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The Tunic is an article of clothing worn by Link in every one of his games. There are many different forms of tunic that Link can don in games, some even with the ability to change in-game to open new abilities with each new garb.

The Legend of Zelda

Link NES.png

In The Legend of Zelda, Link mainly wore a green tunic that neither enhanced or hindered his abilities. Optionally, Link could also acquire the Blue Ring or the Red Ring, which would change his tunic's color and enhance his defensive abilities.

Link Blue.gif

The Blue Ring is hidden in a secret shop somewhere in the overworld of Hyrule, where a shopkeeper will sell it for 250 Rupees. By purchasing this ring, Link's tunic would be turned into a very light lavender or periwinkle color and would allow him to take a little less damage when hit by enemies.

Link Red.gif
The Red Ring, which is also optional, is the dungeon item of the Death Mountain Labyrinth. It turns Link's tunic into red and further increases his defense, making him more defensive than he would be if he had the Blue Ring. Once obtained, the Blue Ring is discarded and cannot be purchased.

Due to the way the game is programmed, the color of Link's clothing also affects the colors of a number of other sprites, most notably Zelda's dress.

The Adventure of Link


Link once again wears a green tunic throughout The Adventure of Link. Using the Shield magic will turn his clothes red for as long as the spell is active.

A Link to the Past

The second appearance, since The Legend of Zelda, of changing tunics came with the SNES game A Link to the Past. In the game, Link once again started out in green but could optionally find more garb as he moved through the game.

Tunic Green LttP.gif

Green Jerkin

GreenJerkin Sprite.png

The official name for the clothes Link wears in the game is the Green Jerkin. The first piece of clothing does just that -- it keeps Link clothed throughout the game. No special abilities come with the Jerkin.

Tunic Blue LttP.gif

Blue Mail

BlueMail Sprite.png

The Blue Mail is hidden in the Ice Palace in the Dark World. When Link wears this, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by 1/4. Additionally, it turns Link's hat yellow. It is removed once Link obtains the Red Mail, and if it is skipped then Link will not wear it if he returns to find it.

Tunic Red LttP.gif

Red Mail

RedMail Sprite.png

This is Link's final tunic in A Link to the Past and best armor in the game. It is found in Ganon's Tower in Dark World where the Tower of Hera was on Death Mountain. When this tunic is worn, it reduces damage taken by 1/2 making the final battles a bit easier. Additionally, it turns Link's hat to a light shade of purple.

Link's Awakening DX

In Link's Awakening DX, the Game Boy Color version of Link's Awakening, Link can don three tunics, two of which are accessible only after completing the special Color Dungeon hidden in the graveyard. Once he selects one of the special tunics, he can switch to the other by beating the dungeon again. However, he can never regain the original green clothing.

Greentunic LA.gif

Green Clothes


Link once again wears the original green tunic to start the game. The tunic has no special abilities.

Redtunic LA.gif

Red Clothes

Red Clothes.png

The red tunic acts like a Piece of Power as it doubles the damage of Link's sword attacks and sends enemies flying when he hits them. This effect is permanent. However, it does not increase his walking speed. It is one of the two tunics Link can find in the Color Dungeon.


Blue Clothes

Blue Clothes.png

The blue tunic halves the damage Link takes. It is exactly like a Guardian Acorn, only permanent. It is one of the two tunics Link can find in the Color Dungeon.

Glitch Tunics

At least two additional tunics can be found in the game, but are only obtainable through glitches. They are known as the Damaged Sprite Tunic and Dark Blue Tunic. Further glitching with the Dark Blue Tunic reveals the Black and White Tunics, totaling up to four secret clothes with varying effects.

Ocarina of Time

Kokiri Tunic

Kokiri tunic.png

The Kokiri Tunic, the set of clothes that the Kokiri children wear, is the clothing worn by Link at the start of Ocarina of Time. It is a simple leaf-green tunic that enables no special abilities. However, its one strength is that Like Like will not steal Link's tunic if he is wearing this. As such, if a Like Like manages to swallow Link with another tunic, it is best to quickly swap out a special tunic for this one until the attack finishes, or Link will have to kill the Like Like to get it back or have to buy another one.

Goron Tunic

Goron Tunic

The Goron Tunic, sometimes known as the "red tunic", is one of the few articles of clothing worn by Link besides that of his usual green outfit. It is visually identical to the green version except that it is red, and it can only be worn while Link is an adult. This tunic can be stolen if grabbed by a Like Like, if Link is still wearing it when he gets spit out. If the Like Like is not immediately slain, the tunic will need to be repurchased.

In Ocarina of Time, this tunic helps absorb extreme heat. It is able to do this due to the fact that it is made from Dodongo scales from which the lava-dwelling creatures are made heat-resistant, and Bomb Flower fibers.[1] It is the essential uniform when exploring places such as the Death Mountain Crater, an otherwise deadly habitat. While it is best known for its accessibility, the tunic also offers some heightened protection. While wearing this, Link will no longer burn from fire-based traps and attacks, and Link can safely walk on lava tiles, poison water and even floor spikes for a short period of time; if Link performs Z-Target jumps within certain intervals, he is virtually invincible from them. (The resistance to other floor hazards besides lava is likely an unintentional consequence of them being programmed similarly to lava.) It is seen by many players as the tunic of choice for the game due to its unique versatility. It can be bought by Link at the Goron Shop for 200 rupees, or more sensibly be received as a gift from Darunia's son (who is named after Link).

Zora Tunic

Zora Tunic

The Zora Tunic, sometimes known as the "blue tunic", is one of the few articles of clothing worn by Link besides that of his usual green outfit. It is visually identical to the green version except that it is blue, and it can only be worn while Link is an adult. This tunic can also be stolen by Like Likes.

In Ocarina of Time, the tunic allows the wearer to breathe underwater. While it is almost functionally useless by itself, it must be used in conjunction with the Iron Boots for this ability to really be brought out. The pair renders large undersea areas accessible and traversable, although at a slow speed. Unlike the Goron Tunic, it does not offer any mild defense bonuses; it does not reduce frost damage, only disables the timer seen underwater. It can be bought by Link at the Zora Shop for 300 rupees, or it can be given to him by King Zora when Link helps him to thaw out using the Blue Fire.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, child Link from Ocarina of Time goes to Termina in his Kokiri Tunic. This game does not include the ability to switch tunics but rather switch persons. The Fierce Deity form of Link dons an armored, white tunic.

Oracle series

In the Oracle games, Link also only dons the Green Tunic throughout his adventure.

Four Sword series

In Four Swords as well as Four Swords Adventures, Link splits into four equal persona due to the Four Sword. Doing so allows Link to sport his traditional Green Tunic as well as a Red, Blue, and Purple Tunic. The colors in the game help players determine which Link they are controlling rather than give Link an ability.

The Wind Waker

Hero's Clothes

Hero's Clothes.png

Link receives this set of clothes very early on in his adventure in The Wind Waker. It was customary for the young boys of Outset Island to don a green tunic in honor of the Hero of Time upon reaching a certain age. They were especially made for Link by his Grandma for his birthday and were designed and suited to look like the Hero of Time. As Link wears these, many people will come to realize a feeling of nostalgia and mistake him for the Hero of Time, while others think the outfit is old-fashioned.

Hero's New Clothes

Main article: Hero's New Clothes

After finishing the game once, the player can start a new file. The new file is the same as a new game except that it carries over figures, Aryll wears her second choice of clothing the entire time, Hylian text boxes are translated for the player, the player begins with the Color Pictobox if obtained from the previous playthrough (along with any saved pictures and progress on the Nintendo Gallery), and the Hero's New Clothes are given instead of the original Hero's Clothes. Link's grandmother states that it is made with a special fabric that only the honest can see, so they are "invisible" (Link apparently does not see them). He puts the outfit over his old one, and the game can be played in the clothing that Link started with. Some of the NPC text is changed to reflect which version of the outfit they see, with some surprising results. In the ending, they become Hero's Clothes, suggesting he is finally worthy of wearing the attire of the Hero of Time. [citation needed] In Phantom Hourglass, the set returns as a trade item.

The Minish Cap


If Link uses Nayru's charm he will become blue and obtain more defense for a while. If he uses Din's charm, he will become red and obtain an offensive bonus. When he uses the Farore's charm, his tunic becomes purple and he gets a offense/defense bonus but in a lower dose of the separate bonuses.

After obtaining the Four Sword, Link has the ability to split into four.


Using any of the Oracle's charms inside Mama's Cafe will turn Link's tunic orange. His skin will turn grey and eyes orange-red. This only lasts while inside of the Cafe. Some fans consider this a version of Dark Link.

Twilight Princess


The idea of tunic switching to help with puzzles made its return to the GameCube and Wii game, Twilight Princess.

Ordonian Outfit

In the early portion of the game, Link wears the standard clothes of the Ordonians of Ordon Village. Most males of the village wear a variation of this garb. There is nothing special about this outfit as it does not grant Link any extra abilities. Once the Hero's Clothes are obtained, Link will not be seen wearing these clothes again, with a few exceptions. When sumo wrestling with Mayor Bo, Link wears the trousers from this outfit, and it also appears in various cutscenes. This is the only outfit of Twilight Princess that does not include a hat, and becomes entirely replaced.

Hero's Clothes

Hero's Clothes Icon TP.png

Once Link returns the light to the Faron Province after collecting the Ordon Shield and Sword for Midna, he is given the Hero's Clothes by Faron, the light spirit of the forest.[2] Faron notes that the Legendary Hero once wore these clothes, a treasure kept by the Spirits of Light, and that it was only fitting that Link don the clothes as well, as his successor.[2] The Hero's Clothes also possess some visual differences from past incarnations. It is similar to what is worn in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, but with some add-ons. Underneath the green is a chainmail shirt. It also possesses two small pouches attached to the belt and looks much more materialistic. The fabric of the tunic and hat has stitches and seams, unlike the seamless formation of all previous tunics, and the boots and undergarments of the tunic have things such as buckles, small holes, and other indications of wear-and-tear and hurried craftwork. Due to this the Hero's Clothes possess some mild defensive qualities over Link's original clothing and his wolf form.

Zora Armor

Main article: Zora Armor
The Zora Armor works in similar fashion to the Zora Tunic in Ocarina of Time. The Armor allows Link to breathe underwater as long as he is wearing it and allows him to swim faster underwater, functioning similarly to the swimming aspect of the Zora Mask of Majora's Mask.[3] With the combination of the Iron Boots, Link can also safely walk on the ocean floor.

Magic Armor

Main article: Magic Armor

This version of the Magic Armor is in the form of equipment rather than as a magic-based item. It allows Link to lose Rupees when he is hit instead of hearts.[4] The Magic Armor will consume rupees until he is out, at which time the effect wears off.[4] Without rupees, the armor impedes movement and turns a gray-blue color, and if hit without Rupees, Link will lose health normally.[4]

Interestingly enough, if the Iron Boots are equipped once Link runs out of Rupees while wearing the Magic Armor, his speed will not change.

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass's Adventure Mode, Link only dons his trademark green tunic. However, Battle Mode features Player 1 in a red tunic and Player 2 in a blue tunic.

Spirit Tracks

Recruit Uniform

Recruit uniform.png

In Spirit Tracks, Link's green tunic is known as the Recruit Uniform, which is the same uniform that guards wear. Though it is called Recruit's Uniform upon obtaining, it is referred to as the Hero's Clothes on the Status Screen. It is given to him by Princess Zelda so that he can disguise himself and be able to pass by the guards unnoticed as the two escape from Hyrule Castle. It serves as a replacement to the Engineer's Clothes, which Link can reobtain later in the game when he obtains 15 of the 20 stamps in Niko's Stamp Book. There is no functional difference between Link's outfits in this game, and switching between the two can be done at any time by talking to Niko.

As in Phantom Hourglass, Link wears this trademark tunic in various colors during multiplayer battles, including the red and blue of Phantom Hourglass. With the addition of three and four-player battles, Players 1 and 4 don green and purple tunics, matching up the four colors to those that the four Links wear in the Four Swords series.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, the outfit Link has at the beginning of the game is very similar to the Ordonian Outfit in Twilight Princess, and nothing abnormal compared to how the male citizens of Skyloft would dress themselves.

Knight Uniform

Link (Skyward Sword).png

A Uniform is given to those graduated from the Knight Academy and then worthy the title of a Knight. The design of the uniform is changed every year.[5] Pipit, a knight graduated from the Academy previous year than Link[6] wears a yellow uniform. One way to graduate from the Academy,[7] is to win the race in the Wing Ceremony (also known as the Birdrider's Ceremony[8]), an annual event taking place at Skyloft. Link wins the race and therefore a Uniform will be made for him, even due to Groose and the members of his gang's attempts to sabotage him by hiding away his Crimson Loftwing[9] and throwing eggs at him during the race.[10][11]

After the ceremony, Zelda takes Link with her on a flight; however, Zelda is thrown into a black tornado together with her bird, causing her to through the cloud barrier below. Link tries to come and rescue her, but is knocked out by the tornado in the process. Link's Loftwing takes him back to the Knight Academy, where he wakes up that same night and eventually follows Fi to the Statue of the Goddess to draw the Goddess Sword out of its pedestal.[12]

Before Link can set out on his journey to find and rescue Zelda, Gaepora is not quite satisfied with Link's clothing.[13] He then mentions that the uniform Link was to receive for winning the race should have been finished by then, and the two return to the Knight Academy to bestow upon Link the tunic that the young hero wears throughout the game.[14]

A Link Between Worlds

Both Mails from A Link to the Past make a return in the game, having the same effects.

Blue Mail


Found in the Swamp Palace in Lorule. When Link wears it, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by 1/4.

Red Mail


Found in the Lorule Castle. When Link wears this, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by 1/2.

Non-canon Appearances

Non-Canon Information hide

Super Smash Bros. series

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Link, like every other character, has a variety of color options that don't have any effect on gameplay whatsoever. For Link, these options modify the color of his tunic.

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros., Link has four tunic choices: the Kokiri, Goron, and Zora tunics, as well as a tunic the color of which resembles a very light lavender.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee brought more color options, giving Link the Kokiri, Goron, Zora, white, and black tunics. These tunic colors were reflected with Young Link's character.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Link has six tunics available to him: the Kokiri, Goron, Zora, the white tunic, and features a new golden tunic. The sixth option is a full color-scheme change that causes Link to resemble the Dark Interlopers. Toon Link features a similar set. In addition to the green, red, blue, violet and dark ones, the sixth one gives him his color scheme from the first game, even changing his hair to a more brownish color. The Toon Link dark color is most likely based on Shadow Link from Four Swords.

Soulcalibur II

Link's tunics in Soulcalibur II

In Soulcalibur II, Link's choice of tunics is similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series; however, he only starts off with the Green and Red Tunic. To obtain the Blue Tunic, the player must buy it in the Castor Shop for 21,000 Gold, found in the Extra Chapter 1 of the Weapon Master mode. Only after buying the Blue Tunic can the player buy the Blue Ring Tunic from the original The Legend of Zelda, which is sold for the same price as the Blue Tunic.


  • In The Legend of Zelda, the color of both Princess Zelda's dress and the clothing on merchants will change depending on which ring Link is wearing (if he has one; default is green). Similarly, Ocarina of Time has Nabooru's Second-in-Command's clothing affected by the color of Link's Tunic, but only in the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Console versions.
  • The Hero's New Clothes may be a reference to the fable "The Emperor's New Clothes", where two con men make a "beautiful" robe that is only visible to the wise. The Emperor plays along with the ruse because he doesn't want to be thought of as a fool for not being able to see the non-existent robe. Unlike the fable, though, various lines of dialogue in The Wind Waker imply that the Hero's New Clothes are, in fact, real.
  • In the The Wind Waker, Link appears to be disappointed upon receiving the Hero's Clothes.[15] This may be due to the fact that the clothes may be "too warm" for the tropical climate of Outset Island.[16][17]
  • Both a white Tunic and yellow Tunic exist in the coding for Ocarina of Time. [citation needed]
  • Most games that feature multiple Tunics feature a green, a blue, and a red Tunic, although their respective functions differ between games.
  • Other characters who are dressed very similarly to Link include the male Kokiri, the Merchant from The Legend of Zelda, the Lumberjacks, Tingle (and the other Tingles), Nyeve, and the Hero of Men.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
English United Kingdom Tunic
Recruit Uniform
Japanese Japan 服 (Fuku)
勇者の服 (Yuusha no Fuku)
Hero's Clothes
Spanish Spain Túnica/Sayo Triforce piece.png
Uniforme de aprendiz
Apprentice's Uniform
Latin America Sayo Triforce piece.png
Uniforme de aprendiz
Apprentice's Uniform
French France Tunique
Tenue du Héros
Clothes of the Heroes
Canada Tunique
Habit d'apprenti soldat
Recruit Uniform
German Germany Rüstung
Heroes' Garment
Italian Italy Veste dei Kokiri
Veste dei Goron
Veste degli Zora
Kokiri Tunic
Goron Tunic
Zora Tunic