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Includes the spirit of Princess Zelda and Link riding along the Spirit Tracks on the Spirit Train.
Our current Featured Picture is the promotional art for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the Nintendo DS, showing Link and Princess Zelda riding the Spirit Train.
Quote1.png Great image that shows off the atmosphere and style of the game. Why did NoA have to go with the boring gray boxart when this one is so much better? Quote2.png
— Ganondorfdude11 00:49, 5 November 2009 (UTC)[*]

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This template is used to cycle through the Featured Pictures on the Main Page. It changes which template it points to every two days.

To see a listing of the Featured Pictures that this template cycles through, go here. Every other one is the same because that makes it easier to change them every forty-eight hours. The actual Featured Pictures are on the odd-numbered templates. The even-numbered templates are redirects. Once this template reaches the end of this list, it starts back at the beginning.


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Since the Main Page is normally protected, only admins and bureaucrats can use this template. There are two settings to this template.

Normal Cycle

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{{FP| Template Number }}

Where "Template Number" is the number of the template that is the new Featured Picture.

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