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Boss Remains
Odolwa's Remains (top left), Goht's Remains (top right), Gyorg's Remains (bottom left), Twinmold's Remains (bottom right)
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Use(s) Instant access to the bosses in the temples

The Boss Remains are important quest items in Majora's Mask. When Link defeats a dungeon boss, he acquires one of the four Boss Remains.

List of Remains

There are four boss remains:

Quest Purpose

After starting a new three-day cycle, the remains allow Link to teleport to the boss room of each temple without needing to navigate the entire dungeon again.

The Boss Remains represent the dark masks that imprisoned each of the Four Giants within the evil bodies of their respective captors.[5] Despite the fact that they are masks, the Boss Remains cannot be worn by Link; they are, however, worn by four of the children residing in the Moon (the fifth child is wearing Majora's Mask).



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  2. "Goht's Remains: The remains of the boss in Snowhead Temple." — Inventory description (Majora's Mask)
  3. "Gyorg's Remains: The remains of the boss in Great Bay Temple." — Inventory description (Majora's Mask)
  4. "Twinmold's Remains: The remains of the boss in Stone Tower Temple." — Inventory description (Majora's Mask)
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