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A map of Termina.
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Inhabitant(s) Hylians
Deku Scrubs
Gerudo Pirates
Related place(s) Clock Town
Termina Field
Southern Swamp
Great Bay
Ikana Canyon

Termina (pronounced /ˈtɜːɹ.mɨn.ə/ TUR-min)[citation needed] is a parallel world to Hyrule and the setting of Majora's Mask.[1] The setting of Majora's Mask is filled with many characters similar in appearance to those introduced in Ocarina of Time. After he had journeyed through time to fulfill his destiny and take place among legends as the Hero of Time, Link set out to find a lost friend, his Fairy partner Navi.[2][3] This led him to meet the Skull Kid, who, possessed by Majora's Mask, stole Link's mount, Epona, and changed him into a member of the Deku race.[4] He found Termina to be a separate universe parallel to Hyrule. Termina was in great danger, as its Moon was falling, about to crash into the central settlement of Clock Town.

This was indeed the work of the evil mask that had possessed Skull Kid, and Link had to set out to awaken the four Guardian Giants in order to stop the Moon from crashing to the ground and destroying Termina.

Termina is more technologically advanced than contemporary Hyrule, possessing modern hallmarks such as rock bands,[5] motorboats, mayors,[6] Clocks,[7] tourist shops,[8] lotteries,[9] Pictography,[10] and even plans for space travel.[11]


The name Termina fits the darker nature of Majora's Mask. It is derived from the Latin word "terminus", which means "end", or the end of something, a reference to how Termina was doomed to destruction. Interestingly, Termina is also the Spanish and Portuguese word for "it ends", thus having the same symbolic meaning. The name may also derive from the phrase "world terminus" used to describe places where one can access many other areas (such as Hyrule Field from the previous game) and referring to Termina's compass-like geography.

History and Mythology

The tale of the Four Giants

The mythology and religion of Termina revolves around the Four Giants.

The Four Giants

Though Termina does not have a known creation story, the legends of its ancient protectors provide most of its primordial history. Long ago, the people of Termina had not yet migrated to the four cardinal directions, and were watched over by the Giants who had created the world.[12] One day, the Giants announced to the people that they would go to the north, south, east, and west and guard the people as they slept. If the people were in dire need, the Giants would awaken and answer their cries for help.[13] However, the Skull Kid, a little imp who was a friend of the Giants, was saddened by this news, and caused mischief in his anger. The Giants rebuked the Skull Kid and he left the world of Termina for the heavens.[14]

The Ancient Tribe

Majora's Mask

An ancient tribe was known to use Majora's Mask in its hexing rituals, but they sealed away the evil inside of the mask to prevent its misuse.[15] It was this mask that the Skull Kid later found as he waylaid the Happy Mask Salesman in the woods. When Majora possessed the Skull Kid, it brought down the Moon from the sky and threatened to destroy Termina. He trapped the Giants in the temples in the North, South, East and West of Termina. It took the intervention of Link to free the Giants once more and prevent the moon from crashing.

The ruined kingdom of Ikana, located in the eastern canyons of Termina, was noted to have a particularly bloodstained and violent history.[16] The Ikana Canyon is haunted by spirits of soldiers who died in its many wars, such as the Garo, who once spied on the Ikana kingdom[17] and Captain Keeta, who was once the commander of the armies of Ikana.[18] The last king, Igos du Ikana, explained to Link that his people had forgotten the value of friendship and forgiveness after someone entered the Stone Tower, and this was the cause of the kingdom's demise.[19]

The Carnival of Time

The Carnival begins
Main article: Carnival of Time

Each year the citizens of Termina hold a festival in Clock Town in order to celebrate the Giants, and it is that time of the year when Link comes to Termina. This festival is called the Carnival of Time. This carnival celebrates the alignment of the sun and moon and the progress of time.[20] During the carnival, it is customary to wear Masks made in the image of the Four Giants.[20] If a wedding happens on the night of the carnival, it is also considered a sign of extraordinary luck.[20]


Termina is a politically heterogeneous land, where each region (with the exception of Great Bay, whose division is never shown or mentioned) has a different local means of government. The center of Termina, Clock Town, is a democracy led by a mayor, responsible for taking the most important decisions.[21] Southern Swamp houses a monarchy led by a Deku King, a Deku Princess, and his servants.[22] Snowhead is led by a patriarch, the Goron Elder, whose position can be transferred to another Goron who is proven worthy.[23] Ikana Canyon used to be ruled by a king and his servants; given the current conditions of the last king, Igos du Ikana, as an undead being, it's unknown whether or not he still holds actual power over the region.[24]


As with most of the other lands in the Zelda series, Termina uses the Rupee as the main currency, and is circulated across the different regions.[25] Clock Town in particular shows a dense economic activity in matter of public attractions, not only in regards of the availability of minigames, but also because of the performance of concerts and the Carnival of Time. The town also houses a bank for people to make deposits.[26]

Technology in Termina

The citizens of Termina seem to be more knowledgeable when it comes to technology of different types than their Hyrule counterparts. An example of this is the Clock Tower in the center of Clock Town. They also have a money bank, something which might indicate that the people of Termina are more sophisticated than inhabitants of Hyrule when it comes to money. The telescope is another example, as well as the fact that nearly every house in Termina has a functioning replica of the Clock Tower's face. The Bomb Shop has a drawing on the wall of a rocket with the caption: Bomb Powered Flight.

Apart from the Terminans, the Zoras are involved in several examples of higher technology. These range from their temple, which behaves similarly to a hydro-electric power plant, to The Indigo-Go's, a jazz/rock band. Boats in the Great Bay are motorized as opposed to being manually propelled.

The music in Majora's Mask follows the theme of advanced technology, containing one of the few electric guitar pieces of music in Zelda history, as well as having electronica theme music for the Ghosts, a modern bossa nova for one of the songs, and a combination of futuristic and traditional instruments in several locations, such as the inverted Stone Tower.


The geographic center of Termina is Clock Town, with four regions with a different climate and inhabitants in each cardinal direction.

Clock Town

Main article: Clock Town
South Clock Town

Clock Town is the most populated area in Termina, and is subdivided into four districts. It is the location of the Clock Tower and the Carnival of Time, and inhabited mostly by Hylians. The leader of the city is Mayor Dotour, who is attempting to mediate a dispute between the carpenters and soldiers over whether or not to evacuate the city. The Bombers are a group of young boys who try to help people in Clock Town.

Southern Swamp

Main article: Southern Swamp
Southern Swamp

The Southern Swamp is the southern region of Termina and the home of the Deku Scrub tribe. When Link arrives, the swamp is poisoned, hampering the Swamp's tourism industry. The Deku people live in the Deku Palace, which outsiders are not allowed to enter.[27] The Terminan counterparts of Twinrova run the swamp boat tours and a potion shop, and Tingle's father runs a Pictograph contest. The swamp is also the location of Woodfall Temple and the Swamp Spider House.


Main article: Snowhead
Snowhead Mountain

Snowhead is the snowbound northern region of Termina and home to the Goron tribe. Most of the Gorons live in Goron Village, and stay inside the Goron Shrine to stay warm during the harsh winter. The hero of the Gorons, Darmani, died shortly before the game takes place. After Link lays his soul to rest, Link is able to use the Goron Mask to impersonate Darmani and participate in many activities and traditions of the Goron people, such as the Goron Race and the Powder Keg. Snowhead is also the location of the Mountain Smithy, where Link can upgrade his sword, and Snowhead Temple.

Great Bay

Main article: Great Bay
Great Bay Coast

Great Bay is the western region of Termina, bordering the ocean. The Zora tribe lives just off the coast, in Zora Hall, and the Gerudo Pirates control the northern portion of the coast, dubbed "Pirates' Cove,"[28] from the Pirates' Fortress. Far off the coast is Pinnacle Rock, where Link ventured in order to rescue some of Lulu's eggs. The water there is murky and dangerous.[29] The Oceanside Spider House is on the beach, and was used by one man as an underground shelter to escape the imminent crash of the moon.[30]

Ikana Canyon

Main article: Ikana Canyon
Ikana Canyon

Ikana Canyon is located far to the east of Clock Town, amid the ruins of the ancient Ikana Kingdom. This land is haunted by the spirits of those who died in its bloodstained past.[16] This is the location of the Ancient Castle of Ikana and the Stone Tower as well as the bandit Sakon's hideout. Pamela and her father live in the Music Box House where they study the strange inhabitants of the cursed valley.

Romani Ranch

Main article: Romani Ranch
Romani Ranch

Romani Ranch is a prosperous farm just southwest of Clock Town and the source of the milk served at the Milk Bar.[31] Its most popular product is Chateau Romani, a special vintage milk.[31] The ranch is run by Cremia and Romani, the two sisters who found Epona after Link lost her. The ranch suffers invasions by ghost-like aliens every year as the Carnival of Time approaches. With Link's intervention, the raids on the farm stop and the shipments of milk resume. The ranch has a rivalry with the nearby Gorman Track, whose proprietors will try to sabotage the milk shipments into Clock Town.[32]

Termina Field

Main article: Termina Field
Termina Field's southern portion

Termina Field is the area surrounding Clock Town, and the Terminan counterpart of Hyrule Field. Termina field provides access to each area in the game, making it the world terminus of Termina. The Astral Observatory is located here, as is the entrance to Milk Road and Romani Ranch. The theme music for this area is a remix of the overworld theme from the first Zelda game, after its conspicuous absence in Ocarina of Time.



The people in Termina are almost exact duplicates of the citizens of Hyrule, as Nintendo recycled a vast amount of character models from Ocarina of Time to be used in Majora's Mask.

Examples of duplicate persons

Other Races

As mentioned before, Termina houses Gorons, Dekus and Zoras, as well as the undead entities haunting Ikana Canyon and its local graveyard. It's worth mentioning that the inhabitants of the land have properties not seen from their counterparts of other lands, particularly Hyrule. For example, the Deku race is able to fly with the help of Deku Flowers; the Gorons are unable to survive underwater, whereas the Zoras live in saline waters (the sea, instead of a river or a lake).


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan タルミナ (Tarumina)
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Términa
French French-speaking countries Termina
German Germany Termina