Romani and Cremia

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Romani and Cremia
Romani (right) and Cremia
Race Hylians
Gender Female
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Family Father (deceased)[1]
Counterpart(s) Young Malon (Romani)
Adult Malon (Cremia)

Romani and Cremia, appearing in Majora's Mask, are two sisters who take care of Romani Ranch, the premier supplier of milk for the Milk Bar. While Romani is the younger sister, Cremia is the older of the two. They need Link's help to defend their cows from strange visitors from the sky and protect their delivery from hooded thieves. Their equivalent character in Ocarina of Time is adult and child Malon.




Romani is a young girl who is kept busy by her dedication to keep the ranch and the cows safe from the ghosts.[2] Her older sister does not believe her, however, forcing Romani to look for help elsewhere.[2] She recruits Link to help her defend the cows and teaches Link "Epona's Song" to help him train for the attack.[3][4] She is proficient in the use of a bow, although she does not actually help during the ghost attack, for she is staying inside the barn guarding the cows. Once the cows are saved, she thanks Link with a bottle full of Romani Milk and calls him a "little hero" before heading to bed.[5] It is later revealed by Romani herself that she does not tell Cremia about the recent ghost attack so as to not worry her.[6] The next day, Romani asks for Link's assistance again for next year, but then comes up with the idea of having Link live at the ranch with them instead, allowing him to borrow Romani's bed and claiming that her sister will be happy too.[7]

Romani is shown to have a fun-loving and active personality, constantly jogging outside her house with her pet dog during the day. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as demonstrated when she calls Link "cute" the first time she meets him.[8] She also likes to refer to herself in third person. It is implied by her actions and by Cremia that Romani is not aware of the fate that is about to befall Termina. She wishes to go to the Carnival of Time, an event that she has never attended to, but her older sister won't allow her to go until Romani turns into an adult.[9] However, on the night of the Final Day, Romani is excited at the fact that her older sister is finally going to let her try some of the Chateau Romani, although she is confused since Cremia had told her to wait until she became a grown-up.[10] Romani will also receive a mask handmade from Cremia, for her older sister has finally acknowledged her as an adult.[11]

Romani is last seen during the game's ending showing off her bow skills as her older sister cheers her on.


Day Time Location Activity
1 6:00 AM Romani Ranch Running around and practicing with her bow
1 6:00 PM Romani Ranch Eating dinner with her sister
1 2:00 AM Romani Ranch Exits house to fight the Ghosts off
1 5:15 AM Romani Ranch Goes back to bed if Link successfully helped Romani fight the Ghosts off
2 6:00 AM Romani Ranch barn Talking to sister if Link successfully helped Romani fight the Ghosts off
2 6:00 PM Romani Ranch Going to bed/eating dinner
3 6:00 AM Romani Ranch Walking around
3 6:00 PM Romani Ranch house Eating dinner with her sister



Cremia is the older of the sisters, and is relied on more as a result. She is best friends with the Clock Town inn keeper, Anju, and it is revealed by Romani that she has a crush on Kafei, Anju's fiancée.[12][13] She treats Romani like a child, a fact that annoys her younger sister. Since the death of her father, everything seems to have been going wrong for Cremia around the ranch, likely due to the Gorman Brothers.[1] If Link helped Romani save the cows from the Ghosts, Cremia will invite him to accompany her on her ride to deliver the milk to the town's Milk Bar. Since the road to town has been blocked by the Gorman Brothers, Link must help Cremia get past the brothers and deliver her shipment of milk as they make their way through the Gorman Track. In doing so, Cremia will give Link the Romani Mask as a sign of thanks and as a way of acknowledging him as an adult; however, in a random-triggered event, Cremia will give an affectionate hug to Link instead of Rupees for helping her get past the Gorman Brothers.[14][15]

Cremia is known to be a kind-hearted and caring sister, and is almost constantly working, trying to provide for herself and Romani. Despite this, she does not believe Romani about the Ghosts.[2] Even though most of the citizens of Clock Town will be taken refuge at Romani Ranch on the night of the Final Day, Cremia reveals that she knows they're not safe from the moon in the ranch, either, and sadly accepts the fate that awaits all of them.[16] Knowing that they probably won't live another day, Cremia grants her younger sister the wish to drink Chateau Romani for the first time;[10] furthermore, she acknowledges Romani as an adult, and even promises to make her a mask to officially signify her younger sister's status as a grown-up.[11]

During the ending sequence, Cremia can be seen cheering her sister on while she's practicing her bow skills and is later seen witnessing Anju's wedding with Kafei.


Day Time Location Activity
1 6:00 AM Romani Ranch Caressing the cows near the ranch entrance
1 6:00 PM Romani Ranch Eating dinner with her sister
2 6:00 AM Romani Ranch Milking cows only if Link helped Romani fight the Ghosts off in the First Day; otherwise, Cremia will be left contemplating the loss of her sister and the cows
2 6:00 PM Romani Ranch Getting ready to go to Clock Town to deliver milk
3 6:00 AM Romani Ranch Caressing the cows and contemplating about the Moon falling
3 6:00 PM Romani Ranch barn Talking to sister about becoming an adult if Link successfully helped Romani fight the Ghosts off; otherwise, Cremia will be contemplating

Helping Romani and Cremia

First Day

Once Link is able to clear the boulder on the first day with a Powder Keg, he can meet Romani, who calls Link "Grasshopper" because of his clothes.[17] She will tell him that they are coming (never specifically saying who "they" are) to take all their cows, and recruits him as an assistant, for her older sister does not believe her story about the Ghosts.[2] After she tests his skill, she will teach Link Epona's Song, which allows Link to ride Epona again. Romani will tell the young hero to be at the barn by 2 AM, which is when They will come.[3]

At that time, "they" will appear on the field and attempt to "beam up" the Romani Ranch cows. Link must prevent the Ghosts from getting near the barns until the sun rises at 5:15 AM, at which time they disappear. At this point, Link can use Epona or the Bunny Hood to get around the ranch quickly. He can also use the Inverted Song of Time to slow the aliens down.

Another way of doing this is standing a bit away from the crate (after finding a good spot, it is best to destroy the crate). Then, rather than using Epona, Link will have a good shot at all of the ghosts before they reach the barn. This is useful for people who suffer in their accuracy with the bow when riding Epona, but once Link is out of arrows, it can be very hard to get more.

Romani will thank Link by giving him a bottle with Milk, and then head to bed, thanking him for his help and calling Link a "little hero."[5] This fulfills Romani's entry in the Bomber's Notebook.

Second Day

Romani on the Second Day if Link fails to defend the ranch from Ghosts

If Link did not save the cows from the Ghosts during the first day, Romani will be wandering around the ranch in a disoriented state, unable to remember anything.[18] Cremia stands in their empty barn, bemoaning their loss and wishing she had believed her sister so she could have helped her save the cows.[19]

If Link did successfully help Romani, he will find Romani and Cremia in the barn having a discussion about taking milk to town. Even though Romani insists in going to town to deliver milk, Cremia persists that she has to take care of the cows.[20][21] At 6:00 PM, Link returns to the ranch, where Cremia employs for his help and company. Link gets in the back of the wagon and defends the cart and the milk from bandits as they are riding through the Gorman Track.[22] After this event, Cremia thanks Link and gives him the Romani Mask, acknowledging him as an adult.[14] If Link completes the task again, she will give Link either a Gold Rupee or an affectionate hug.[15] This fulfills Cremia's entry in the Bomber's Notebook.

An easy way to do this mission is to wear the Circus Leader's Mask. If this is worn, the bandits will not attack, and merely follow the caravan. Even if Link attacks, they will not respond; however, all this will only work after having completed this very sidequest before, as the Circus Leader's Mask is only obtained in Milk Bar during the periods of time that require Link wearing Romani's Mask to be in there.

Final Day

If Link did not save the cows from the Ghosts during the first day, Romani will be sitting outside the barn, traumatized and catatonic. Cremia will remain in the barn and lament the loss of their cows, just as she had done the day before.

However, if both events have been completed, Romani will offer Link the opportunity to take part in target practice, and Cremia will express her fears about the moon.[16]

After nightfall, both Cremia and Romani will be in the barn, milking a cow like on the second day. Cremia tells Romani that she considers her to be an adult, and is allowing her to drink Chateau Romani; it is also likely that Cremia is going to make her a mask.[11] This scene can be difficult to witness if the Kafei-Anju quest is underway, as Sakon will already be making his way to his hideout, and borders on impossible without the Inverted Song of Time or the Song of Soaring. If that sidequest is not being executed, then Link will see Anju crying on the second floor of the house because she wanted to stay in Clock Town to wait for Kafei.


  • When Romani first meets Link, she gives him the nickname "Grasshopper," because he wears green and apparently "patters" when he runs. This is the same name Agitha gives Link in Twilight Princess.
  • Romani tells Link that Cremia has a crush on Kafei. Due to this, several characters believe that the reason for Kafei's disappearance is that he's run off with Cremia, despite his approaching wedding.
  • Anju's family seeks refuge at Cremia and Romani's ranch on the third day, as does Anju, if Link does not perform the Anju-Kafei quest.
  • Romani goes to bed at 8:00 PM and wakes up at 6:00 AM.
  • Before doing the milk delivery quest on the second night, if Link talks to Romani inside the house first, she will offer that Link stays and lives with them, saying she will lend Link her bed. She will only do this if Link agreed to be her assistant on the first day, however.[23]
  • There is a typo on the Nintendo 64 version of Majora's Mask, when Cremia gives Link an affectionate hug; "You feel all warm and fuzzy! inside!"
  • Romani and Cremia do not appear in the Majora's Mask manga. The omission is humorously acknowledged in a side note at the end of the manga.[24]
  • If Link agrees to help Romani fend off the ghosts but fails to do so (as opposed to simply visitng the ranch for the first time on the Final Day), she will even in her disoriented state allow him to improve on his horseback archery if he so desires. However, she only refers to it as 'practice' and even questions herself as to what he is practicing for.[25]
  • Though the Triforce is not worshiped in Termina, both Cremia's in-game model and artwork bear its symbol on her belt.



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