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Welcome to Zelda Wiki
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Ikana Kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of Ikana, is mentioned only in Majora's Mask. It was founded in the mountains barricading Termina's east face. The loyalty of its subjects is unwavering, and they continue to serve their Kingdom even in death. The King of Ikana, Igos du Ikana, still sits upon his ruined throne in Ikana Castle. While its past is mostly shrouded in mystery, the remarks of some of its residents shed light on the circumstances surrounding its eventual downfall, and how it came to be a "land where only the dead roam." (more...)

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Our current Featured Picture is the promotional artwork for Skyward Sword.
Quote1.png The image has little chance of it being a hoax anymore. Aside from that, it is a great size and quality. It is likewise a great painting, and having this as a featured picture is definitely worthwhile, as it depicts the current hot-topic of Zelda Wii, which people are interested in greatly. Has my support Quote2.png
— Melchizedek 04:37, 5 June 2009 (UTC)[*]

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Zelda and the Middle Ages - wiki editor Brent McBride looks at the various references in Zelda to history and myth in this intriguingly well-written wiki exclusive.

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Did You Know...

  • ... that Morpheel is a reference to Morpha, both in name and in the way its first stage is defeated?
  • ... that the name "Mothula" is probably a parody of Mothra from the Godzilla movies?

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