Trilby Highlands

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Trilby Highlands
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Inhabitant(s) Knuckle
Item(s) Empty Bottle
Related place(s) Mt. Crenel
Hyrule Town

The Trilby Highlands is a hilly area in The Minish Cap.

Features and Overview

Trilby Highlands connects Mount Crenel in the west to Hyrule Town in the east, as well as to the Western Wood to the south.

Northwest to Tribly Highlands lies one of the Tingle Siblings, Knuckle. Northeast to Tribly Highlands lies North Hyrule Field, and North to the Royal Valley. South of the entrance from Hyrule Castle Town is a Great Fairy who can only be accessed if Link places a Bomb between two suspicious stones against a wall.

Inside a Cave, Link can purchase an Empty Bottle from a Business Scrub for 20 Rupees. This Bottle is the only one that the young hero is required to get in the game, as it is used to climb Mt. Crenel.

Enemies and Traps


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ベーレ高原 (Bēre Kougen) Bēre Plateau
Italian Italy Altopiano Superiore
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