The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Manga)

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Non-Canon Information
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
FourSwordsPartI.png FourSwordsPartII.png
Writer(s) Akira Himekawa
Artist(s) Akira Himekawa
Publisher(s) North America Viz Media
Japan Shogakukan, Inc.
Release date Volume 1
North America August 4, 2009[1]
Japan September 28, 2004[2]

Volume 2
North America October 6, 2009[3]
Japan May 27, 2005[4]
ISBN Volume 1
North America ISBN-10: 1-4215-2332-9
Japan ISBN-10: 4-09-149606-7
North America ISBN-13: 978-1-4215-2332-3
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-09-149606-5

Volume 2
North America ISBN-10: 1-4215-2333-7
Japan ISBN-10: 4-09-149607-5
North America ISBN-13: 978-1-4215-2333-0
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-09-149607-2

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (ゼルダの伝説 4つの剣+ Zeruda no Densetsu Yottsu no Tsurugi Purasu) is a manga by Akira Himekawa loosely based on the story of Four Swords Adventures. It spans 2 volumes and 12 chapters. The second volume includes a bonus story.


The Four Links

The chapter begins with a raid from a gang led by a man named Jago which is apprehended by Link. Link is scorned by his father over acting alone. Link dismisses him and walks off. Link's father goes to Link's childhood friend Zelda and asks her to talk to him. After he leaves, Link (who was hiding behind Zelda's throne the whole time) and Zelda talk of old times. Then the six maidens enter and tell Zelda that they are ready to check the seal on the Four Sword. In the Four Swords' chamber Link learns how the evil sorcerer Vaati was defeated by a hero who pulled the Four Sword. The maidens suddenly disappear in pillars of light and Shadow Link appears. Link attempts to fight him but just goes right through Shadow Link. Shadow Link kidnaps Zelda and leaves Link unconscious. Link awakens and pulls the Four Sword so he may be able to save Zelda. He turns into multiple Links. The difference between them is that they have different tunic colors (the original green plus red, blue and violet). After a very brief discussion a large stone creature appears and reveals itself as Vaati. They attempt to cut different places on his body so he can not regenerate but fail as they are unable to work together due to the cocky attitudes. They are almost sucked up by Vaati but remembering how Zelda needs their help they work together and defeat him for the time. Shadow Link, who was watching, thinks how their actions will lead to Vaati taking over the world.

The Fall of Hyrule Castle

Link's first encounter with Shadow Link

Meanwhile as the Links return to Hyrule, Shadow Link and his minions are taking over the town and Links' father tries to find Zelda in her throne room and finds what looks like a dying Link. After begging that Link would live, Shadow Link reveals his ruse and apparently destroys him. While the Links are making their way to Hyrule, Red comes up with calling them by the colors of their tunics excluding the Violet Link who would be called simply Vio. (Although the short tempered Blue would rather be called Link). On the way they encounter a woman and young girl from Hyrule who tells them of what Shadow Link is doing. They arrive in the ruined Hyrule and are met by a large group of possessed knights. Green convinces the others (besides Blue) to not fight them and Shadow Link appears and calls them off. He talks of Vaati's plan to sacrifice Zelda so he can gain power and take over the world. The Links attempt to fight him but he shakes off them off and almost kills them but, the Blue Maiden uses her power to send a fairy to scare Shadow Link away and teleport them to her. She tells them they are not powerful enough as Vaati weakened the power of the Four Swords and they must regain Force to power their swords by fighting. The Blue Maiden tells them to go east to find another maiden.

Erune and Rosie

While the Links train to gain Force, a sphere shaped stone with an eye rolls down a crack in the ground to Shadow Link who, after learning of their plan to get stronger tells the stone go back and spy on them. Meanwhile, in another town, people in a long line are fighting and a girl named Erune attempts to calm them down and she almost gets hurt but the Links help her. Later in her house she tells the Links (who are all smitten with her) how ten days before, a tornado hit and 18 children disappeared. The Links decide to look for the children. Later that night they find the rock but believing it to be a normal rock throw it out the window. Meanwhile Green finds Erune talking to her doll, Rosie who she will be giving away soon and he tells her if it is her most prized possession to keep it. Suddenly Blue grabs Green in anger and jealousy that he was talking to her alone and Rosie starts talking to Erune and takes her to the Dark World. Green runs after her footprints and sees what looks like her shadow and the rock with the eye speaks to him and scares him off. He falls unconscious and awakens with the others in a world said by Vio to be a representation of the real world. They find some of the children turned into toys including Erune who was turned into a doll. Suddenly a large stone with many eyes and many smaller ones with one eye each come and attack them. They grab toys to use as weapons. A boomerang for Green, a bow for Vio, a slingshot for Red, and a hammer for Blue. They destroy the smaller ones which drop force and then the big one cries for them and its tears dry like cement and trap the crying Red. Vio shoots his arrows in its eye and Blue smashes it with his hammer freeing Red in the process. They free the yellow maiden who gives Green the Moon Pearl to shine in the moonlight to enter the Dark World. As they leave they fight over Erune again.

Links Torn Apart

The Links use a canoe to make it to Death Mountain. But halfway through the trip, Vio notes the mountain seems to be getting further away and Red blissfully reveals they are going the wrong way and Blue flies off the handle. Blue and Green argue for a while and Blue ends up smashing Red over the head with his oar. They attempt to get on course but end up going down a waterfall instead. Green somehow appears in a desert town and is given a massage by a beautiful young woman who tries to give him a massage and Green ends up falling asleep. Meanwhile Blue awakens on a snowy mountain believing he has become one again. He sees and saves an old lady in the snow. The old woman tells him the weather change is due to Vaati and shows him a cave that Vaati is in. Blue rushes in and is frozen by the mysterious old woman who then tells him that Vaati is not there and Vaati is not his only enemy. Red wakes in a forest near a burning village and a boy who the townsfolk believe started the fire seeks help from Red. Red ends up unknowingly distracting while he tries to fight for the boy's innocence. Soon he notices his sword and shield are gone as well as the boy. The town blames Red and chases after him. While Red hides, the boy tells him he did not have a sword or shield and gives him a Fire Rod which Red accidentally activates and the townsfolk chase him. Vio lands in a forest full of monsters, some of which tell him of their master named Ganon, a name which Vio realizes most likely belongs to a member of the Gerudo Tribe and goes off to find the others. Suddenly Shadow Link jumps from a tree and begins to talk of how futile their attempts are and he convinces Vio to join them. Green awakens and runs into the desert and the people in the desert are revealed to be the Gerudo Tribe. Green enters a pyramid and the power in his Four Sword drains after being hit by a monster. He finds someone in armor who seems faded and can attack Green but Green can not fight back.

Deadly Battle at the Pyramid

Green attempts to flee the shadowy knight but it follows him.As Green flees, he finds a window where moonlight is shining in. Green pulls out the Moon Pearl and enters the Dark World where the shadowy knight is solid, so Green can fight him. Green cracks his helmet open revealing Valenzuela, one of the Hyrule Knights. Valenzuela tells Green that someone more powerful than Vaati or Shadow Link trapped him in the Dark World and gives him a Gem Key which can allow him and the others to enter the Tower of Winds where Vaati made his palace. Green leaves the Dark World and the pyramid. When Green leaves, the fairy takes Red to the pyramid and they follow tracks to the cave Blue is in. The creature that froze Blue attempts the same on Red but he uses his Fire Rod to defeat it.The fairy suggest that Red unfreeze Blue. After Red is scolded and hit with Blue's hammer, they leave in search of Green. They come to a temple once known as the Temple of Light and find Vio.

Temple of Darkness

At Vaati's palace, Shadow Link tells him of his plan to bring the other Links to their side or kill them and it is revealed that they have Red's Four Sword. Vaati sends a creature called the Big Poe to destroy them. On a building on a tower where Zelda is hidden, Shadow Link tells her how the wind wall won't allow her to escape . Shadow Link taunts her which she quickly turns back on him, calling him a faint and twisted echo, which makes Shadow Link very mad and causes him to walk off the tower. Back at the Temple of Darkness, Vio tells Red and Blue that Green is inside the temple. Vio shows them a coffin with Green's Four Sword on and they find that it's empty. Vio claims he was burned to ashes. Blue angrily smashed the Four Sword and finds it is a fake made of stone and then Vio disapppears. Suddenly a Moldorm springs from the ground and attacks them. Blue is able to defeat it but Red has all but lost hope. They enter a dark corridor and the Big Poe (loudly) makes itself known. They run in fear and the fairy appears. The heroes find a lantern and the Big Poe appears and almost consumes Blue's soul but he uses the lantern to scare it off. They try to use the lantern to light all the torches but the Big Poe blows them out and accidentally eats Blue whole and tries to crush him. Red uses the Fire Rod to light the torches. Blue escapes and kills the Big Poe in the process. All of the heroes raise their swords and the Four Swords all glow while Vaati mulls over how the Four Swords are coming together like an attempt to kill him.

Climb Death Mountain!

While climbing Death Mountain, Green finds and rescues a man under a boulder who presents himself as Tingle who is collecting Force Gems in an attempt to become a fairy. Green tries to rebuff Tingle's attempts to follow him and "help" him. They are attacked by a cyclops sent by Vaati and Tingle leaves with some of Green's purple Force Gems. Luckily Red and Blue come through a portal made by the fairy and defeat the cyclops but a large group of cyclops appear. The heroes run but find a dead end in a lava river. They turn to fight but find them bowing to something. They turn and find Vio sitting on a throne. Vio tells them how he is working with the others and Shadow Link appears to confirm that it is the real Vio. Green challenges Vio to a duel and they begin to fight on a small piece of land in the lava river. The two fight with Red crying, Blue yelling, and Shadow Link rolling on the floor laughing. At first they are evenly matched but Green seams to get the upper hand but Vio ends victorious and apparently kills Green. Shadow Link (who considers him and Vio best buddies) and Vio go to celebrate. The fairy reveals Green is merely unconscious and he states the Vio is most likely trying to do something to the enemy.

Sad Shadow Link

The fairy (in order to not blow Vio's cover) goes ahead to spy while Shadow Link tells Vio of his plan to usurp Vaati but he knows he is unable to do anything about Ganon who is revealed to be the one who got Shadow Link to their world. Shadow Link shows Vio the Dark Mirror, which gives Shadow Link, Ganon, and Vaati dark power and reveals that Zelda's power could make it do the opposite which. Vio suggests to use this to their advantage to kill Ganon. Shadow Link says that is a good idea and tells Vio that he is the one person he trusts which saddens Vio a little. Later that night they and a horde of monsters go to burn Hyrule. The next day Vio tries to destroy the dark mirror but Tingle appears and awakens a cyclops who Vio kills. Shadow Link and many monsters appear, startled by the noise. Shadow Link asks Vio what happened and he said that the cyclops attacked him and Tingle tried to break the mirror. Shadow Link uses the mirror to see that Green is alive and Vio tried to destroy the mirror which causes him to fly into a rage and instructs the monsters grab Vio. The fairy tells the remaining Links of this and they rush to save him. Vio was chained to a stone pillar on an boulder in the lava with his and Red's Four Swords. Shadow Links scolds him for his double-cross while a cyclops hits the boulder and it slowly sinks into the lava. Red uses his Fire Rod, changed by the fairy to an Ice Rod to freeze the lava. They defeat the cyclops and talk to Shadow Link who, still angry, attempts to kill them. They use the power of the Four Swords to destroy him. Later while hugging him Red accidentally steps on the foot Green stomped on to gain an advantage in their fight. While laughing about this Vio can't help but thinking about Shadow Link.

On to the Tower of Winds

While walking, the Links talk about how they need each other. The fairy takes them to the Four Sword Sanctuary. Once they are there, the maidens freed by the Four Swords' power take them to the Tower of Winds. Meanwhile Links' father awakens in the Tower of Winds and finds 'Zelda' who he soon realizes is a fake, but she places a helmet on his head which takes over his mind before he can react. The Links make there but realize they do not have all the Gem Keys. As they head to turn back, Link's father appears and tries to fight Green apparently believing he is Shadow Link.

A Fight Against Father

The Links, although reluctant to fight, try to at least disarm Link's Father.He uses dark power to stop them. During the fight, 'Zelda' enters and tells them that they must kill him to defeat him. Green attempts to destroy him with a force blast but Blue stops him to do it himself. They find that it was their real dad who gets up and almost seems to attempt to kill Blue but he throws a dagger at Zelda who is revealed to be Vaati in disguise. He tries to attack him but the Hyrule Knights intervene and Vaati leaves. The knights give them the Gem Keys. The Links go up the tower and find Vaati and they begin to fight.

The Immortal Demon Vaati

The final battle against Vaati

They fight but Red is nearly devoured and Green saves him with his boomerang. Blue catches him which causes Red to blush and freak out Blue. Soon, Vaati has them all and is about to eat them when the Hyrule Knights intervene. The Links follow Vaati into a dark cloud. They find themselves surrounded by spikes growing out of the ground which raise up to kill them. Blue smashes them flat with his hammer and they make a trail. After a bit they hear Vaati's voice and see the trail, now a hand shape which turns into Vaati's hand and they fall to lower parts of the pillars. Meanwhile, Zelda is in the room with the Dark Mirror and Shadow Link crawls out very weakened. Zelda reminds him that he is one of the Links and is still a hero. Suddenly a dark cloud takes Zelda and says it is on Ganon's orders and leaves Shadow Link barley able to leave the tower. He transforms himself into a perfect copy of Vio. Red awakens on the ground and finds the fake Vio badly hurt from the fall. They reunite with the others and Vio shows surprising knowledge of the palace. They go on and find Vaati. Vio somehow knows Vaati's weakness, and Green stabs him on the tip of the head. The real Vio runs in and Shadow Link (disguised as Vio) flees to the Dark Mirror. While the Links fight, Shadow Link breaks the mirror with Zelda's throne.

The Four Sword Forever!

During their fight, when it seems most likely they will die, Vaati begins to shrink but he sees the shattered mirror and tells Shadow Link that completely destroying it is suicide but Shadow Link does it anyway. The Links find him and after a talk Shadow Link finally passes and dissolves into the light. Suddenly Ganon comes and fights the Links with him having the advantage. The powered Four Swords open the dark cloud and Zelda floats out. They use their combined power to seal Ganon within the Four Sword. The four Links and Zelda go to the Four Sword Sanctuary and place their swords back and become one again. Link and Zelda walk off hand and hand and Link's shadow congratulates them on their victory.

Bonus Manga

Part One

One day, the Links decide go to an amusement park. But due to the ticket cost, Green goes in and presses L, making the others follow; this causes Blue to call Green "Cheap."

It's a Small Compulsion

When the Links settle down for the night, Green notices fold lines in Blues' hat. It is revealed that Blue can not sleep without knowing that his belongings are neatly folded.


A takoyaki (pieces of octopus, battered and fried) in the shape of Vaati begs Red not to eat him; Red does so anyway.

It's Not Easy Being Purple

Vio is seen to viciously win a game where you hit the heads of the other Links

About That Time

Shadow Link watches the others at the amusement park through the Dark Mirror. Since is he is afraid of the light, he goes during night but soon discovers that it's closed.

Shadow Link's Blog

Shadow Link has his own website, but since he can't go outside, he makes up a story about going to an amusement park with his girlfriend.

Shopping Online

Shadow Link is seen shopping online until he sees Vaati for sale. Once he sees him, he immediately slams shut his laptop.

Actually, He Was There

It is revealed that Tingle was at the final fight with Vaati, but no one noticed because he got crushed under a giant Force Gem.

Sukiyaki Day

The Links are seen playing a food game, but Red is so hungry that he forgets the rules.

Fear Like Never Before

When Green puts the Four Sword back in its pedestal, Red, Blue, and Vio don't disappear. Panicking, Green pulls the Four Sword out and puts it back in and the other Links disappear.



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