Bomb Arrow

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Bomb Arrow
A Bomb Arrow in Twilight Princess
Game(s) Link's Awakening
Twilight Princess
Spirit Tracks
Breath of the Wild
Other media Link's Crossbow Training
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Use(s) Hitting far-away targets with an exploding Arrow

Bomb Arrows are a recurring item in the Zelda series, first appearing in Link's Awakening. It is essentially an exploding Arrow that results from combining Bombs with Arrows. They are shot like normal Arrows, but when the Arrow reaches its target, the Bomb explodes.

Location and Uses

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Bomb Arrows can be shot by equipping both the Bow and Bombs and using them at the same time. While they are not required to use in any instance, they can be used as a stronger projectile attack against enemies at the cost of both an Arrow and a Bomb.

Twilight Princess

To use a Bomb Arrow in Twilight Princess, the bow must first be equipped, then the R Button (for the Nintendo GameCube version) or the Z Button (for the Wii version) must be pressed when any kind of Bomb is selected in the inventory screen. Bomb Arrows consume both a single Bomb and a single Arrow per shot. They are useful when attempting to blow up far-away rocks, which becomes necessary when Link ventures to the Lakebed Temple. Should Link hold the Bomb Arrow to the bow for too long, the Bomb will explode and the young hero will take damage.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Bomb Arrows are not a usable item. Instead, they are fired from Bulblins on the Overworld while riding the Spirit Tracks.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Bomb Arrows appear as a type of Arrow that can be equipped to the Bow; combining is no longer necessary, as they are already loaded with an explosive at its tip. They can be found inside Treasure Chests.

Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Bomb Arrows also appear in the spin-off game Link's Crossbow Training. They can be used by holding the trigger on the Wii Zapper to "charge a shot".

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Hyrule Warriors Series

In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, Linkle uses Bomb Arrows as part of the moveset for her Crossbows Weapon. Like their appearance in Link's Crossbow Training, she may "charge a shot" before firing a Bomb Arrow at her enemies but she can also unleash a barrage of Arrows and Bomb Arrows. During her Crossbows Weapon's Focus Spirit Attack, Linkle fires a Giant Bomb attached to an Arrow before smashing it to the ground with a fiery kick.

In the A Link Between Worlds DLC Pack, Ravio uses Bombs attached to Light Arrows as part of the Special Attack for his Rental Hammer Weapon.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= Japanese バクダン矢 (Bakudan Ya) (BotW) Bomb Arrow
link= FrenchEU Flèche explosive
Explosive Arrow
Bomb Arrow