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Light Knight of Zelda Universe is an internet personage, created and controlled by a person who keeps most details of himself confidential. He is a fairly new fan of Zelda, expands his knowledge of the game by visiting the ZU forums, and by little by little fulfilling his mission to complete each and every Zelda game.

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Vizzedboard - The Early Days

In the year 2004, Light Knight made his first notable online appearance on a message board entitled Vizzedboard. This was a time before the Knight became a hard core Zelda fan, so he posted mostly in a section of Vizzed called Café Corner, a place where deep and meaningful subjects where considered (similar, to Serious Discussion on Zelda Universe, but with slightly less debates).

In 2005, L.K. became the moderator of Café Corner, forcing him to use whatever unbiased judgment, deep thinking abilities, and unrelenting patience he had to supervise a forum disposed to flaming and trolling.

Among some of his more notable accomplishments was the witting of Café Corner's rules, and his countless threads and extremely long-winded posts about religion and the Bible.

But alas, still in the year 2005, Vizzed had to face the fall of their Knight. Light Knight had been too involved and had used so much of his time on these forums, that it was time to get away form it all. After writing a touching goodbye speech, he left Vizzedboard, never to sign in again... so far.

Zelda Universe - The Rebirth

After virtually disappearing of the face of the internet for 3 years, Light Knight reemerged, in July 2008, on the biggest online Zelda community, Zelda Universe. This time, he keeps a distance between he and the serious discussion forum, posting mostly in Zelda-related forums.

ZU's Knight hopes on becoming a mod one day, and in the mean time, tries to avoid infractions, and instead supports the forums. While he's remained more subdued than in his Vizzedboard days, he will fight for reasonableness. His first notable throat-punching (in Captain Cornflake's language) was when a then inexperienced member, IkanaGeneral197 (now called Charon) was making a foolish scene in a thread he created. Light Knight tactfully and politely prevented him from making any more of a fool of himself. (Post # 50)

Another notable time this Knight showed some gut was during the attack on nathanator3000, a 10 year old boy who was guilty of nothing but zeal and inexperience. Light Knight defended him, knowing very well that he himself was risking becoming the target. (Dated 10-30-2008)

Light Knight considers Zelda Universe his homeland, he does not plan to leave it any time soon, but wishes to progress as a member.

Chronology at ZU

  • July 2008, the start of Light Knights adventure on ZU.
  • In September, he was blessed by being placed in what he considers the greatest clan on ZU, the Nayrulian Empire.
  • Later, in October, he received his Patron banner shortly after the ZU and ZW server crashed.
  • In November he took the bold task of adopting Protoman6125... who he has defended, and will defend at all cost. That month also marked the time of his first custom rank: I'm down to one heart and this beeping is driving me crazy! While not as funny as his signature appears to be, it has received some compliments. Unsatisfied with it however, he changed it to a quote from his favorite comedian, Brian Regan: The big yellow on is the sun! In this same month, he became Sailboat's sidekick, forming a zexy partnership. By the end of the month L.K. had adopted a second member: nathanator4000 (previously nathanator3000). In doing so the Knight new a valiant effort would be needed to keep his adoptee from the claws of aggressive and misunderstanding members. True loyalty and courage would be needed.
  • Light Knight tried to participate more as a member in December, as he and a few other members spearheaded the ZWCA (Zelda Wiki Clan Articles); a project designed to develop the Clan Goddesses Page. The project, although not as successful as hoped, is continuing into January. Alas, Light Knight had to drop one of his adoptees, Nathanator, as he vanished off the face of the board.

Zelda Wiki - The Sidequest

On November 2008, Light Knight stumbled across information explaining the origins of Zelda Wiki. Realizing it was started and is still widely supported by ZU, being on the same server and having the same owner, he turns his attention to it, registering and making a few edits. The influence of his younger brother, C13g3, being a top user on the Fire Emblem wiki, no doubt contributed to this decision.

Unfortunately, L.K. is not as well suited to be a editor as a forum member due to his lack of Zelda knowledge (having only played 7 Zelda games, 4 of which he beat, 2 of which he beat twice), but tries hard to contribute as much as possible.



Light Knight of ZU