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Treasure Chest Game
Treasure Chest Game.jpg
Clock Town Treasure Chest Shop
Location(s)Kakariko Village, Lost Woods, Village of Outcasts, Hyrule Castle Town, Clock Town, Lynna City, Horon Village, Village of the Blue Maiden, Desert of Doubt
Game(s)A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords Adventures
The Minish Cap
Main PrizePiece of Heart / Random

There are a number of Treasure Chest Games featured across the The Legend of Zelda series. Each iteration of this game of chance has a different set of rules or prizes, but it most often requires Link to pick from a choice of chests to win Rupees or items.



A Link to the Past

Exterior of the Village of Outcasts' Treasure Chest Shop

The first game in the series to feature the Treasure Chest Game, A Link to the Past offers three places where it can be played. There is one shop on the south end of Kakariko Village (run by a Hylian man), another on the north end of the Lost Woods (run by a Forest Thief), and a third in the Village of Outcasts (run by a Dark World Shopkeeper). Each game differences in prices and winnings. While the other two allow Link a pick of only one out of three chest per game, the Village of Outcasts has 16 chests, a choice of two chests per game, and a Piece of Heart among its prizes.[1][2][3]

Location Rupees per game Number of chests Prizes
Kakariko Village 20 3 Rupees (1, 20, 50)
Lost Woods 100 3 Rupees (1, 20, 300),
Village of Outcasts 30 16, 2 per game Arrows (1, 10)
Bomb (1)
Piece of Heart
Rupees (1, 20, 50, 100)

Ocarina of Time

The Lens of Truth showing the contents of the two treasure chests

The Treasure Chest Contest, as it is called in Ocarina of Time, is located in Hyrule Market. The shop is only open at night.[4] For 10 Rupees, Link can play. The object of this game is to decide between two chests in each of the first five rooms. One chest will hold a set amount of Rupees, while the other will contain a Door Key. Receiving the Door Key will allow Link to enter the next room through a locked door, but earning the Rupee prize prevents him from going any farther.[5][6] The sixth room at the end of the game has only one chest; inside is a Piece of Heart, unless Link has already taken the prize before, in which case it is a Purple Rupee (worth 50 Rupees).

According to a Gossip Stone, it's against the rules to use glasses in this contest. This gossip actually gives a vague hint that Link can use the Lens of Truth to ensure victory, as it allows him to see the contents of each chest before he even opens it.[7]

Room Number Room Color Prize
1 Green Green Rupee (1)
2 Green Green Rupee (1)
3 Blue Blue Rupee (5)
4 Blue Blue Rupee (5)
5 Red Red Rupee (20)
6 Gold Piece of Heart, Purple Rupee (50)

Majora's Mask

The outside of the Treasure Chest Shop

The most unique Treasure Chest Game takes place in the Treasure Chest Shop in East Clock Town, the key location of Majora's Mask. The shop is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.[8] The flirtatious shopkeeper will change the cost and prize of the game depending on what form Link takes (Deku, Goron, Zora, or his own).[9] To win this game, Link must navigate across a black and white checkered floor to reach chest on the opposite end of the building within a 45 second time limit. The catch is that the square segments of the floor will rise when Link is in close range of them. In this way, the black and white floor becomes a maze-like obstacle, and Link must move around the rising walls and guess which way to go to reach his goal. Because there is only a 45 second time limit, Link often must head in the correct general direction the first time; needing to turn back will cost precious time. When playing the game as a Goron, a Piece of Heart can found in the chest.

Form Rupees per game Prize
Link 20 Rupees (50)
Deku 10 Deku Nuts (10)
Goron 30 Piece of Heart, Rupees (50)
Zora 5 Rupees (20)

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Horon Village Shop Treasure Chest Game

In the Oracle of Ages, in the basement of the Lynna City Shop, a Treasure Chest Game can only be played after Link purchases all the items. An identical game in Oracle of Seasons exists in the basement of the Horon Village Shop, and it is unlocked in the same manner. Similar to the Treasure Chest Game of Ocarina of Time, for 10 Rupees, the shopkeeper will grant Link a choice between two chests. One of the two chests will have a large, red, rupee-like gem in it; the other will be empty. Link must guess the chest with the gem in it three times to win a prize, which is always a Magical Ring.[10] The shopkeeper will ask after the third correct guess if Link wants to keep playing. Saying "OK" will continue the game. Saying "No thanks" will earn him a ring. Going another round and guessing correctly will give Link yet another choice of a prize or ending the game.[11] Winning the fifth round wins a ring and ends the game.[12] Continuing to play more rounds will reward Link with a rarer ring.

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Links can gamble in a Treasure Chest Game first in the Village of the Blue Maiden, in a home in the Dark World. In this house, Link must risk 100 Force Gems to pick between three chests, some of which hold less Force Gems, or significantly more than Link originally bet. The chests contain: a large purple Force Gem (300), a blue Force Gem (100) Rupees, or 1 single Force Gem.

A second Treasure Chest Game run by a Zuna can be found in the Desert of Doubt. The risks and rewards are unchanged.

The Minish Cap

A mysterious game shop in The Minish Cap's Hyrule Town will not open until the Link receives the Ocarina of Wind. A man named Anton will be seen standing outside until the shop is finally opened. The Chest Mini-Game Shop is run by Borlov, the younger brother of Carlov. This game also costs 10 Rupees and gives Link the option of opening one of two chests.[13] Once Link pays, Borlov leads him into the back room where the chests are. Getting a green Rupee with a ×2 by it doubles the 10 Rupees Link bets on the game; this doubled number will become his earnings.[14] The other chest, however, contains a skull, which ends the game and costs Link all the money he wins. Link can play the game as long as he receives the green Rupee, each correct guess doubling his money. Borlov will try to convince Link to quit playing until Link wins seven rounds, leading Borlov to force him to quit playing.[15][16] Winning the seventh round earns 999 Rupees, the maximum amount of money Link can carry.

If Link fuses Kinstone pieces with Spekter, Borlov will think of a new business idea. He will then offer a more difficult game with three chests, but the cost of playing is the same. One of the three chests will hold a Red Rupee with ×3 to indicate that it triples Links money. Link can play for a total of five rounds before Borlov ends the game. Again, the maximum amount of Rupees earned is 999, but it is recommended that Link quits playing after the fourth round; by then, he will have earned 810 Rupees.

Link winning double Rupees
Round Earnings
1 20
2 40
3 80
4 160
5 320
6 640
7 999

A Link Between Worlds

Main article: Fortune's Choice

Fortune's Choice in A Link Between Worlds plays a lot like treasure chest games.

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
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Spanish Latin America El Cofre del Tesoro (OoT3D)
French Canada Chasse aux trésors (OoT3D)