Talus Cave

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Talus Cave
Location(s) Hyrule
Game(s) Four Swords
Boss(es) Dera Zol
Quest Reward(s)One of the Great Keys

Talus Cave is a stage from Four Swords.


Talus Cave is an icy cavern guarded by the Great Fairy of Ice. Slippery floors and bottomless pits make for tricky maneuvering. After the Links have cleared two floors and defeated the boss, a Great Fairy appears and gives them a key. The kind of key depends on the number of Rupees collected.

The boss of Talus Cave is Dera Zol, and the symbol is the Water Element.

Sprite Name
Bomb(FS).gif Bombs
Boomerang(FS).gif Boomerang
Bow(FS).gif Bow
Gnathat(FS).gif Gnat Hat
Magnet(FS).gif Magnetic Glove
Pegasusboots(FS).gif Pegasus Boots
RocCape(FS).gif Roc's Cape
Shield(FS).gif Shield

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • Talus Cave is likely named for a type of cave in real life. Talus caves are openings between rocks found in a pile, often at the base of a cliff, called "talus" or "scree."
Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 岩山のほらあな (Iwayama no hora ana) Rocky Cave
Spanish Latin America Gruta Misteriosa Mysterious Cave
French French-speaking countries Cave Croulante Crumbling Cave
Italian Italy Grotta di Tufo

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