirror Shard in the ancient Temple of Time; in that moment, he receives a letter from Renado, who asks him to return to Kakariko Village. Once there, Link receives instructions on how Ilia can recover her memory. From there, he must:

  • Obtain Renado's Letter from Renado explaining how to recover her memory.
  • Trade Renado's Letter with Telma in her bar for the Invoice, which illustrates the money owed to Telma by the town doctor, Borville.
  • Give the Invoice to Borville, which coerces him into revealing that Telma's cat, Louise must have stolen the Wooden Statue, the object of which Ilia experienced her first memory after being released from Bulblin captivity.
  • After transforming into wolf form, he must smell the scent of a medicine that was accidentally split near the Wooden Statue when it was stolen.
  • The medicine scent guides Link to Louise, who reveals that the Wooden Statue was stolen from her by a pack of Stalhounds.
  • After fighting the pack of Stalhounds in the field south of Hyrule Castle Town, they will give up the Wooden Statue.
  • Give the Wooden Statue to Ilia to retrieve part of her memory. Gor Coron, who began to accompany Renado some time ago, recognizes the place where Ilia may have been during her abduction, and asks Darbus to unveil the entrance so that Link can find clues on how to help Ilia recover her memory completely.
  • This place is found on Hyrule Field, ultimately revealed as the Hidden Village; here Link battles numerous enemies that are hidden in houses, behind barrels and boxes, and watching from high spots.
  • Impaz exits from her house after Link cleans up the area and tells him that she met Ilia, who gave her the Horse Call. Link receives this item, then goes back to Kakariko Village and shows the object to Ilia.
  • Ilia finally recovers her memory and gives back Link the Horse Call as a reward (interestingly, Link was going to receive this item the day he was going to deliver the Ordon Sword in Hyrule Castle Town; in fact this is the item Ilia was making the day she asked her father, Bo, to allow everybody except Link to meet her inside her house, as the Horse Call was intended to be a surprise gift for him).
  • Although optional, Link can talk to Telma to let her know that Ilia has recovered her memory.


Before Link receives the message from Renado to begin this quest, he and Midna learn from Ooccoo that the Dominion Rod lost its power; fortunately, when Ilia recovers her memory, she tells Link that Impaz was waiting for a messenger who would have the rod of the heavens; indeed, Link shows the rod to Impaz and she gives him a book that holds the clues on how to give back the rod its power, as well as how to reach the City in the Sky. The game resumes the main quest from this point.

Despite the importance of this quest to the game's plot, it is possible to finish the game without fully recovering Ilia's memory. All Link needs to do is not show the Ilia's Charm to Ilia; the main quest can be continued by showing Impaz the Dominion Rod on the first visit to Hidden Village to obtain the Ancient Sky Book and immediately embarking on that part of the adventure. Nothing is permanently missable in this way; Link can go back and complete this part of the quest at any time. There is no alternate ending attainable by not completing this objective; the same credits sequence plays at the end regardless of whether Link fully restores Ilia's memory or not.