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Race Mogma
Gender Male[1]
Era Sky Era
Theme Music File:Tubert's theme.ogg

Tubert is a character in Skyward Sword. He is a bald Mogma who runs the Thrill Digger game at Eldin Volcano, located behind a bombable wall in a Bokoblin Village.


Tubert is an entrepreneur of the Mogmas and is found inside a cave located near a Bokoblin village. However, the entrance to the cave is blocked by a large piece of rubble and can only be destroyed with a Bomb. Once inside, Tubert will pop out of the ground and explain the rules of a minigame called Thrill Digger to Link. He also tells Link that the Rupee Ore found along the walls can be shot with a projectile to yield Rupees.[2]

Tubert believes that serving treasure hunters is more profitable than hunting for treasure himself.[3]

Tubert claims to want his customers to admire his "best features". Because of this, he stands on his tail so people can admire his paws as well as his mustache.[4][5][6] He also prides himself in his glasses, claiming they make him look fashionable.[7]


  • Unlike other Mogmas who are named after minerals and metals, Tubert is named after Tubers.



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