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This article is about the item. For the object, see Whirlwind (Object).
ST Whirlwind.png
The Whirlwind as seen in Spirit Tracks
Game(s) Spirit Tracks
Use(s) Produces powerful gusts of air
Comparable Item(s) Deku Leaf
Gust Jar
Gust Bellows

The Whirlwind is an item from Spirit Tracks.

Location and Uses

Link blowing a gust of wind

The item is found in the Forest Temple and, unusual for a dungeon item, it's not guarded by a mini-boss (instead, the item is actually required to beat Mothula, the temple's local mini-boss). This item functions similarly to the Boomerang but works in a few different ways. One important use of the Whirlwind is its ability to pick up and move small items, like Small Keys. It can also blow around lighter enemies, or even send Phantom Zelda flying short distances.

When the Whirlwind is in hand, it brings up a line with which Link can aim. Link must then blow into the Whirlwind to send a gust of wind across the screen. The longer he blows, the farther it travels, but it eventually dies after a few seconds.

The Whirlwind loses some of its use after getting the Boomerang, as it can do much of what the Whirlwind can do, plus stun enemies and steal elements from torches or enemies. However, it eventually serves other purposes, like acting as a propeller when Link moves through water while being on a block, as well as extinguishing torches.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= Japanese 疾風のプロペラ (Shippū no Puropera) Gale Propeller
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Vórtice del Viento Wind Vortex
link= FrenchEU Hélice des bourrasques Propeller of Gusts
link= FrenchCA Vire-vent
link= Italian Ventelica


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