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I'm SnorlaxMonster from Bulbapedia (see my userpage there for my full profile). Over there I'm a bureaucrat, as well as a member of the Archives Advisory Council (the board that runs the Archives, the image repository) and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbanews. I'm also an Admin here on Zelda Wiki. I live in Australia and speak a basic level of Japanese.

I'm not the biggest Zelda fan, but I have played and own a few games:

Game Medium Completion
The Legend of Zelda 3DS VC Half way
The Adventure of Link 3DS VC Started
Link's Awakening DX 3DS VC Not started
Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Finished
Majora's Mask 3D 3DS Finished
Oracle of Ages 3DS VC Not started
Oracle of Seasons 3DS VC Not started
Four Swords Anniversary Edition DSi and 3DS Finished
The Minish Cap 3DS VC Almost
Link's Crossbow Training Wii Not started
Twilight Princess Wii Started
Phantom Hourglass DS Finished
Spirit Tracks DS Almost
Skyward Sword Wii Not started
A Link Between Worlds 3DS Finished

I've also played and own Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (not they're really Zelda games). I also have the official Prima guidebook for Spirit Tracks and Hyrule Historia, as well as the Ishinomori A Link to the Past manga.