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Game(s)Skyward Sword
Habitat(s)Faron Woods
Notable Member(s)Bucha

The Kikwi are creatures that debuted in Skyward Sword. They are native to Faron Woods and their elder is Bucha.


Kikwis' faces consist of variously shaped black eyes and a short beak on it. The top of their heads usually has some sort of short, green, plantlike outgrowth. They have short, white arms and stubby, black feet. Their bodies seem to have a rotund pear shape, with their fur being very contrasted dark and light brown. The overall size of a Kikwi seems to vary from half of Link's height to much larger than him. On their posteriors is what looks like a bushy tail, but it is actually a bud that blooms into a green bush under which a Kikwi can attempt to hide itself, similar to the Octoroks living in the area. A few of the Kikwi that Link meets, namely the elders Bucha and Yerbal, appear to have facial hair in the form of mustaches.


Link first encounters these creatures in the Faron Woods. While here, Link has to search for three missing Kikwis using Fi's dowsing ability, and in return, the elder Bucha rewards the young hero with the Slingshot.

Notable Kikwi


Main article: Bucha

Bucha is the elder of the Kikwis. When Link first encounters him, he asks the young hero to find all of the missing Kikwis. In return, he gives Link the Slingshot.


Main article: Machi

Machi is the first Kikwi that Link encounters in Faron Woods. The young hero saves him from two Bokoblin, but Machi runs away, thinking that he is a green Bokoblin. After Link tracks him down, he tells the young hero that a blonde girl was being chased by Bokoblins, and had run off with Bucha.



Erla is a minor member of the Kikwi tribe. He is hiding amongst the grass on a cliff, and Link must attempt to pick him up to speak with him.



Lopsa is a minor member of the Kikwi tribe. When Link encounters him, he is hiding on a tree branch from a Bokoblin. After Link defeats the Bokoblin, he will ask the young hero for help getting down. To do this, Link must roll into the tree, causing Lopsa to fall face first onto the ground.[1][2]



Oolo is a Kikwi sporting a leaf mohawk. He is found mimicking a bush when Link locates him.

After Link defeats Bilocyte, Link can speak to Owlan, who tells the young hero that he has completed his collection of all flora in Skyloft and asks him to find him a new specimen to examine. If Link brings him Oolo, Owlan will give the young hero five Gratitude Crystals. Afterwards, Oolo can be found in Owlan's room, complaining about the unwanted attention he is getting.


Main article: Yerbal

Yerbal is an old Kikwi living atop the Great Tree. He gives Link advice on opening the passage to Lake Floria.


  • It is likely that the Kikwis' names are references to varieties of tea. Their names resemble the words kombucha, matcha, earl (from Earl Grey), lapsang (from lapsang souchong), oolong, and either herbal or yerba from yerba mate. Their names in other languages show similarities to other teas, such as jasmine and chamomile.
  • Two Kikwis use the famous quote: "It's a secret to everybody." Yerbal uses it after he tells Link about Farore's Flame,[3] while Erla uses when Link discovers his hiding place after the flooding of Faron Woods.[4]
  • Upon completing the Gratitude Crystal quest that requires Link to deliver Oolo the Kikwi to Owlan in Skyloft, Owlan does not know whether to classify the creatures as flora or fauna.[5] Fascinated, he observes that the Kikwi may very well be a new species altogether.[6]
  • The Kikwi species may have been inspired - in physical appearance and in name - by the Kiwi bird.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Kikwi Erla Lopsa Oolo
Japanese link= キュイ セブリー ムギー コブー
Spanish link= Kyu
link= Kyu Tili Menti Poli
French link= Tikwi Basil Jasmi Romar
link= Kikwi Robi Jasmi Kamom
German link= Kyu Senbuli Mugi Kombu
Italian link= Kyuri Orzio Genzio Algo



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