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"Zelda" is a short song composed by Joe Pleiman, a sound designer in Boston, and performed by his band, "The Rabbit Joint." The song features lyrics written by Joe which are sung to the tune of the classic Zelda overworld theme. It was released on his 1998 album The Rabbit Joint.

The song became famous among the Zelda fan community, partly because of the fierce debate surrounding the identity of the artist of the song. "Zelda" had managed to work its way on peer-to-peer filesharing networks such as Kazaa labeled as being by System of a Down. Despite the fact that the voice was obviously not that of System of a Down's Serj Tankian, many people still believed them to be the true artist.

A flash animation was created to accompany the song by a graphic artist named Josh Spaulding. The animation uses backgrounds and sprites from A Link to the Past for the SNES and also comes complete with sing-along subtitles. The subtitles contain an oddity in that they have both the new correct and the old now incorrect spellings of Ganon. The first of the two times the name occurs, in the "Ganon took her away" line, it is spelled Gannon.


He come to town
Come to save
the Princess Zelda
Ganon took her away
'n' now the children don't play
but they will…
when Link saves the day!


Now Link
fill up your hearts
so you can shoot
your sword with power!
And when you're feeling all down
the fairy will come around
so you'll be brave
and not a sissy coward.

Now Link
has saved the day!
Put Ganon
in his grave.
So now Zelda is free
And now our hero shall be
I think your name shall go down into history

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