Romani Ranch

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Romani Ranch
The entrance to the Ranch
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Inhabitant(s) Romani
Mamamu Yan
Item(s) Piece of Heart
Bunny Hood
Related place(s) Milk Road
Theme Music File:Romani Ranch.ogg

Romani Ranch, also known as the Village of Milk and Chateau Romani's Village,[1][2] is a Ranch located in Termina, famous for its extremely tasty Chateau Romani.[3] It is owned by Cremia, who lives with her younger sister, Romani.[4] The Ranch is home to several other people and features a number of sidequests and items. Link won't be able to access the Ranch before the Third Day unless he has a Powder Keg, as someone (likely the Gorman Brothers) have placed a large boulder in front of the Ranch entrance.[5]



A bird's-eye view of Romani Ranch
See also: Helping Romani and Cremia

Prior to the events of Majora's Mask, the father of Cremia and Romani passed away; however, he left them with with Romani-bred cows that are able to produce a special kind of milk called Chateau Romani, which the Ranch is most famous for.[6][7] Ever since then, Cremia has been taking care of both the Ranch and her sister, although lately she's been having some trouble due to the nearby Gorman Brothers who preside over their own Ranch.[7] The two brothers have been using underhanded tactics to hinder their Milk business, such as breaking Bottles of Milk during deliveries, although Cremia is not aware of who is responsible for these actions.[7] It is also likely that they were the ones responsible for blocking off Romani Ranch with a huge boulder, preventing Cremia from peddling supplies to Clock Town's Milk Bar.[8]

When Link arrives at the Ranch, he sees that Epona, who was stolen by the Skull Kid at the beginning of the game, is being kept safely in a stall.[9] Here, the young hero meets Romani, who teaches Link "Epona's Song." She goes on to tell Link that she's been practicing for the arrival of the ghost-like creatures that come to the Ranch and steal the cows every year as the Carnival of Time approaches.[10] Her older sister, Cremia, won't believe her, and so Romani recruits Link and asks that he come to the Ranch at 2 A.M., which is when "They" will come.[11] Together, Link and Romani fend off the ghosts until dawn, saving the cows. As thanks, Romani rewards Link with a Bottle containing Romani Milk and calls him a "little hero."[12]

On the evening of the Second Day (presuming the cows have been saved the night before), Cremia will invite Link to accompany her on her milk delivery to the town's Milk Bar by wagon. If Link accepts, Cremia and Link will discover that the road to Clock Town has been blocked off by the Gorman Brothers; as such, they are forced to take a detour through the Gorman Track.[13] The Gorman Brothers, each wearing a Garo Mask and riding on horseback with pitchforks, lay siege to the wagon and try to break the milk bottles.[14] Link chases them off using his Bow and Arrows, and the two escape without any major harm done.

In an attempt to avoid the Moon's collision with Termina, the staff of the Stock Pot Inn are intent upon taking refuge at the Ranch on the night of the Final Day.[15][16] However, Cremia believes that the Ranch is not safe either, preparing herself and her sister for the worst.[17] After Link saves Termina from its doom, Romani can be seen practicing her archery skills in the Ranch as Cremia cheers her on.



Main article: Romani

Younger sister to Cremia. She constantly refers to herself in third person, and calls Link "Grasshopper", probably due to his green Clothes. She tries to defend the Ranch from the Ghosts, but isn't able to do it herself. Cremia doesn't believe that they exist.


Main article: Cremia

Older sister to Romani. She effectively runs the Ranch herself, and delivers all of the produced Milk to vendors in Clock Town, primarily the Milk Bar. She's a smart girl, and well-rooted to reality, not believing Romani's warning about the Ghosts coming.[18] Even she knows, though, that the Moon is about to fall, and realizes that they cannot escape the devastation that awaits all of Termina by taking refuge in the Ranch.


Main article: Grog

Grog is the caretaker of the Cucco Shack. He takes pleasure in watching Cucco chicks mature into adults, but anticipates the Moon's destruction extending to the Ranch.[19]

Mamamu Yan

Main article: Mamamu Yan

Mamamu Yan runs the Doggy Racetrack.[19] For each race, participants can place bets on which Dog they think will win.


Main article: Ghost (Majora's Mask)

The identities of the Ghosts are never confirmed in the game. Regardless of who they are, They visit the Ranch every year before The Carnival of Time to steal the Ranch's Cows.


Map of the Ranch

Mama's House

The largest building on the Ranch itself is the house of Cremia and her younger sister Romani, whom is named after the Ranch. They inherited the Ranch after both of their parents passed away, and with it came all of the Ranch's livestock.[7][6]


The barn is where Cremia keeps the livestock of the Ranch, namely the ever-coveted Cows. The Cows are milked here daily, and a few Rupees can be found in the hay in the corners.

Cucco Shack

Main article: Cucco Shack

The Cucco Shack is home to Grog and is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.[20] The Cucco Shack has 10 little Cucco chicks in it, as well as decorative Cucco paintings on the walls. If Link gets all 10 Cucco chicks to follow him around while marching with the Bremen Mask, Grog will reward him with the Bunny Hood.[21]

Doggy Racetrack

Main article: Doggy Racetrack

The Doggy Racetrack is home to Mamamu Yan and is open from 6 a.m to 8 p.m.[22] Link can come here to watch and bet on Dog races, and if he wins triple the amount of what he bet, the young hero will win a Piece of Heart.

Important Items

  • Epona must be re-obtained at the Ranch after Link has beaten the Snowhead Temple. Romani will subject Link to a target test first, though- however, he does not have to successfully complete it within the time limit.
  • A Piece of Heart is won at the Doggy Racetrack by winning at least 150 Rupees altogether.
  • The Bunny Hood is earned at the Cucco Shack from Grog after Link helps his chicks mature with the aid of the Bremen Mask.
  • Romani's Mask is obtained at the entrance to Clock Town, but the quest to get it is started on the Second Day at the Ranch.
  • A Bottle is earned after defending the Ranch from the Ghosts.


  • The arch at the entrance to Romani Ranch is the same arch from the entrance to Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time, and did not have its text re-written; therefore, despite being located in Termina, the sign still reads (when translated from Japanese) "Welcome to Kakariko Village."



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ロマニー牧場 (Romanī Bokujou) Romani Ranch
Spanish Spain Rancho Romani Romani Ranch
French France Ranch Romani Romani Ranch
German Germany Romani Ranch