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Twinrova (Kotake and Koume)
Twinrovasisters.pngOoT Twinrova.png
TitleSorceress Sisters
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Other MediaSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
Dungeon(s)Spirit Temple
Room of Rites
Weakness(es)Mirror Shield (OoT)
Mystery Seeds
Reward(s)Heart Container
Spirit Medallion
Voice Actor(s)Yayoi Jinguji
Theme Music
File:Kotake and Koume.ogg Triforce piece.png
File:Twinrova Oracles.ogg Triforce piece.png
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Kotake and Koume, collectively known as Twinrova, are a pair of Gerudo witches[1] who have appeared in four Zelda games, most notably in Ocarina of Time, in which they act as the Boss of the Spirit Temple. They are also known as the Sorceress of Ice and the Sorceress of Flame, respectively.[2][3] The two sisters are able to fight individually with elemental attacks or combine together into a more powerful form known as Twinrova.[4] They are both the surrogate mothers of the Gerudo King, Ganondorf,[2][3] and thus are among his more devoted servants.[5]

Their speciality is brainwashing others to serve Ganondorf (most notably Nabooru[6]) and merging to form the stronger witch "Twinrova." The brooms the sisters use to fly become scepters with which Twinrova performs her spells.


Ocarina of Time

Kotake, Sorceress of Ice, and Koume, Sorceress of Flame, are the surrogate mothers of Ganondorf. They both have green, wrinkled skin and dress in black robes with white Gerudo patterns near the hems and an obi-like belt around their waists. Kotake's association with ice is noted by a blue jewel on her forehead, blue slippers and the markings on her headband are in red with a blue border, whereas these distinctions are red on Koume to highlight her association with fire.

Koume tends to be leader of the two, usually appearing first and deciding what their course of action should be. She is the first to introduce herself during the boss battle, and is also the one who comes up with the idea to combine with Kotake to form Twinrova.


Once Nabooru is defeated as an Iron Knuckle in the Spirit Temple, Link proceeds into the next room. The boss room has four small platforms surrounding a larger central platform. Link must climb the central platform in order to trigger the cutscene. Koume and Kotake emerge from the smaller platforms and tell Link that they will "burn him to the bone" and "freeze him to the soul", before circling above him as the Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova and flying off in different directions.

Link reflects Kotake's ice attack using the Mirror Shield

Koume and Kotake fight using magic bolts of the elements from which their power comes: fire and ice. Using the Mirror Shield, Link is able to redirect the attacks of one sister against the other. After taking a total of four hits, the pair will use their "Double Dynamite Attack" and merge into Twinrova, a single being with the combined powers of both witches.[7]

Once merged into Twinrova, the Mirror Shield remains essential in winning the battle. Link is able to use it to absorb the power of both the fire and ice spells. He is required to collect three consecutive charges of one type of spell, which then allows him to release the spell back at Twinrova. However, since Twinrova frequently alternates between fire and ice attacks, care must be taken to only block attacks of one type at a time; blocking a fire attack followed by an ice attack, or vice versa, will cause all power currently stored in the Mirror Shield to dissipate.

Once Twinrova is injured by the reflected attack, she collapses on one of the four outlying platforms, allowing Link the opportunity attack with his sword. After a sufficient number of strikes Twinrova will be defeated, at which point she will split back into Koume and Kotake. The two witches then say they are going to get "get serious," but realize shortly thereafter that they have halos above their heads. The witches' distress over their defeat fades when their conversations turns into an argument about their age, after which they ascend to the afterlife in a column of bright light.

Majora's Mask


In Majora's Mask, Kotake is the owner of the Magic Hags' Potion Shop,[8][9] where she sells the standard selection of Red Potion, Green Potion, and Blue Potion. However, she doesn't sell Blue Potions immediately - she requires a Magic Mushroom in order to make them. If Link offers her one, she will make a free Blue Potion for him.[10] The Blue Potion becomes available for purchase for the remainder of the three days.

When Kotake hears that Koume was attacked by Skull Kid in the Woods of Mystery, she gives Link a Bottle of Red Potion to deliver to Koume.[11] If Link does not help after a full day, Kotake will leave her shop and proceed to the Woods of Mystery to search for Koume herself.


Koume injured in Majora's Mask

Koume is the guide for Swamp Boat Tour.[12] She occasionally goes into the Woods of Mystery to look for mushrooms for Kotake to use in the Magic Hags' Potion Shop.[13] However, one day she ran into the Skull Kid and was injured.[14] Link is sent by her sister to find her in the nearby woods. Upon discovering her, she asks for Red Potion to heal her.[15] If Link tries to give her a potion in any form other than his human one, she calls him a "weirdo" and tries to avoid his attention by playing dead.[16] Once Link gives her the potion, she returns to her post at the Swamp Boat Tour, where she gives Link one free tour in return for healing her.[17]

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Koume Kotake OOX.png

In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, Koume and Kotake send Veran and Onox to cause chaos and light two of the three flames needed to resurrect Ganon; the Flame of Sorrow and the Flame of Destruction.[18][19] Once the flames are lit, the two kidnap Zelda to light the final flame, the Flame of Despair, by sacrificing her.[20] Link fights the sisters both individually and as Twinrova, as in Ocarina of Time. After Link defeats Twinrova, she chooses to become the vessel for the ritual herself instead of Zelda, so that Ganon can return.[21] Unfortunately for the pair, their sacrifice is in vain as it only allows a mindless, raging Ganon to come forth.[22] Thus, Link is able to defeat it and save the day.


Twinrova in the Oracle games.

Link's battle with the sisters begins similarly to their battle in Ocarina of Time, with the sisters casting magical projectiles at Link that he must deflect back at them. However, Link must use his sword to deflect them rather than his shield. The Mirror Shield, an upgrade that can only be attained in a Linked Game, can protect him from their magic, as it can in Ocarina of Time, but it does not reflect it. After the sisters have taken three hits (it doesn't matter who has taken how many, so long as the total is three), they fuse together and become Twinrova.

Twinrova alternates between two phases of attack, which affect the room around her and Link. In her cold phase, the room's floor is covered with slippery ice and Twinrova materializes spiked ice crystals that she launches at Link and which ricochet off the walls. In her hot phase, parts of the floor become lava pits and Twinrova launches fireballs. Link must strike Twinrova with his Sword several times to stun her, and once she is stunned, he must use a Mystery Seed on her to actually damage her.

Non-canon Appearances

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Kotake and Koume make a cameo appearance in the Gerudo Valley stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. They appear as a stage hazard, probably creating the fire that destroys the bridge in the middle of the stage.


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Kotake's and Koume's reappearance in the Oracle games hasn't been explained ingame, as they were also killed in the Decline Timeline by the hands of the Hero of Time. Ganondorf was able to bring Volvagia back to life, so it is not farfetched, that he resurrected them at one point between their deaths and his own demise at the end of A Link to the Past.


Koume and Kotake are named after the old twin sisters in Japanese mystery novel 八つ墓村 (The Village of Eight Gravestones).[23] "Koume" is a Japanese pickled plum[24] and "Kotake" is a type of bamboo.[25] Kotake and Koume's names are written in Japanese on their headbands.

"Twinrova" may a portmanteau of the English word "twin" and the Japanese word 老婆 (Rouba), meaning "old woman."


Koume and Kotake's magic seals
  • In Ocarina of Time, the magic seals out of which Koume and Kotake rise in the boss room display the Fire Medallion and Water Medallion symbols, respectively. The design for the Water Medallion was originally intended for the Ice Medallion, which was removed from the final product but is still found in the game's code.[26]
  • Despite being evil, the twins' souls are surrounded in angelic halos and they ascend in a column of light – a Western depiction of rising to Heaven.
  • The scene where the Twinrova sisters re-brainwash Nabooru again is included in the introductory cutscenes of Ocarina of Time (seen when the player leaves the Start button idle for several seconds).
  • In Majora's Mask, Koume is certain that the potion given to her is Kotake's, even if it was purchased from the Trading Post in Clock Town.[27] Therefore, Kotake may be supplying the Trading Post with its potions.


Video Gallery

Link's battle against Twinrova in Ocarina of Time

Link's final battle against Twinrova in the Oracle series

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Koume Kotake Twinrova
Japanese Japan コウメ コタケ 双生魔導師ツインローバ
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Koume Kotake Birova
Spanish Latin America Koume (OoT3D) Kotake (OoT3D) Birova
Hermanas hechiceras: Birova (OoT3D)
French France Koume Kotake Sorcières Jumelles: Twinrova
Canada Koume (OoT3D) Kotake (OoT3D) Birova
Birova: Sorcières jumelles (OoT3D)
German Germany Koume Kotake Sexy Thermo Hexy (OoT)
Höllische Hexenarmada: Killa Ohmaz (OoT)
Twinrova (OoT3D, OoX)
Italian Italy Koume Kotake Duerova
Kotakoume (OoT3D)
Korean South Korea 코우메 코다케 쌍생마도사 트윈로바 (Ssangsaeng Madosa Teuwinroba)
Chinese Mainland China (Simplified Chinese) 小梅 小竹 孪生魔法师双子妖婆

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