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The watchful eye is ever vigilant.
Welcome to Justin's HQ.
Home of a dedicated wiki administrator.
Here since
September 09 with 5033 edits and counting.



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Justin is an Admin.
Justin is a Zelda Wiki admin that edits frequently. As such, he is a good source of editing advice.
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  • Sacrifice goat to the gods of computing in exchange for an end to the server woes
  • Set up load balancer
  • Utilize larger VHD for DB server
  • Re-enable replication
  • Update Zelda Wiki again

Possible updates/additions

  • Centralized contact page extension (currently in beta stage; link to project: my GitHub)
  • Inline editing for tables (an extension with this functionality is currently existing in beta stages. I've joined with the developers to help contribute. VisualEditor)
  • Improved Patrolling UI
  • Improved search functionality
  • Hide sections by default via user preference options
  • Investigate custom upload fields
  • Wikicode syntax highlighting
  • Javascript to remove duplicate links from articles

Some things about me

So I never really had anything about me here, but I guess it's time to at least put something. *ahem*

My name is Justin Folvarcik, and I live in Florida. I've been a part of Zelda Wiki since 2009, when I was an incredible n00b. However, after much hard work and self-improvement, I got better and learned how to edit like an intelligent person. Then, I started learning how to code, which brought me immense pleasure. I love working with web coding and doing development and administration. In fact, I've actually written a couple of extensions which are installed on Zelda Wiki! Now, I've been active here for quite a while, and I joined the staff as a patroller sometime in 2010. However, I took a two year hiatus from the site which began in late 2010. Most people assumed I was never coming back (including me), but I eventually did resurface in late 2012, when I regained my patrol rights and resumed my staff position. Sometime later, I was promoted to admin, and that brings us to today. I'm in charge of the rest of the wiki staff in terms of operations, and I'm the one responsible for making sure that work gets done on time and that we move as a functional and well-oiled organization. I handle hiring and firing of staff, as well as managing the workload for all the other administrators. I took on this task in early 2014, and while I find the prospect a bit scary, I still give it my best shot. I'm also in charge of administration of the server, both the database and the wiki filesystem. Because of my meta roles in the site, I am considered a bureaucrat, although this does not mean that I am above the other administrators! My voice in all public matters remains equal to that of everyone else. I'm also quite friendly, so if you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to come to me with them.

I'm very code-savvy, so if you're having problems with templates, javascript, css, or anything like that, my talk page is a good place to get your question answered. Also, if anything on the wiki is broken or working improperly, please let me know on my talk page.

Unrelated to wiki stuff, I enjoy fishing, shooting pool, hanging at bars, and watching pointless YouTube vids. I'm also a brony, and I highly enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's got a great community (well, aside from the weirdos, that is), and the music that comes out of it is pretty awesome.

Now then, on to userboxes of uselessness.

23 This user is 23 years old.
FL This user is from the United States, and lives in the state of Florida
Rainbow dash wb.png This user is a brony and thinks that Rainbow Dash is the coolest pony around!
Links drawing.jpg This user uses both CSS and JS to view the wiki the way THEY want!
Wunderwaffe DG-2.png This user's weapon of choice is the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

Coding Resume

  • Patrolled Edits extension: Extension for the MediaWiki software which tells how many edits a user has patrolled.
  • Patrol Magic extension: Adds new magic words/parser functions to the wiki software to output information on how many edits have been marked as patrolled overall.
  • ContactUs extension: Adds a centralized contact page for MediaWiki. Allows users to email specific staff departments.

Contact Justin

E-mail logo.png This user's e-mail address is
Skype This user uses Skype under the name of hero_of_lylat.

Currently Playing

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (occasionally)
  • Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Portal 2
  • Diablo III
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock